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9500A CLARKE & HOWELL Flop Eared Mule G15028 4/10/29
9500B CLARKE & HOWELL Last Days In Georgia G15036 4/11/29
9501B OAK RIDGE SACRED SINGERS Where The Soul Never Dies G15228a
9501A OAK RIDGE SACRED SINGERS Serving The Master G15231
9502A OAK RIDGE SACRED SINGERS Jesus Is Mine G15232 Waters – Ely
9502B OAK RIDGE SACRED SINGERS I Want To Love Him More G15229a York
9503A HARRIS QT Where We’ll Never Grow Old G14541
9503B HARRIS QT (McDonald QT) Glory Land Way G14539
9504A HARRIS QT (McDonald QT) Right Will Always Win G14528=A
9504B HARRIS QT (McDonald QT) I Am Happy With My Savior G14530=A
9505B KINCAID,Bradley Old Number Three G15173
9505 KINCAID,Bradley Little Old Log Cabin In The Lane G15168
9506B GEORGIA TOM My Texas Blues G15305 7/8/29
9506 GEORGIA TOM Suicide Blues G15308 7/8/29
9507B GEORGIA TOM All Alone Blues G15307 7/8/29
9507 GEORGIA TOM Pigmeat Blues G15310 7/8/29
9508B GEORGIA TOM Brake Man’s Blues G15306 7/8/29
9508 GEORGIA TOM Eagle Ridin’ Papa G15303 7/8/29
9509B IVY SMITH Shadow Blues G14982 GE6829
9509 MAE GLOVER Pig Meat Mama G15393 7/29/29
9510 LEOTHUS GREEN She Walks Like A Maltee Cat G15327 7/10/29
9510B LEOTHUS GREEN Lonesome Man Blues G15322 7/10/29
9511B F.T.THOMAS Moanin’ Piano Blues G15326 7/10/29
9511 F.T.THOMAS Street Walkin’ Blues G15325 7/10/29
9512B GEORGIA TOM Rollin’ Mill Stomp G15304 7/8/29
9512A GEORGIA TOM Somebody’s Been Usin’ That Thing G15309 7/8/29
9513 BURTON,BUDDY Leave Town Or Be A Clown G15185 6/10/29
9513B MARCUS MOMAN Deep Blue Sea G15184 6/10/29
9514B TAYLOR,Sally (A.MACK) Beef Blood Blues G15114 5/17/29
9514A TAYLOR,Sally (A.MACK) Cotton Belt Blues G15115 5/17/29
9515B IVY SMITH w C.DAVENPORT No Good Man Blues G14984 4/1/29
9515A IVY SMITH w C.DAVENPORT Gin House Blues G14987 4/1/29
9516B LEOTHUS GREEN Washboard Rub G15324 7/10/29
9516 LEOTHUS GREEN Pork Chop Stomp G15323 7/10/29
9517B DAVENPORT,Charlie Struttin’ The Blues G14979 4/1/29
9517 HAMILTON,C (C.DAVENPORT) Atlanta Rag G14986 4/1/29
9518A Reverend JONES and Congregation That White Mule Of Sin G15394 7/29/29 (-)
9518B Reverend JONES and Congregation The Heavenly Airplane G15399 GE6979 (-)
9519 PAULSON NIGHTHAWKS (Grosso) Waiting At The End Of The Road (vER) X2360 9/20/29 “HALLELUJAH”
9519 BLUE DIAMOND ORCH (L.GOLD) Lovable And Sweet (vSG) X2363 9/23/29 “STREET GIRL”
9520 BRYANT JUBILEE QT This Old World Can’t Stand Much Longer G13693 4/24/28
9520 BRYANT JUBILEE QT Do You Call That Religion G13694 4/24/28
9521B FLOYD GRIFFIN (TEDDY MOSS) Ocean Wave Blues G15513 8/28/29
9521A FLOYD GRIFFIN (TEDDY MOSS) Texas Dream Blues G15512
9522B FLOYD GRIFFIN (TEDDY MOSS) You Broke My Heart Baby G15515
9522A FLOYD GRIFFIN (TEDDY MOSS) Dying In The Electric Chair G15514 8/28/29
9523B FLOYD GRIFFIN (TEDDY MOSS) Back Biter Blues G15517
9523A FLOYD GRIFFIN (TEDDY MOSS) Heart Breaker Blues G15516 8/28/29
9524 PARRISH,Turner Wake Up In The Morning G15518 8/28/29
9524 PARRISH,Turner Western Traveler Blues G15519 8/28/29
9525 FLOYD GRIFFIN (TEDDY MOSS) Easy Papa G15521 8/28/29
9525 FLOYD GRIFFIN (TEDDY MOSS) Sympathizing Blues G15520
9526B DAVENPORT,Charlie You Got Another Thought Comin’ To You G15506 8/27/29
9526 DAVENPORT,Charlie He Don’t Mean Me No Harm G15505 8/27/29
9527 IVY SMITH Wringing And Twisting Papa G15501 GE7024 8/27/29
9527B IVY SMITH Got Jelly On My Mind G15502 8/27/29
9528B IVY SMITH Somebody’s Got To Knock A Jug G15496 8/27/29
9528 IVY SMITH Doin’ That Thing G15495 8/27/29
9529B TWO BOYS FROM SAVANNAH I’m Goin’ Back To Get Some More G15503 8/27/29
9530B MARIE GRINTER Charleston Blues G14081 7/19/28
9530A TAYLOR,Sally (A.MACK) Long Lost Blues G15118 5/17/29
9531 SOUTHERN BLUES SINGER Its Tight Like That G14988 4/1/29
9531B IVY SMITH Mistreated Mama Blues G14990 GE6875
9532 BIRMINGHAM JUBILEE SINGERS Do What The Lord Say Do G14250 9/8/28
9533B IVY SMITH Cheating Only Blues G15500 8/27/29
9533A IVY SMITH Southern High Water Blues G15499 8/27/29
9534B CHARLIE BLAKE (Bill COX) California Blues G15329
9534 CHARLIE BLAKE (B.COX) Hungry Hash House G15339
9535B MORTON+CRANE Put My Little Shoes Away G15207
9535 CRAWFORD & MILTON Little Sweetheart Pal Of Mine G15202
9536 CLARK & HOWELL Birmingham Jail G15020 4/10/29
9536 CLARK & HOWELL Goodbye Sweetheart G15021 4/10/29
9537 CARL BURTON (FENTON) In My Indiana Home (vnw) X2300 8/5/29
9537B RAY BAHR & HIS MUSIC Let Me Have My Dreams (vCH) G15578 “ON WITH THE SHOW”
9538 MACY+SMALLE Old Virginia Moon X2365
9538B MACY+SMALLE Lonely Troubador X2366
9539 EMMETT DAVENPORT Virginia Moonshiner G15523
9539 EMMETT DAVENPORT I’ll Be With You When The Roses Bloom Again G15522
9540 CHARLIE BLAKE (B.COX) When We Meet On The Beautfiul Shore G15337
9540B CHARLIE BLAKE (Bill COX) Go Long Mule No.2 G15336
9541 A.POTTER-B.JAMES (MARTIN-ROBT) Down On The Farm G15530
9542B JOHN RYAN Sad And Lonely Blues G15635=A
9542 JOHN RYAN Bed Bug Groan G15634=A
9544B TIN PAN PARADERS I Gotta Have You (vAF) X2375 9/30/29
9544 TIN PAN PARADERS Clowning (vAF) X2376 9/30/29 “SO LONG LETTY”
9545 CARL FENTON’S NEW YORKERS Too Wonderful For Words X2368 9/27/29 “WORDS & MUSIC”
9545 CARL FENTON’S NEW YORKERS Steppin’ Along (vJW) X2369 9/27/29
9546 ARTHUR FIELDS w ORCH Love Me X2378
9546B ARTHUR FIELDS w ORCH If You Believed In Me X2377
9547B HOWARD HAFFORD Things We Want The Most Are Hard To Get G15725 “HARD TO GET”
9548B MACY+SMALLE Oh What A Pal Was Whoozits X2383
9548 MACY+SMALLE Shut The Door, They’re Coming Through The Window X2384
9549B CARSON ROBISON A Chaw Of Tobacco And A Little Drink X2479
9549 CARSON ROBISON Why I Ain’t Got No Sweetheart X2480 11/2/29
9550B UNIVERSITY ORCH (S.LANIN) Hang On To Me (vIK) X2332 8/27/29 “MARIANNE”
9550 UNIVERSITY ORCH (S.LANIN) Ain’t Misbehavin’ (vik) X2331 8/27/29 “HOT CHOCOLATES”
9551 LEI’S HAWAIIANS Old Virginia Moon G15785
9551B LEI’S HAWAIIANS Kuu Home – Old Plantation G15788
9552 JOHN VINCENT (N.WALLACE) My Song Of The Nile (vnw) X2334 “DRAG”
9552B JOHN VINCENT (N.WALLACE) Someday You’ll Realize You’re Wrong X2335
9553B MOONSHINE HARRY Son Of A Gun G15191=A
9553 MOONSHINE HARRY (Pritchard) Biscuit Jim G15189
9554 CANADA,Harmon Born In Hard Luck G15423
9554B CANADA,Harmon Talkin’ Blues G15422a
9555 +
9555 untraced
9556 CHARLIE BLAKE (Bill COX) In The Big Rock Candy Mountains #2 G15328
9556 CHARLIE BLAKE (Bill COX) She’ll Be Coming Round The Mountain No.2 G15338
9557A UNIVERSITY ORCH (S.LANIN) Where The Sweet Forget-Me-Nots Remember (vIK) X2333 8/27/29 WARREN-DIXON
9557B CALIFORNIA WAMPUS KITTENS I’m Finding The Long Way Home (vAF) X2340 8/29/29 KAHN-WARREN
9558A William HUDSON {Jack Golding} Longing For Home G15426 Chieffetz
9558B William HUDSON {Jack Golding} When You’re Nobody’s Boy But Your Mother’s G15427 Chieffetz
9559A CHARLIE BLAKE (Bill COX) Nigger Love a Watermelon G15330 Cox
9559B CHARLIE BLAKE (Bill COX) Jackson County G15332 Cox (see GE6928)
9560 HARRY CARTER (Byrd MOORE) When The Snowflakes Fall Again G15022 4/10/29
9560B DAVE TURNER (D.PARMAN) We’ve Been Chums For Fifty Years G14493=B
9561B W.C.CHILDERS Don’t Grieve Your Mother G15317
9561 W.C.CHILDERS Your Mother’s Always Waiting G15320 7/9/29
9562B ROYAL HAWAIIANS Na Lei O Hawaii G15266
9562 ROYAL HAWAIIANS Blue Hawaii (v Lei) G15263
9563 PAULSON NIGHTHAWKS (Grosso) The Flippity Flop (vER) X2326 8/23/29 “DANCE OF LIFE”
9563B PAULSON NIGHTHAWKS (Grosso) In The Hush Of The Night X2324 8/23/29
9564 MACY+SMALLE Sweetheart’s Holiday X2277
9564B MACY+SMALLE My Dear Old Mother-In-Law X2278
9565B KINCAID,Bradley I Could Not Call Her Mother G15744
9565 KINCAID,Bradley The Blind Girl G15741
9566B KINCAID,Bradley On Top Of Old Smoky G15736
9566A KINCAID,Bradley I Will Be All Smiles Tonight G15739=A
9567 ROBISON+LUTHER Left My Gal In The Mountains X2481 11/2/29
9567B ROBISON+LUTHER Railroad Boomer X2482
9568 Bradley KINCAID Cindy G15734 Gnt 7112; Champ 15851 10/4/29
9568 KINCAID,Bradley My Little Home In Tennesse G15735
9569B ARKANSAS WOODCHOPPER Barney Mccoy G15777
9569A ARKANSAS WOODCHOPPER Frankie And Johnnie G15782=A
9570B ARKANSAS WOODCHOPPER Zeb Turneys Gal G15781
9570A ARKANSAS WOODCHOPPER I’m In The Jailhouse Now G15783=A GE7036
9571B ARKANSAS WOODCHOPPER Home On The Range G15779 GE7065
9571A ARKANSAS WOODCHOPPER The Cowboy’s Dream G15780=A (End Sears Summer 1930)
9572 LOU GOLD & HIS ORCH Painting The Clouds With Sunshine (vSG) X2494 11/13/29 “GOLD DIGGERS”
9572 UNIVERSITY ORCH (S.LANIN) When The Real Thing Comes Your Way (vIK) X2389 10/14/29
9573 ERNIE GOLDEN & HIS ORCH You’ve Made Me Happy Today (vTW) X2488 11/4/29 “STREET SINGER”
9573 ERNIE GOLDEN & HIS ORCH When You’re Counting The Stars Alone (vTW) X2489 11/4/29
9574B BLUE DIAMONDS (L.GOLD ORCH) Chant Of The Jungle (vSG) X2496 11/13/29 “UNTAMED”
9574A BLUE DIAMOND ORCHESTRA Shoo Shoo Boogie Boo (vSG) X2495 11/13/29 “WHY BRING THAT UP”
9575 ERNIE GOLDEN & HIS ORCH Little By Little (vTW) X2490 11/4/29 “SOPHOMORE”
9575 HOWARD THOMAS & HIS ORCH Picolo Pete G15706! G12706?
9576 UNIVERSITY ORCH (S.LANIN) Miss Wonderful (vIK) X2387 10/14/29 “PARIS”
9576B UNIVERSITY ORCH (S.LANIN) Somebody Mighty Like You X2388 (vIK) 10/14/29 “PARIS”
9577B JOE WILBUR That’s When I Learned To Love You X2493
9577 JOE WILBUR You’re Always In My Arms X2492 “RIO RITA”
9578 IRVING KAUFMAN If I Had A Talking Picture Of You X2395 “SUNNY SIDE UP”
9578B IRVING KAUFMAN Sweetheart, We Need Each Other X2396 “RIO RITA”
9579 SID GARRY Love, Your Spell Is Everywhere X2484 “TRESPASSER”
9579B SID GARRY I Came To You X2485 “SKIN DEEP”
9580B UNIVERSITY ORCH (S.LANIN) Why Was I Born (vIK) X2505 11/21/29 “SWEET ADELINE”
9580 UNIVERSITY ORCH (S.LANIN) Lady Luck (vIK) X2506 11/21/29 “SHOW OF SHOWS”
9581 JACK STILLMAN & HIS ORCH Dance Away The Night X2525 11/26/29 “MARRIED IN HOLLYWOOD”
9581B JACK STILLMAN & HIS ORCH Dream Lover (vJW) X2524 11/26/29 “LOVE PARADE”
9582 GROSSO’S DANCE KINGS I May Be Wrong But I Think You’re Wonderful (vEG) X2501 11/19/29
9582B PAULSON NIGHTHAWKS (Grosso) My Sweeter Than Sweet X2500 11/19/29 “SWEETIE”
9583 UNIVERSITY ORCH (S.LANIN) A Little Kiss Each Morning (vIK) X2504 11/21/29 “STREET SINGER”
9583B TIN PAN PARADERS You’re Responsible (vAF) X2529 X2524? “TANNED LEGS”
9584B ELMO GROSSO’S DANCE KING Don’t Ever Leave Me (vEG) X2499B 11/19/29 “SWEET ADELINE”
9584 JACK STILLMAN & HIS ORCH All That I’m Asking Is Sympathy (vJW) X2523 11/26/29
9585B BERT STOCK AND HIS ORCH Honeysuckle Rose (vP.Dillon) X2527 11/??/29
9585 BERT STOCK AND HIS ORCH Turn On The Heat X2526 11/??/29
9586 TIN PAN PARADERS Woman In The Shoe (vAF) X2530 X2525? (RUST=2525? GE=2530!)
9586B TIN PAN PARADERS Wake Up Your Feet (vAF) X2531 X2526? “PADLOCKS OF 1929”
9587B IRVING KAUFMAN Take Everything But You X2511 “SONG OF LOVE”
9587 IRVING KAUFMAN My Fate Is In Your Hands X2510
9588 MACY & SMALLE Singin’ In The Bathtub X2503 “SHOW OF SHOWS”
9588B MACY+SMALLE I’m Nuts About Nuts X2502
9589 JOHN VINCENT (N.WALLACE) Love Made A Gypsy Out Of Me X2508
9589B JOHN VINCENT (N.WALLACE) On The Road To Rainbow Bay X2509
9590 UNIVERSITY ORCH (S.LANIN) Sweet Nothings Of Love X2555 12/26/29 “HOT FOR PARIS”
9590B UNIVERSITY ORCH (S.LANIN) A Year From Today (vNW) X2554 12/26/29 “NEW YORK NIGHTS”
9591 BLUE DIAMOND ORCH (L.GOLD) I’m Following You (vM+S) X2550 12/24/29 “ITS A GREAT LIFE”
9591B BLUE DIAMOND ORCH (L.GOLD) Lucky Me Lovable You X2551 (vM+S) 12/24/29 “CHASING RAINBOW”
9592 ERNIE GOLDEN & HIS ORCH I Still Go On Wanting You (vTW) X2535 12/13/29 “SONG OF LOVE”
9592B ERNIE GOLDEN & HIS ORCH Why Do You Suppose (vTW) X2536 12/13/29 “HEADS UP”
9593B UNIVERSITY ORCH (S.LANIN) Why (vNW) X2553 12/26/29 “SONS OF GUNS”
9593 BLUE DIAMOND ORCH (L.GOLD) I Love You, Believe Me, I Love You (vM/S) X2552 12/24/29 “THE VAGABOND”
9594 ERNIE GOLDEN & HIS ORCH H’llo Baby (vTW) X2560 1/2/30 “FORWARD PASS”
9594B ERNIE GOLDEN & HIS ORCH Can’t You Understand (vTW) X2534 12/13/29
9595 ERNIE GOLDEN & HIS ORCH Watching My Dreams Go By (vTW) X2558 1/2/30 “SHE COULDN’T SAY NO”
9595B ERNIE GOLDEN & HIS ORCH Wrapped In A Red, Red Rose (vTW) X2559 1/2/30 “BLAZE OF GLORY”
9596 HARRISON,Charles Beside An Open Fireplace X2549
9596B HARRISON,Charles The Sacred Flame X2547
9597B MACY+SMALLE That’s Why I’m Jealous Of You X2556
9597 MACY+SMALLE Song Of The Condemned X2557 “CONDEMNED”
9598B HOWARD HAFFORD I’m A Dreamer, Aren’t We All G15993
9599 JOE WILBUR w ORCH Alone In The Rain X2545
9600 CHARLIE BLAKE (Bill COX) Guitar Blues G15819
9600B CHARLIE BLAKE (Bill COX) Alabama Blues G15820 10/28/29
9601 ANDY HOPKINS (W.CHILDERS) Crepe On The Little Cabin Door G15957
9601B ANDY HOPKINS (W.CHILDERS) Too Late You Have Come Back To Me G15955=B
9602 JACK STILLMAN & HIS ORCH Missouri Moon (vJW) X2568 1/13/30
9603 PAULSON NIGHTHAWKS (Grosso) Dance Of The Wooden Shoes (vTW) X2571 1/17/30 “NO NO NANETTE”
9603B PAULSON NIGHTHAWKS (Grosso) Blue Is The Night (vTW) X2572 1/17/30 “THEIR OWN DESIRE”
9604B CARL FENTON’S NEW YORKERS What Is This Thing Called Love X2575 (vNW) 1/20/30 “WAKE UP & DREAM”
9604 CARL FENTON’S NEW YORKERS You Do Something To Me X2574 (vNW) 1/20/30 “50 MILLION FRENCHMEN”
9605B GROSSO’S DANCE KINGS As Long As I’m With You X2570 (vTW) 1/17/30 “NO NO NANETTE”
9605 TIN PAN PARADERS Kickin’ A Hole In The Sky (vAF) X2578 01/??/30 “BE YOURSELF”
9606B WILLIE CREAGER’S RHYTHM ACES Hallelujah (v Locust Sisters) X0634 4/30/27 “HIT THE DECK”
9606 WILLIE CREAGER’S RHYTHM ACES Sometimes I’m Happy X0633 4/30/27 “HIT THE DECK”
9607 JACK STILLMAN & HIS ORCH If I’m Dreaming (Don’t Wake Me Too Soon) (vJW) X2567 1/13/30 “SALLY”
9607B JACK STILLMAN & HIS ORCH Shepherd’s Serenade (vJW) X2569 1/13/30 “DEVIL MAY CARE”
9608 HARRISON,Charles Were You Just Pretending X2582 “NO NO NANETTE”
9608B HARRISON,Charles There Will Never Be Another Mary X2548 -“THEY LEARNED ABOUT WOMEN
9609B IRVING KAUFMAN Funny Dear What Love Can Do X2566
9609 IRVING KAUFMAN Dough Boy’s Lullaby X2565 “BLAZE OF GLORY”
9610B FIELDS,Arthur Charming X2563 “DEVIL MAY CARE”
9610 FIELDS,Arthur Singing A Vagabond Song X2562 “PUTTING ON THE RITZ”
9611 IRVING KAUFMAN Have A Little Faith In Me X2512 “SPRING IS HERE”
9611B W.HENDERSON w Orch Should I (vt.warner) G15471 “LORD BYRON”
9612 FRANK HILL (WELLING) I’ll Not Forget You Daddy G16078 GE7111
9612 FRANK HILL Picture From Life’s Other Side G16028
9613B JIMMY REESE (H.KEESE) My Dear Old Sunny South By The Sea G15998=B
9613A JIMMY REESE (H.KEESE) Blue Yodel No.5 G15999
9614B DUKE PARKS & HIS BOYS Painting The Clouds With Sunshine G16111 “GOLD DIGGERS”
9614 DUKE PARKS & HIS BOYS Tiptoe Through The Tulips With Me G16108 “GOLD DIGGERS”
9615 UNIVERSITY ORCH (S.LANIN) Happy Days Are Here Again (vIK) X2600 2/10/30 “CHASING RAINBOWS”
9615 UNIVERSITY ORCH (S.LANIN) There’s Danger In Your Eyes (vIK) X2601 2/10/30 “PUTTING ON THE RITZ”
9616 TIN PAN PARADERS Harmonica Harry (vAF) X2616 2/14/30
9616 TIN PAN PARADERS Man From The South X2577 01/??/30
9617 DICK LUPTON’S ORCH (L.GOLD) Home Is Heaven X2610 2/12/30 “CAMEO KIRBY”
9617 DICK LUPTON’S ORCH (L.GOLD) Soon (v4) X2609 2/12/30 “STRIKE UP THE BAND”
9618 PAULSON NIGHTHAWKS (Grosso) Montana Call (vFL) X2617 2/20/30 “MONTANA MOON”
9618 PAULSON NIGHTHAWKS (Grosso) The Moon Is Low X2619 (vFL) 2/20/30 “MONTANA MOON”
9619 DICK LUPTON’S ORCH (L.GOLD) I’m On A Diet Of Love X2608 (v4) 2/12/30 “HAPPY DAYS”
9619 UNIVERSITY ORCH (S.LANIN) When I’m Looking At You X2602 (vIK) 2/10/30 “ROGUE SONG”
9620 TIN PAN PARADERS One I Love Just Can’t Be Bothered With Me (vAF) X2615 2/14/30 “HAPPY DAYS”
9620 TIN PAN PARADERS You’ve Got That Thing (vAF) X2613 2/14/30 “50 MILLION FRENCHMEN”
9621 JOE WILBUR w ORCH We’ll Build A Little World Of Our Own X2605
9621 JOE WILBUR w ORCH Oh How I Adore You X2607 “PARTY GIRL”
9622 IRVING KAUFMAN I’m Sailing On A Sunbeam X2564 “ITS A GREAT LIFE”
9622 FIELDS,Arthur Crying For The Carolines X2561 “SPRING IS HERE”
9623 CALLOWAY,Erminie TEXAS TOMBOY Poison Kiss Of That Spaniard X2596 “SHE COULDNT SAY NO”
9624 MACY+SMALLE Lazy Louisiana Moon X2611
9624 MACY+SMALLE Whippoorwill X2612
9625 CARSON ROBISON I Got A Gal In Kansas X2586
9625 CARSON ROBISON Did You Ever Hear A Goldfish Sing? X2585
9626 McGEE+WELLING I’m Drifting Back To Dreamland G16196
9626 McGEE+WELLING Down The Lane To Home Sweet Home G16195
9627 REESE,Jimmie My Little Daddy G15774
9627 REESE,Jimmie You And My Old Guitar G15773
9628 ARKANSAS WOODCHOPPER If Brother Jack Were Here G16237
9628 ARKANSAS WOODCHOPPER Take Me Back To Colorado G16239
9629 UNIVERSITY ORCH (S.LANIN) Alone With My Dreams (vTW) X2633 3/7/30
9629 UNIVERSITY ORCH (S.LANIN) Thank Your Father (vTW) X2634 3/7/30 “FLYING HIGH”
9630 BLUE DIAMOND ORCH (L.GOLD) A Pair Of Blue Eyes X2639 (vJW) 3/17/30 “SONG OF MY HEART”
9630 BLUE DIAMOND ORCH (L.GOLD) I Feel You Near Me X2638 (vJW) 3/17/30 “SONG OF MY HEART”
9631 TIN PAN PARADERS Puttin’ On The Ritz (vAF) X2614 2/14/30
9631 STANLEY’S ARISTOCRATS Moanin’ For You (v Alberta Haynes) G16171
9632 BLUE DIAMOND ORCH (L.GOLD) Sweetheart Trail (vJW) X2640 3/17/30
9632 SAM LANIN’S TROUBADORS Gone (vTW) X2635 3/7/30
9633 PAULSON NIGHTHAWKS (Grosso) Fascinating Devil X2645 3/21/30
9633 PAULSON NIGHTHAWKS (Grosso) I’m Climbing Up A Rainbow (vM/S) X2646 3/21/30 “BIG PARTY”
9634 TIN PAN PARADERS The Free And Easy X2649 3/24/30
9634 TIN PAN PARADERS Amos ‘n’ Andy (vAF) X2648 3/24/30
9635 HARRISON,Charles Romance X2581
9635 HARRISON,Charles If I Were King X2583
9636 CALLOWAY,Erminie TEXAS TOMBOY Cooking Breakfast For The One I Love X2599 “BE YOURSELF”
9636 CALLOWAY,Erminie TEXAS TOMBOY I’ve Got A New Love Affair X2598
9637 HOWARD HAFFORD I Feel You Near Me G16392 “SONG OF MY HEART”
9637 HOWARD HAFFORD A Cottage For Sale G16390
9638 ROBISON+LUTHER Went To See My Gal Last Night X2628
9638 CARSON ROBISON I Don’t Work For A Living X2587
9639 ARKANSAS WOODCHOPPER Old And Only In The Way G16238=B 2/10/30
9639 ARKANSAS WOODCHOPPER Prisoner At The Bar G15778=A
9640 HARPER & TURNER Old Kentucky Dew G16204
9640 HARPER & TURNER Sweet Adeline At The Still G16205
9641 CHARLIE BLAKE (Bill COX) It Won’t Happen Again G15823
9641 CHARLIE BLAKE (Bill COX) I Love The Jailer’s Daughter G15818
9642 EMMETT DAVENPORT (A.MARTIN) The Fellow That Looks Like Me G15524
9642 EMMETT DAVENPORT (A.MARTIN) Johnny The Drunkard G16097
9643 ARKANSAS WOODCHOPPER Sweet Evalina G16245a
9643 ARKANSAS WOODCHOPPER Little Green Valley G16244 GE7264
9644 ARSMTRONG’S PLAYERS Irish Washerwoman / My Bonnie / Oh Susanna G16133
9644 ARSMTRONG’S PLAYERS Turkey In The Straw / Old Folks At Home G16135
9645 HARPER FAMILY TRIO He’ll Understand G16203 (J+A McGHEE & F.WELLING)
9645 HARPER FAMILY TRIO We Shall See The King Some Day G16200
9646 TAYLOR & ANDERSON Corrine Corrina G16270 2/14/30 (WASHBOARD TRIO)
9646 TAYLOR,WALTER You Rascal You G16287 CH50016
9647 GEORGIA TOM Six Shooter Blues G16219 2/5/30
9647 GEORGIA TOM Second Hand Woman G16221 2/5/30
9648 KINCAID,Bradley After The Ball G15738
9648 KINCAID,Bradley Charlie Brooks G15170
9649 HARPER FAMILY TRIO A Flower From My Angel Mother’s Grave G16191
9649 HARPER FAMILY TRIO Picture On The Wall G16190
9650 C.A.WEST Oh Willie Come Back G16048
9650 C.A.WEST A Mother’s Advice 16044 G17956 8/26/31
9651 GREENE,Amos Down In The Jailhouse On My Knees G16319
9651 GREENE,Amos My Carolina Sunshine Girl G16321 R=16882
9652 PIE PLANT PETE The Ocean Waves G14727
9652 PIE PLANT PETE Nutty Song G16374 GE7205
9653 DUKE DIGGS St James Infirmary G16350a 3/5/30
9653 DUKE DIGGS & HIS ORCH After You’ve Gone (vLS) G16349a 3/5/30
9654 ROYAL HAWAIIANS Hawaiian Memories (vF.Lei) G15786
9655 HOPKINS,Andy When I Smoke My Long Stem Pipe G15314
9655 HOPKINS,Andy (W.CHILDERS) That Little Old Hut Was A Mansion To Me G15299
9656 HARPER & TURNER There’s A Vacant Chair At Home Sweet Home G16206
9656 HARPER & TURNER Where Is My Mama G16192=A
9657 REV DICKINSON A Black Cat Has Crossed Your Path G16275 2/14/30
9657 REV.E.DICKINSON Pig Or Pup G16279 2/14/30
9658 HARPER & TURNER When We All Get To Heaven G16023=A
9658 HARPER & TURNER Life’s Railway To Heaven G16199=A
9659 FIDDLIN’ JIM BURKE (Roberts) Hawk’s Got A Chicken G16094
9659 FIDDLIN’ JIM BURKE (Roberts) Chicken Reel G16092
9660 REV DICKINSON Hell And What It Is G16272 2/14/30
9660 REV DICKINSON You Midnight Joy Riders G16277 2/14/30
9661A ARMSTRONG’S PLAYERS Sweet Bunch Of Daisies G16137=A 1/24/30 (-)
9661B ARMSTRONG’S PLAYERS Let Me Call You Sweetheart G16143 CH16007
9662 CARSON ROBISON Everything Happens For The Best X2630
9662 CARSON ROBISON Cross Eyed Sue X2629 03/01/0?
9663 ROBISON+LUTHER Smoky Mountain Bill X2627=A
9663 ROBISON+LUTHER His Old Cornet X2626=A
9664 ARKANSAS WOODCHOPPER Hard Luck Guy G16241 GE7184
9665 ARKANSAS WOODCHOPPER Write Me A Song About Father G16236! G16243?
9665 ARKANSAS WOODCHOPPER The Dying Ranger G16246
9666 KINCAID,Bradley Pretty Little Pink G15740
9666 KINCAID,Bradley Mary Wore Three Links Of Chain G15743
9667 PIE PLANT PETE Medley Of Old Familiar Tunes G16372 CH16770
9667 PIE PLANT Medley Of Old Familiar Tunes Pt.2 G16375
9668 PIE PLANT PETE O Jailer Bring Back That Key G16381 CH15970
9668 PIE PLANT PETE Waiting For The Railroad Train G16370
9669 PIE PLANT PETE Sand Will Do It G16373
9669 PIE PLANT PETE The Farmer Song G16371
9670 GRAY & NELSON Who’s Been Here Since I’ve Been Gone G14914
9670 GRAY & NELSON Waltz The Hall G14912
9671 GREENE,Amos T For Texas G16316
9671 GREENE,Amos Memphis Yodel G16320 2/25/30
9672 CARSON ROBISON Don’t You Believe It X2632=A
9672 CARSON ROBISON Naw I Don’t Wanna Be Rich X2631=A
9673 TEXAS COWBOY TRIO Boston Waltz G16366
9673 TEXAS COWBOY TRIO New Harmony Waltz G16363
9674 OAKLEY,Jesse (J.McGHEE) When The Harvest Days Are Over G16189
9674 OAKLEY,Jesse (J.McGHEE) You Are As Welcome As The Flowers In May G16188 2/3/30
9675 RAY SAND’S HARMONY FOUR Down South Everybody’s Happy G16015
9675 RAY SAND’S HARMONY FOUR Sailin’ Away On The Henry Clay G16013
9676 DUNCAN BOYS (E.BIRD) Sleepy Creek Wail (Zulu Wail) G15869
9676 DUNCAN BOYS (E.BIRD) Kentucky Stomp G15868 GE7064
9677 RILEY’S MOUNTAINEERS Sunny Home In Dixie G15596=A 9/12/29
9677 RILEY’S MOUNTAINEERS Old Dad G15597=A 9/12/29
9678 HARPER & TURNER No Never Alone G16024=A
9678 HARPER & TURNER What A Gathering That Will Be G16020=A
9679 SOUTH CAROLINA SACRED QT We Will Rise And Shine G15696
9679 SOUTH CAROLINA SACRED QT The Glory Way G15698
9680 SANDY CREEK WOODCHOPPERS Polly Wolly Doodle G15980
9680 SANDY CREEK WOODCHOPPERS Goodbye, Summer, Hello Winter G15979
9681 TAYLOR,Walter Diamond Ring Blues G16289 2/15/30 SANDY CREEK WOODCHOPPERS
9681 TAYLOR,Walter Yo Yo Blues G16285 CH15972
9682 TAYLOR,Walter It Ain’t No Good G16284 2/15/30
9682 TAYLOR,Walter Thirty Eight And Plus G16266 2/14/30
9683 SMITH,Horace Mother In Law Blues G15709 10/2/29
9683 SMITH,Horace Love Is Dead G15710 10/2/29
9684 REV.E.DICKINSON Watch G16280 2/14/30
9684 REV.E.DICKINSON Pay Your Bills G16278 2/14/30
9685 WHYTE,Zack Wailin’ Blues G16006
9685 WHYTE,Zack Good Feelin’ Blues G16005 12/19/29
9686 SID MOSELEY’S BLUE BOYS Patent Leather Stomp G15723
9686 SID MOSELEY’S BLUE BOYS Asphalt Walk G15722 10/2/29
9687 SOUTH SEA ISLANDERS I’m Following You G16307 “ITS A GREAT LIFE”
9687 SOUTH SEA ISLANDERS Chant Of The Jungle G16304 (End of 1930 Sears Cat)
9688 LOKA’S HAWAIIANS Ellis March G16234
9688 LOKA’S HAWAIIANS Kanui Waltz G16150
9689 LEI’S ROYAL HAWAIIANS Papio Hula Medley G14854
9689 LEI’S ROYAL HAWAIIANS Honolulu March G14855
9690 JOE P.RYAN Going To Leave You Darling G16295
9690 JOE P.RYAN Worried Daddy Blues G16296=A
9691 UNIVERSITY ORCH (S.LANIN) The Stein Song X2670 4/12/30
9691 JACK STILLMAN & HIS ORCH Once Upon A Time (vJP) X2669
9692 DICK COY & HIS RACKETEERS Barnacle Bill The Sailor G16400 3/26/30
9692 TIN PAN PARADERS Chinnin’ And Chattin’ With May (vAF) X2647 3/24/30
9693A ERNIE GOLDEN & HIS ORCH Without You Emaline (vTW) X2659 4/10/30
9693B Paulson’s Nighthawks Sing You Sinners (vFL) X2618 2/20/30 “HONEY”
9694 UNIVERSITY ORCH (S.LANIN) Telling It To The Daisies (v4) X2672 4/12/30
9694 ERNIE GOLDEN & HIS ORCH Let Me Sing And I’m Happy (vTW) X2660 4/10/30 “MAMMY”
9695 LUTHER,Francis It Happened In Monterey X2676 “KING OF JAZZ”
9695 LUTHER,Francis Song Of My Heart X2675
9696 IRVING KAUFMAN Me And The Girl Next Door X2654
9696 IRVING KAUFMAN Across The Breakfast Table (Looking at You) X2656 “MAMMY”
9697 ROBISON+LUTHER Sleepy Rio Grande X2682
9697 ROBISON+LUTHER When Its Springtime In The Rockies X2683 4/19/30
9698 CLIFF PERRINE & HIS ORCH Anchors Aweigh G16606 alt 5/14/30
9698 ERNIE GOLDEN & HIS ORCH Here Comes Emily Brown X2714 alt 6/12/30
9698 MACY & DUNN Give Yourself A Pat On The Back X2722
9698 HALL-ROSE TRIO Just A Little While G17029
9699 PAUL’S NOVELTY ORCH Lucky Seven (vFL) X2769 alt 9/19/30 “SECOND LITTLE SHOW”
9699 PAUL’S NOVELTY ORCH Sing Something Simple (vFL) X2770 alt 9/19/30 “SECOND LITTLE SHOW”
9699 LAUGHLIN,Tommy I’m Needing You X2719
9699 LAUGHLIN,Tommy Sharing X2720
9700 MURPHREE HARTFORD QT Riding To Eternity G16701
9700 MURPHREE HARTFORD QT Make His Praises Ring G16686
9701 PIE PLANT PETE You’ll Find Her With The Angels G16901=A
9701 PIE PLANT PETE Lightning Express G16906 GE7289
9702 AUTRY,Gene Hobo Bill’s Last Ride G16879 GE7290
9702 AUTRY,Gene Hobo Yodel G16723=A
9703 AUTRY,Gene Texas Blues G16878
9703 AUTRY,Gene Dust Pan Blues G16880=A
9704A AUTRY,Gene They Cut Down The Old Pine Tree G16724 6/6/30 Brown – Raskin – Elisen
9704B GENE AUTRY acc guitar In The Shadow Of The Pine G16722=A 6/6/30 OLD TIME SINGING w VOCAL
9705 AUTRY,Gene I’ll Be Thinking Of You, Little Gal G16715
9705 AUTRY,Gene Whisper Your Mother’s Name G16712
9706 AUTRY,Gene Train Whistle Blues G16883 8/4/30
9706 AUTRY,Gene Cowboy Yodel G16717=A 6/5/30
9707 AMOS GREENE (C.CARLISLE) I’m Lonely And Blue G16841
9707 AMOS GREENE (C.CARLISLE) On My Way To Lonesome Valley G16840=B
9708 AMOS GREENE (C.CARLISLE) Yodeling Them Blues Away G16317
9708 AMOS GREENE (C.CARLISLE) Never No Mo’ Blues G16842
9709 AMOS GREENE (C.CARLISLE) Virginia Blues G16467
9709 AMOS GREENE (C.CARLISLE) Just A Lonely Hobo G16466a
9710A AMOS GREENE (C.CARLISLE) Blue Yodel No.6 G16464
9710B AMOS GREENE (C.CARLISLE) Desert Blues G16465=A 4/9/30
9711 GOLDING,Jack The Tramp G16838=B
9711 GOLDING,Jack I Had But Fifty Cents G16837
9712 PIE PLANT PETE Roving Gambler G16900
9712 PIE PLANT PETE Good Old Turnip Greens G16899 8/8/30
9713 ANDY HOPKINS (W.CHILDERS) A Mother’s Plea G16611
9713 ANDY HOPKINS (W.CHILDERS) The Prison Warden’s Secret G16613=A
9714 CHARLIE BLAKE (Bill COX) My Old Log Cabin Home G16545
9714 CHARLIE BLAKE (Bill COX) Down In Arkansas G16554
9715 DAVE TURNER (D.PARMAN) Trail Of The Lonesome Pine G16831=B
9715 DAVE TURNER (D.PARMAN) I’ve Waited Honey, Waited Long For You G16835=A
9716 McLAIN+HARPOLD I Wonder How The Old Folks Are Back Home G16626=A
9716 McLAIN+HARPOLD Bake Dat Chicken Pie G16629 GE7224
9717 PIE PLANT PETE Lakes Of Pontchartrain G16898! 8/8/30
9717 PIE PLANT PETE Little Brown Jug G16904!
9718 CHARLESTON ENTERTAINERS Tie Me To Your Apron Strings Again G16676=A
9718 CHARLESTON ENTERTAINERS Wait Til The Sun Shines Nellie G16659
9719 CHARLESTON ENTERTAINERS Let The Rest Of The World Go By G16661
9720 HARPER FAMILY TRIO I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles G16463=A
9720 HARPER FAMILY TRIO Till We Meet Again G16462
9721 MATTOX,Jimmie Sweet Wimmin’ G16691
9721 MATTOX,Jimmie (J.MARTIN) Goodbye Mama G16690
9722 CHARLIE BLAKE (Bill COX) The Hand Car Yodel G16553 4/28/30
9722 CHARLIE BLAKE (Bill COX) The Yodeling Cowboy G16547
9723 PARKER,Chubby Get Away Old Maids, Get Away G17177
9723 PARKER,Chubby In Kansas G17178
9724 CHARLIE BLAKE (Bill COX) Since We Landed Over Here G16546
9724 CHARLIE BLAKE (Bill COX) My Rough And Rowdy Ways G16544 JIMMIE RODGERS
9725 HARPER & TURNER I Surrender All G16198
9725 HARPER & TURNER Going Down The Valley G16459
9726 HARPER & TURNER Beautiful Garden Of Prayer G16022=A G16197?
9726 HARPER & TURNER Whosoever Surely Meaneth Me G16021=A
9727 CHARLESTON SACRED TRIO (W+M) I Am Coming Home G16664
9727 CHARLESTON SACRED TRIO (W+M) Just Inside The Eastern Gate G16666 (WELLING TRIO)
9728 CHARLESTON SACRED TRIO (W+M) I Love To Walk With Jesus G16662
9728 CHARLESTON SACRED TRIO (W+M) Hallelujah All The Way G16663
9729 HARPER FAMILY TRIO Sweeping Through The Gates G16461
9729 HARPER FAMILY TRIO I Will Praise Him, Hallelujah G16460
9730A MEMPHIS GOSPEL QT I Know My Lord Will Keep Me G16688 Bartlett
9730B MEMPHIS GOSPEL QT Sing Of His Goodness Forever G16689 Benton
9731 PARKER,Chubby King Kong Kitchie Kitchie Koo G17176
9731 PARKER,Chubby You’ll Hear The Bells In The Morning G17181
9732 CHUBBY PARKER The Old Wooden Rocker G17180
9733 ARMSTRONG’S PLAYERS My Honey G16142
9733 ARMSTRONG’S PLAYERS Muskakatuck Waltz G16138
9734 McGUIRE & HERKAMP Repasz Band March G16946 G17039-A
9734 McGUIRE & HERKAMP Sharpshooters March G16945
9735 ROBISON+LUTHER Carry Me Back To The Mountains X2747
9735 ROBISON+LUTHER Oklahoma Charlie X2748
9736 CARSON ROBISON Leave The Purty Gals Alone X2750=A
9736 CARSON ROBISON Never Leave Your Gal Too Long X2749
9737 JACK EDWARDS (GOLDING) Little Black Mustache (vJG) G16913
9737 JACK EDWARDS (GOLDING) I Learned About Women From Her G16912
9739 STAN STANLEY & HIS ORCH Little White Lies G16888 8/5/30
9739 ELMER GROSSO & HIS ORCH So Beats My Heart For You X2754 8/12/30 “RAH RAH DAYS”
9740 BLACK & WHITE They Cut Down The Old Pine Tree G16711
9740 BLACK & WHITE By The Old Oak Tree G16716
9741 CULLEN BROS Mother Dear G16651
9742 UNIVERSITY ORCH (S.LANIN) I’m Yours (vNW) X2766 8/26/30 “LEAVE IT TO LESTER”
9742 UNIVERSITY ORCH (S.LANIN) Tomorrow Is Another Day X2767 8/26/30 “BIG BOY”
9743 ELMO GROSSO & HIS ORCH Just A Little Closer X2753 8/12/30 “REMOTE CONTROL”
9743 ELMO GROSSO & HIS ORCH Bye Bye Blues (vC.Reese) X2752=B 8/12/30
9744 UNIVERSITY ORCH (S.LANIN) Hullabaloo (vCR) X2742 7/18/30 “DANCING SWEETIES”
9744 UNIVERSITY ORCH (S.LANIN) Lonely (vNW) X2768 8/26/30 “CALL OF THE FLESH”
9745 PAUL’S NOVELTY ORCH I Love You So Much (vFL) X2729 7/5/30 “CUCKOOS”
9745 STAN STANLEY & HIS ORCH You Brought A New Kind Of Love To Me (vAH) G16887 GE7255 “BIG POND”
9746 PAUL’S NOVELTY ORCH Give Yourself A Pat On The Back (vFL) X2727 7/5/30
9746 PAUL’S NOVELTY ORCH Betty Coed (vFL) X2728 7/5/30
9747 UNIVERSITY ORCH (S.LANIN) Swingin’ In A Hammock (vCR) X2741 7/18/30
9747 UNIVERSITY ORCH (S.LANIN) Here Comes The Sun (vCR) X2740 7/18/30 “MARCH OF TIME”
9748 TWEEDY BROS Alabammy Jubilee G16642
9748 TWEEDY BROS Home Brew Rag G16641
9749 ELMO GROSSO & HIS ORCH With My Guitar And You X2701 5/26/30
9749 ELMO GROSSO & HIS ORCH Singing A Song To The Stars (vM+L) X2702 5/26/30 “WAY OUT WEST”
9750 SUTTON’S SOUTHERN SERENADERS Moonshiner Serenade G16421
9751 BERT STOCK AND HIS ORCH You Can’t Get To Heaven That Way (vDM) G16596 5/12/30
9751 BERT STOCK AND HIS ORCH Get Happy (vP.Dillon) G16594 5/12/30
9752 ERNIE GOLDEN & HIS ORCH On The Sunny Side Of The Street X2712 (vTW) 6/12/30 “LEW LESLIE”
9752 ERNIE GOLDEN & HIS ORCH Dancing With Tears In My Eyes (vTW) X2713
9753 ELMO GROSSO & HIS ORCH I’m In The Market For You X2699=B (vM+L) 5/26/30 “HIGH SOCIETY BLUES”
9753 ELMO GROSSO & HIS ORCH If I Had A Girl Like You X2700 5/26/30
9754 PERRINE CLIFF Anchors Aweigh G16606 5/14/30
9754 ERNIE GOLDEN & HIS ORCH Here Comes Emily Brown X2714 6/12/30
9755 PAUL’S NOVELTY ORCH Looking For The Lovelight In The Dark (vFL) X2772 9/19/30 “TOP SPEED”
9755 ELMO GROSSO & HIS ORCH The Kiss Waltz (vFP) X2790=A 10/14/30 “DANCING SWEETIES”
9756 ELMO GROSSO & HIS ORCH Sweet Jennie Lee (vFP) X2788=A 10/14/30
9756 ERNIE GOLDEN & HIS ORCH My Baby Just Cares For Me X2776A (vTW) 9/19/30 “WHOOPEE”
9757 STAN STANLEY & HIS ORCH I Remember You From Somewhere G16889 GE7278
9757 STAN STANLEY & HIS ORCH My Future Just Passed G16886 (vAH) “SAFETY IN NUMBERS”
9758 PAUL’S NOVELTY ORCH Wedding Of The Birds X2771 (vFL) 9/19/30
9758 ELMO GROSSO & HIS ORCH When I Close My Eyes And Dream X2789 (vFP) 10/14/30
9759 UNIVERSITY ORCH (S.LANIN) Always In All Ways X2796 (vPS) 10/??/30 “MONTE CARLO”
9759 UNIVERSITY ORCH (S.LANIN) Something To Remember You By (vPS) X2795 10/??/30 “THREE’S A CROWD”
9760 CHICK BULLOCK I Still Get A Thrill X2774 “FROM NOW ON”
9760 CHICK BULLOCK I’ll Be Blue Just Thinking Of You X2775 “FROM NOW ON”
9761 BROOKS+ROSS Beneath Montana Skies G17057
9761 BROOKS+ROSS Somewhere In Old Wyoming G17055
9762 HOWARD HAFFORD In Memory Of You G17051
9762 HOWARD HAFFORD Don’t Tell Her What’s Happened To Me G17052
9763 REESE+DeSILVA Confessin’ That I Love You X2762
9763 REESE+DeSILVA Moonlight On The Colorado X2763
9764 REESE+DeSILVA Rollin’ Down The River X2710
9764 REESE+DeSILVA Down The River Of Golden Dreams X2709
9765 REESE+DeSILVA Telling It To The Daisies X2679
9765 REESE+DeSILVA Good Evenin’ X2764
9766 HOWARD HAFFORD By All The Stars Above You G17050
9766 CHICK BULLOCK When The Organ Played At Twilight X2773
9767 TOM LAUGHLIN Where Can You Be X2718 “CHEER UP & SMILE”
9767 HOWARD HAFFORD Exactly Like You G16391 “LEW LESLIE REVUE”
9768 LUTHER,Francis It Happened In Monterey X2676 SU9695 “KING OF JAZZ”
9768 LUTHER,Francis Song O’ My Heart X2675 SU9695
9769 SCRUGGS,Irene You’ve Got What I Want G16970 8/30/30
9769 SCRUGGS,Irene My Back To The Wall G16975 8/30/30
9770 BURSTON,Clara Try That Man Of Mine G16992 9/4/30
9770 BURSTON,Clara Can’t Get Enough G17002 9/4/30
9771 MISSISSIPPI JUBILEE SINGERS Swing Low Sweet Chariot G16439
9772 AMOS GREENE (C.CARLISLE) Crazy Blues G17068
9772 AMOS GREENE (C.CARLISLE) Hobo Blues G17067
9773 LEW CHILDRE Horsie Keep Your Tail Up G17023=A
9773 LEW CHILDRE The Old Grey Mare G17021
9774 EMMETT DAVENPORT (A.MARTIN) Old Fashioned Picture Of Mother G16528
9774 EMMETT DAVENPORT (A.MARTIN) Put On Your Old Gray Bonnet G16525
9775 JIMMY LONG That’s Why I Left The Mountains G16939=A
9775 JIMMY LONG Blue Pining For You G16936=A
9776 LEE COUNTY STRING BAND Eighth Of January G17041
9776 SPENCER TRIO (WHITNER) Fire On The Mountain G17044
9777 ERNIE GOLDEN & HIS ORCH Go Home And Tell Your Mother (vTW) X2777A 9/19/30 “LOVE IN THE ROUGH”
9777 ERNIE GOLDEN & HIS ORCH If I Could Be With You X2778A 9/19/30
9778 ANDY HOPKINS (W.CHILDERS) Two Little Girls In Blue G16618=A
9778 ANDY HOPKINS (W.CHILDERS) The Fatal Rose Of Red G16608=A