Label: Artist: Tune: MX: Xref: Ctrl: Date: Comp:
9000B VAGABONDS Dolores (vJW) X1248 5/13/28
9000A GOLDEN GATE SERENADERS After My Laughter Came Tears X1247 5/13/28
9001B VAN & HIS ORCH (VAN STEEDEN) A Shady Tree (vJW) X1413 6/4/28
9001A VAN & HIS ORCH (VAN STEEDEN) Among My Souvenirs (vJW) X1414 6/4/28
9002A SILVERTONE ENSEMBLE Auf Wiedersehn (vFL) X1381 5/28/28
9002B CARL FENTON’S NEW YORKERS Sweetheart Of Sigma Chi (vAL) X1357
9003B OLD MILL DANCE KINGS I’m Winging Home (vJM) X1160=B 3/27/28
9003A SHERMAN SUNDODGERS (V.PRICE) Back In Your Own Backyard (vWW) X1242 5/12/28
9004A VAGABONDS Girl Of My Dreams (vJG) X1322 5/22/28
9004B VAGABONDS Did You Mean It? (vK+JG) X1250 5/13/28
9005A VAN & HIS ORCH (STEEDEN) Dream Kisses (vCM) X1421
9005B VAN & HIS ORCH (STEEDEN) Let A Smile Be Your Umbrella (vBR) X1416 6/4/28
9006B SHERMAN SUNDODGERS (PRICE) Speedy Boy (vAF) X1183 4/5/28
9006A SHERMAN SUNDODGERS (PRICE) Happy Go Lucky Lane (vAF) X1185
9007B NEWTON PIPPINS At Sundown (vJW) X1272 5/16/28
9007A NEWTON PIPPINS Highways Are Happy Ways (vER) X1252 5/14/28
9008B VAN & HIS ORCH (VAN STEEDEN) Just Another Day Wasted Away (vCM) X1422 6/5/28
9008A VAN & HIS ORCH (VAN STEEDEN) I’m Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover (vJW) X1423
9009B FENTON NEW YORKERS Diane (vJW) X1295 5/18/28
9009A SILVERTONE ENSEMBLE (FENTON) In A Little Spanish Town (vCM) X1332 5/22/87
9010A SILVERTONE DO (C.FENTON) Laugh, Clown, Laugh (vFL) X1362 5/25/28
9010B SILVERTONE DO (C.FENTON) Rain Or Shine (v4) X1134 3/8/28
9011A SHERMAN SUNDODGERS (V.PRICE) Last Night I Dreamed You Kissed Me (vJW) X1244 BE614
9011B SHERMAN SUNDODGERS (V.PRICE) Afraid Of You (vWW) X1243 BE613
9012 SILVERTONE DO (C.FENTON) Let Me Call You Sweetheart (vJW) X1294 5/18/28
9012 CARL FENTON’S NEW YORKERS Meet Me Tonight In Dreamland (vCM) X1333 5/22/28
9013A TIN PAN PARADERS Mama’s Grown Young (vAF) X1320 5/22/28
9013B TIN PAN PARADERS Who Wouldn’t Be Blue (vAF) X1321 5/22/28
9014A VAN & HIS ORCH (VAN STEEDEN) My Blue Ridge Mountain Home (vJW) X1415 6/4/28
9014B VAN & HIS ORCH (VAN STEEDEN) Just A Little Way Away From Home (vJW) X1225 5/2/28
9015A OLD MILL DANCE KINGS My Blue Heaven (vJW) X1240 5/12/28
9015 OLD MILL DANCE KINGS There’s A Rickety Rackety Shack (vJW) X1241
9016A MANHATTAN MADCAPS (FENTON) My Ohio Home (vCM) X1465 6/22/28
9016B MANHATTAN MADCAPS (FENTON) An Old Guitar And An Old Refrain (vCM) X1334 5/22/28
9017A NEWTON PIPPINS Our Bungalow Of Dreams X1253 5/14/28
9017B NEWTON PIPPINS Beautiful (vJW) X1271 5/16/28
9018A SILVERTONE ENSEMBLE (FENTON) Ramona (vCM) X1442 6/18/28
9018B FENTON NEW YORKERS Little Log Cabin Of Dreams X1406 6/4/28
9019B MANHATTAN MADCAPS Oh Dem Golden Slipper (vK+G) X1212 4/21/28
9019A MANHATTAN MADCAPS (FENTON) Prisoner’s Song (vAL) X1355 5/24/28
9020B OLD MILL DANCE KINGS Beloved (vJM) X1161 3/27/28
9020A OLD MILL DANCE KINGS Together (vJM) X1158=B 3/27/28
9021B SILVERTONE DO (C.FENTON) When Love Comes Stealing X1382 5/28/28
9021A SILVERTONE DO (C.FENTON) Was It A Dream? (vFL) X1360 5/25/28
9022B JACK & GENE (CARROLL+GRADY) My Ohio Home G13297
9022A STEWART,ELLIOT A Shady Tree X0913
9023B JACK MORAN (Les Backer) Yesterday G13149A
9023A JACK MORAN (Les Backer) Among My Souvenirs G13277
9024B HAPPINESS BOYS Baby Feet Go Pitter Patter X1309 5/21/28
9024A HAPPINESS BOYS Baby Your Mother Like She Babied You X1313 5/21/28
9025A THORPE,Kenneth (IK) Back In Your Own Backyard X1301
9025B KENNETH THORPE (KAUFMAN) My Heart Keeps Speaking Of Love X1238
9026B SUPERTONE QT Steamboat Bill X1399
9026A SUPERTONE QT Casey Jones X1400
9027B WHITE,Jerry After I’ve Called You Sweetheart X1454
9027A WHITE,Jerry Dream Kisses X1267
9028A Lou DAVIS {Billy Jones} Henry’s Made A Lady Out Of Lizzie X1298 O’Keefe
9028B Lou DAVIS {Billy Jones} I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Ice Scream X1297 Johnson – Moll – King
9029 JACK MORAN (Les Backer) Here I Am Broken Hearted G13148A
9029 JACK MORAN (Les Backer) Highways Are Happy Ways G13276
9030A ARTHUR BALL (L.Backer & NY) Laugh Clown Laugh X1076
9030B ARTHUR BALL (L.Backer & NY) Little Log Cabin Of Dreams X1075
9031B JOHN VINCENT (SL) Sweetheart Of Sigma Chi X1353
9031A JOHN VINCENT (SL) Let Me Call You Sweetheart X1354
9032B JERRY WHITE (S.LAMBERT) There’s A Rickety Rackety Shack X1269
9032A JERRY WHITE (S.LAMBERT) Mary Ann (vSL) X1266
9033 JACK MORAN (LES BACKER) My Blue Heaven (vlb) G13147
9033 JACK MORAN (LES BACKER) Are You Happy (vLB) G13275
9034B JOHN MONOHAN (L.BACKER) Sunshine (vlb) G13598
9034A NED MILLER (L.BACKER) Ramona G13585
9035A CHARLES HARRISON Girl Of My Dreams X1390
9035B CHARLES HARRISON The Sunrise X1389
9036A JONES & HARE Little Ford Rambled Right Along X1316 5/21/28
9036B JONES & HARE Si’s Been Drinkin Cider X1314 5/21/28
9037A JACK MORAN (LES BACKER) Together (vlb) G13487 Seidel
9037B JACK MORAN (LES BACKER) Beautiful G13339
9038 MANHATTAN MADCAPS Round Evening (vNW) X2074 9/17/28
9038 MANHATTAN MADCAPS A Cottage Is Heaven (vNW) X2073 9/17/28
9039 SAM PERRY’S RUBE BAND Brown Jug Blues G14153 8/18/28
9039 SAM PERRY’S RUBE BAND Bass Blues G141554 8/18/28 Trietsch
9040 SILVERTONE DO (C.FENTON) Just Another Night (vT.Wilson) X2051 8/22/28
9040 SILVERTONE DO (C.FENTON) Chiquita (vIK) X2026 7/27/28
9041 PAULSON NIGHTHAWKS (Grosso) Constantinople (vCM) X1476 6/27/28
9041 PAULSON NIGHTHAWKS (Grosso) Old Man Sunshine (vCM) X1475 6/27/28
9042 HAPPINESS ORCH Sweet Ella May (vBJ) X2019 7/24/28
9042 SILVERTONE DO (Fenton NY) Dusky Stevedore (vCM) X1443 6/18/28
9043 SHERMAN SUNDODGERS (V.PRICE) Here’s That Party Now In Person (vCM) X2083 9/25/28
9043 BAILEY’S JAZZ PIRATES I Still Keep Dreaming Of You (vJP) X2100 10/4/28
9044 MANHATTAN MADCAPS (A.Lynch) Hot Coffee (vAL) X1210 4/21/28
9044 MANHATTAN MADCAPS In A Little French Cafe (vAL) X1152 3/24/28
9046 HILL’S SPECIALTY ORCH Jeannine (vCM) X2049 8/20/28
9046 PAULSON NIGHTHAWKS (Grosso) You Tell Me Your Dreams (vER) X2054
9047 SILVERTONE DO (C.FENTON) Just Like A Melody Out Of The Sky (vIK) X2025 7/27/28
9047 MANHATTAN MADCAPS I’m On The Crest Of A Wave (vFL) X2041 8/15/28
9048 HAPPINESS ORCH My Window Of Dreams (vBJ) X2021 7/24/28
9048 REX MARSHALL (D.Lupton) Revenge Waltz X2061 (vCM) “REVENGE”
9049 SILVERTONE DO (C.FENTON) You’re In Love And I’m In Love X2094 (vTW) “HIT OF THE SHOW”
9049 SILVERTONE DO (C.FENTON) Neapolitan Nights (vTW) X2095 “FAZIL”
9050 SILVERTONE DO (FENTON NY) Once In A Lifetime (vTW) X2050 8/22/28 “EARL CARROLL VANITIES”
9050 PAULSON NIGHTHAWKS (GROSSO) Out Of The Dawn (vER) X2056 8/24/28 “WARMING UP”
9051 REX MARSHALL’S ORCH Right Out Of Heaven (vCM) X2059 9/7/28 “CROSS MY HEART”
9051 MENDEL’S CANADIANS Sleep Baby Sleep (vjw) X2063 9/10/28
9052 MANHATTAN MADCAPS Roses Of Yesterday (vNW) X2075 9/17/28
9053 SILVERTONE DO (GENNETT ORCH) Someday, Somewhere (vTW) X2093 Gennett “WE’LL MEET AGAIN”
9054 SILVERTONE DO Sorry For Me (vIK) X2027 7/27/28
9054 VAN & HIS ORCH (VAN STEEDEN) Ten Little Miles From Town (vR.Strom) X2039 8/14/28
9055 MANHATTAN MADCAPS Sunbeams Bring Dreams Of You (vFL) X2042 8/15/28 “LOVES OF AN ACTRESS”
9055 MANHATTAN MADCAPS I Can’t Give You Anything But Love (vCM) X1466 6/22/28 FIELDS-McHUGH
9056 MENDEL’S CANADIANS (M.M) Anything You Say (vJ.Boyd) X2022 7/25/28
9056 MENDEL’S CANADIANS (M.M) Too Busy (vJB) X2024
9057 HILL’S SPECIALTY ORCH When I Tip Tip Toe Up Tuck Tuck Tucky Lane (vCM) X2047 8/20/28
9057 SHERMAN SUNDODGERS (V.PRICE) I’m Sorry Sally (vCM) X2081 9/25/28
9058 PAULSON NIGHTHAWKS (Grosso) Sonny Boy (vER) X2053 “SINGING FOOL”
9058 PAULSON’S NIGHTHAWKS Why Do I Love You Like I Do X2055 8/24/28
9059 PAULSON NIGHTHAWKS (Grosso) Just A Night For Meditation (vC.Mathieu) X1477 6/27/28
9059 SUPERTONE DO (New Yorkers) You’re A Real Sweetheart X1444 6/18/28
9060 VAN & HIS ORCH (VAN STEEDEN) Pickin’ Cotton (vRS) X2038 8/14/28 “GEO.WHITE SCANDALS”
9060 REX MARSHALL’S ORCH (Lupton) You’re Gone (vCM) X2060 “SONG WRITER”
9061 SIRMANS & BRADFORD Constantinople X1461
9061 SIRMANS & BRADFORD That’s My Weakness Now X1460
9062 J.LYNN GRIFFIN Ten Little Miles From Town G14150
9062 J.LYNN GRIFFIN Chiquita G14135
9063 CHARLES HART I Tore Up Your Picture X1446
9063 CHARLES HART Dream House X1445
9064 MAPLE CITY FOUR Lonely Little Bluebird G14093
9064 MAPLE CITY FOUR Dream River G14095
9065 WALLACE,Gordon Anything You Say X2017
9065 WALLACE,Gordon Forever X2066
9066 DAVIS,Lou Gotta Big Date With A Little Girl (vJK) X2012
9066 KENNETH THORPE (I.Kaufman) Is It Gonna Be Long X1449
9067 BARNES,Charles Get Out And Get Under The Moon G13924
9067 VINCENT,Larry She’s A Great Great Girl G13579
9068 JACK & GENE (Carroll+Grady) I Get The Blues When It Rains G14052
9068 JACK & GENE (Carroll+Grady) Etiquette Song G14055
9069 KENNETH THORPE (I.Kaufman) My Baby Is Driving Me Wild X1450
9069 KENNETH THORPE (I.Kaufman) It Goes Like This X2045
9070 VINCENT,John There’s A Rainbow Round My Shoulder X2067
9070 GORDON WALLACE (N.Wallace) Jeannine X2065
9071 CHARLES HART Just A Little Blue For You X1447
9071 JERRY WHITE (IK) Just Like A Melody Out Of The Sky X1483
9072 ERNEST HARE King For A Day X2033
9072 ERNEST HARE Carmen X2034
9073 LUTHER,Francis Because My Baby Don’t Mean Maybe Now X2014
9073 JONES,BILLY Oh Is She Mad At Me X2035
9074 WHITE,Jerry Roses Of Yesterday X2096
9074 WHITE,Jerry Bad Girl X2097
9075 LUTHER,Francis She’s Wonderful X2103=B
9075 LUTHER,Francis That’s How I Feel About You, Sweetheart X2104
9076 MATTES TRIO Russian March G14121
9076 MATTES TRIO Beautiful Heaven Waltz G14114
9077 MATTES TRIO Verona Waltz G14117
9077 MATTES TRIO Poet And Peasant Overture G14118
9078 THREE JACKS Hawaiian Rose G14111
9078 THREE JACKS Mexicali Rose G14112
9079 THREE JACKS Stack-O-Lee Blues G14113
9079 THREE JACKS Twelfth Street Rag G14106
9080 ROYAL HAWAIIANS Sweet Hawaiian Moonlight G13823
9080 WAUIKA ACES Kamehameha March G13856
9081B DIXIE JUBILEE CHORUS South Bound Passenger Train G13698 4/24/28 (vocal quartet)
9081A DIXIE JUBILEE CHOIR (Bryant) Who Stole De Lock Off De Hen House Door G13701 4/24/28
9082 FRANKIE WALLACE Away Out On The Mountain X2001
9082 FRANKIE WALLACE Blue Yodel No.2 X2000a
9083 WELLING,Frank Yodelin’ Daddy Blues G14149B GE6616
9083 STONEMAN,WILLY Wake Up In The Morning G14012
9084 ROYAL HAWAIIANS (Sam Ku) Aloha Oe G13355
9084 HAWAIIAN SERENADERS (M.NASH) One Two Three Four G13815
9085 PLADA SERENADERS Beautiful Ohio G13018 GE4519
9085 PLADA SERENADERS Till We Meet Again G13019! GE4519
9086 HAWAIIAN SERENADERS (M.NASH) Drowsy Waters G13210
9086 HAWAIIAN SERENADERS (M.NASH) La Golondrina G13854
9087 MANJU BROS Kawaihau Waltz G13026
9087 WAILUKA ACES Hawaiian Breezes G13217
9088 PLADA SERENADERS Hawaiian Dreams G13021
9088 PLADA SERENADERS My Isle Of Golden Dreams G13213
9089 LOHAINA TRIO Sugar Cane Rag G12755
9089 LOHAINA TRIO (F.PLADA) Hawaiian Hotel G12754
9090 ROYAL HAWAIIANS (Sam Ku) Hawaiian Love Serenade G13059
9090 ROYAL HAWAIIANS (Sam Ku) Uluwehi O Kaala G13058
9091 PLADA SERENADERS Kawaha G13025
9091 HAWAIIAN SERENADERS (M.NASH) Hawaiian Lullaby G13853
9092 ROYAL HAWAIIANS (Sam Ku) Hilo Hawaiian March G13060
9092 ROYAL HAWAIIANS (Sam Ku) Cunha Medley G13063
9093 LOHAINA TRIO Repasz Band March G12757
9093 LOHAINA TRIO Indiana March G12756
9094 ROYAL HAWAIIANS (Sam Ku) Kilima Waltz G13062
9094 ROYAL HAWAIIANS (Sam Ku) Paauau Waltz G13061
9095 ROYAL HAWAIIANS (Sam Ku) Kohala March G13057
9095 ROYAL HAWAIIANS Sweet Hawaiian Moonlight G13056
9096 PLADA SERENADERS Let The Rest Of The World Go By G13212
9096 PLADA SERENADERS Dreamy Hawaii G13211
9097 ROYAL HAWAIIANS Medley Of Hawaiian Melodies G13816
9097 ROYAL HAWAIIANS (LEI) Kaui Kahio Medley G13817
9098 SWANSON & GUSTAVE (SOUKUP) Mice Parade G12913
9098 SWANSON & GUSTAVE (SOUKUP) Grandpa’s Courtship G12912
9099 JUERLING & JUSTIS (STROM) Grasshopper Polka G12872 06/??/27
9099 JUERLING & JUSTIS (STROM) Skansen Waltz G12869 06/??/27
9100 GARCON FAVIA (accordion) My Treasure Waltz X1427
9100 GARCON FAVIA (accordion) Medley Of Sousa Marches X1426
9101 JOHNNY PIEDMONTE (accordion) Over The Waves (accordion) G12997
9101 JOHNNY PIEDMONTE (accordion) Wedding Of The Winds G12996
9102 ERICKSON & ANDERSON Klack Polka G12880 6/27/27
9102 ERICKSON & ANDERSON U Bats Valsen G12879 6/27/27
9103 SUPERTONE BRASS BAND America / Star Spangled Banner X1386
9103 SUPERTONE BRASS BAND Dixie Medley X1387
9104 SUPERTONE BRASS BAND General Pershing March X1385
9104 SUPERTONE BRASS BAND Repasz Band March X1384
9105 SUPERTONE BRASS BAND Stars And Stripes Forever X1375
9105 SUPERTONE BRASS BAND Under The Double Eagle X1374
9106 SUPERTONE BRASS BAND Our Director March X1372
9106 SUPERTONE BRASS BAND Washington Post March X1373
9107 SUPERTONE TRIO Skater’s Waltz G12859
9107 SILVERTONE TRIO The Glow Worm G12857
9108 SUPERTONE TRIO A Perfect Day X1474
9108 SUPERTONE TRIO Herd Girl’s Dream X1473
9109 COLONIAL GARDEN NOVELTY TRIO After I Gave My Heart To You (vSFS) X0573
9109 COLONIAL GARDEN NOVELTY TRIO When The Bo Tree Bloosoms Again X0574 “LUCKY”
9110 WATSON,Helen Turkey In The Straw X1425 McKEE
9110 WATSON,Helen Mocking Bird X1424
9111 COLONIAL GARDEN NOVELTY TRIO Silver Song Bird (vS.S.Fagan) X0436
9111 COLONIAL GARDEN NOVELTY TRIO Moonlight Dreams X0522
9112 WATSON,Helen Birds And The Brook X1432
9112 WATSON,Helen (M,McKee) Whistler And His Dog X1433
9113 SUPERTONE TRIO Belfry Chimes X1470
9113 SUPERTONE TRIO Silent Night Holy Night X1471
9114 SUPERTONE TRIO Cathedral Chimes X1468
9114 SUPERTONE TRIO Christmas Chimes X1469
9115 EMERSON,Ralph At The End Of The Sunset Trail G12693 BP8024
9115 EMERSON,Ralph Swanee River / Old Kentucky Home G12695
9116 MAFFIE,Cornelius (organ) Waiting For The Rainbow G13083
9116 MAFFIE,Cornelius (organ) Deep In My Heart G13086 “STUDENT PRINCE”
9117A Cornelius MAFFIE (organ) Kiss Me Again G13084 Victor Herbert
9117B Cornelius MAFFIE (organ) Hungarian Dance {No. 5} G13085 Brahms – Joachim
9118 EMERSON,Ralph.W When You And I Were Young,Maggie G12697
9118 EMERSON,Ralph.W Silver Threads Among The Gold G12696 CHG343
9119 CHARLES,Milton (organ) Serenade (organ solo)
9119 CHARLES,Milton (organ) Sometime (organ solo)
9120 EMERSON,Ralph.W Indian Love Call G12635
9120 EMERSON,Ralph.W The Wolrd Is Waiting For The Sunrise G12636
9121 WINGATE,Fred (yodeler) Sleep Baby Sleep X1436 G12970?
9121 WINGATE,Fred (yodeler) Roll On Silver Moon X1437=B
9122 WINGATE,Fred (yodeler) Emmett’s Cuckoo Song X1441 ST9056c
9122 WINGATE,Fred (yodeler) Snyder, Does Your Mother You’re Out X1438
9123A Scippione Guidi (violin) Ave Maria X1292 Schubert – Wilhemlj
9123B Scippione Guidi (violin) Humoresque X1291 Dvorak
9124 Scippione Guidi (violin) Souvenir X1293
9124 Scippione Guidi (violin) Meditation (Thais) X1290
9125 SILVER,MIKE Cohen On The Telephone X1245
9125 SILVER,MIKE Cohen Phones About His Auto X1246
9126 DeLEATH,Vaughn By The Side Of The Omelette Sea X0483 1/26/27
9126 DeLEATH,Vaughn Worst Rose Of Summer X0484 1/26/27
9127A Byron HOLLAND Possum Supper At Darktown Church X1429 Cal Stewart
9127B Byron HOLLAND Uncle Josh At The Dentist’s X1370 Cal Stewart
9128 HOLLAND,Byron Uncle Josh In The Cafeteria X1371
9129 HARE,Ernest Keep Dem Golden Gates Wide Open For Me X1325
9129 HARE,Ernest Meet Me On The Golden Shore X1324
9130 HARE,Ernest Climbing Up The Golden Stairs X1326
9130 HARE,Ernest Preacher And The Bear X1328
9131 BAER & MOELLER Beautiful Isle Of Somewhere X1307
9131 BAER,Frederic Abide With Me X1339
9132 HARRISON & HOLLINSHEAD When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder X1368
9132 HARRISON & HOLLINSHEAD I Heard The Voice Of Jesus Say X1367
9133 ROXY QT Tell Mother I’ll Be There X1283! X0806-A
9133 ROXY QT Let The Lower Lights Be Burning X1282
9134 BAER,Frederic Nearer My God To Thee X1338
9134 MOELLER,Henry Where Is My Wandering Boy Tonight? X1340
9135 BAER & MOELLER Rock Of Ages X1305
9135 BAER & MOELLER Jesus Lover Of My Soul X1306
9136 ROXY QT O Come All Ye Faithful X1281
9136 ROXY QT Silent Night, Holy Night X1280
9137 HARRISON,Charles O Holy Night X1411
9137 BAER & MOELLER Star Of The East X1304
9138A HARE,Ernest The Old Rugged Cross X1327
9138B HARRISON QT Onward Christian Soldiers X1405 Baring – Gould – Sullivan
9139 POHLMANN & HATHAWAY What A Friend We Have In Jesus G13497
9139 POHLMANN & HATHAWAY Throw Out The Life Line G13496
9140 HARRIS QT (McDonald QT) Working For The Master X0781
9140 HAMLIN QT (EVA QT) Bringing In The Sheaves X0713
9141 HARRISON,Charles A Perfect Day X1369!
9141 HARRISON,Charles Somewhere A Voice Is Calling Me X1410
9142 SUPERTONE QT Aloha Oe X1401
9142 SUPERTONE QT Juanita X1403
9143 SUPERTONE MALE QT Carry Me Back To Old Virginny X1402
9143 SUPERTONE MALE QT Sidewalks Of New York X1404
9144 FOUR BACHELORS In The Evening By The Moonlight X1392
9144 FOUR BACHELORS Darling Nellie Gray X1391
9145 HARRISON,Charles The Vacant Chair X1409
9145 HAPPINESS BOYS Just Before The Battle, Mother X1315
9146 HARRISON,Charles Just Break The News To Mother X1480
9146 HARRISON & HOLLINSHEAD Just As The Sun Went Down X1364
9147 FOUR WILSONS (Gold Medal Qt) Old Black Joe G12867
9147 HAMLIN QT (Woodlawn Qt) My Old Kentucky Home X0848
9148 BALL,Arthur I Love The Name Of Mary X1418
9148 BALL,Arthur My Wild Irish Rose X1420
9149 HARRISON,Charles When You And I Were Young, Maggie X1350
9150 STANBURY,Douglas Silver Threads Among The Gold X1377
9150 STANBURY,Douglas The Rosary X1376
9151 BALL,Arthur When I’m Gone You’ll Soon Forget X1417! G13561
9151 BALL,Arthur Where The Sunset Turns The Ocean’s Blue To Gold X1419! G13562
9152 FOUR WILSONS (Gold Medal Qt) Love’s Old Sweet Song G12866
9152 FOUR WILSONS (Gold Medal Qt) When You’re Gone I Won’t Forget X0807
9153 B.JONES & E.HARE Down By The Old Mill Stream X1311 5/21/28
9153 B.JONES & E.HARE When You Wore A Tulip X1312 5/21/28
9154 VERNON DALHART Can’t You Hear Me Calling, Caroline X1289
9154 HARRISON & HOLLINSHEAD Where The Silvery Colorado Wends It’s Way X1365
9155 BESSEMER QT You Can Hear Those Darkies Singing X0774
9155 FOUR WILSONS (Gold Medal Qt) Indiana G12873
9156A DANDURAND and his BARN DANCE FIDDLERS Big Town Fling G12651 (-)
9156B DANDURAND and his BARN DANCE FIDDLERS Larry O’gaff G12655a (-)
9158 DANDURAND BARN DANCE FIDDLERS Haste To The Wedding G12650=A
9158 DANDURAND BARN DANCE FIDDLERS The Campbells Are Coming G12652a
9159 DANDURAND BARN DANCE FIDDLERS Mcleod’s Reel G12953a GE6351
9159 DANDURAND BARN DANCE FIDDLERS Leather Breeches G12954a
9160 DANDURAND BARN DANCE FIDDLERS Medley Of Oldtime Waltzes G12992
9160B DANDURAND BARN DANCE FIDDLERS Irish Washerwoman G12952
9161 DANDURAND BARN DANCE FIDDLERS Over The Ocean Waves G12955a
9162 DANDURAND BARN DANCE FIDDLERS Two Step Quadrille G12654=A SU9156?
9163 BOONE COUNTY ENTERTAINERS Turkey In The Straw G13638
9163 BOONE COUNTY ENTERTAINERS Arkansaw Traveler G13639 Sup9163
9164 FIDDLIN’ JIM BURKE (Roberts) Black Eyed Susie G13040
9164 FIDDLIN’ JIM BURKE (Roberts) Buck Creek Gal G13039
9165 FIDDLIN’ JIM BURKE And The Cat Came Back G13055 SI8179
9165 HILL’S VIRGINIA MOUNTAINEERS Sourwood Mountain G13046
9166 TWEEDY BROS Ida Red G13654a
9166 TWEEDY BROS Buckwheat Batter G14064a
9167 WATSON,Louis Home Sweet Home G12773!
9167 RUSSELL,Floyd Coal Creek March G12753 GE6240
9168 FIDDLIN’ JIM BURKE Waynesburgh G13042
9168 FIDDLIN’ JIM BURKE Cripple Creek G13043 CH15396
9169 FIDDLIN’ JIM BURKE (Roberts) Leather Breeches G13836
9169 FIDDLIN’ JIM BURKE Dance Wid A Gal With A Hole In ‘er Stocking G13835b G11326
9171 BISHOP,Billy Medley Of Old Favorites G12889 GE6203
9171 BISHOP,Billy Medley Of Old Favorites G12885 GE6203
9172 FIDDLIN’ JIM BURKE (Roberts) Old Buzzard G13041
9172 FIDDLIN’ JIM BURKE (Roberts) Arkansas Traveler G13038
9173 FIDDLIN’ JIM BURKE (Roberts) Brickyard Joe G14175 CH15603
9173 FIDDLIN’ JIM BURKE (Roberts) Shoot The Turkey Buzzard G14179 BURKE J
9174 TWEEDY BROS Shortenin’ Bread G13655 GE6529
9174 TWEEDY BROS Dance All Night With A Bottle In Your Hand G13653a
9175 WATSON,Louis Wandering Boy G12788
9175 LOGAN COUNTY TRIO The Bucking Mule X0815
9176 LOGAN COUNTY TRIO Old Hen Cackled & The Rooster Crowed X0818 Spt9176
9176 FIDDLIN’ JIM BURKE (Roberts) Billy In The Low Ground G13054 CH15500
9177 WEST VIRGINIA HILLTOPPERS Corn Shuckers Frolic G13921
9177 BOONE COUNTY ENTERTAINERS The Fiddlin’ Bootleggers G13915 6/23/28
9178 DAVENPORT,Emmett East Bound Train G14184a
9178 DAVENPORT,Emmett Dingy Miner’s Cabin G13832 GE6531
9179 DAVENPORT,Emmett Dying Girl’s Message G14185
9179 DAVENPORT,Emmett Friends Of Long Ago G14167a
9180 BUNCH,Alvin He’s Only A Miner Killed In The Ground G14168b CH15587
9180 BUNCH,Alvin My Mother Was A Lady G13803
9181 BOONE COUNTY ENTERTAINERS Blind Man And His Child G13940
9181 BOONE COUNTY ENTERTAINERS Honeysuckle Time G13939
9182 BOONE COUNTY ENTERTAINERS There’s Something Wrong With My Gal G13937
9182 BOONE COUNTY ENTERTAINERS May I Sleep In Your Barn Tonight ? G13945
9183 LUTHER,Francis Hanging Of Charles Burger X1440a
9183 LUTHER,Francis West Plains Explosion X1439a
9184 DAVID NEAL (Hutchinson) Good Old Turnip Greens G13633
9184 HARRY CARTER (B.MOORE) Hobo’s Paradise G13908 6/22/28
9185A SAM CALDWELL (H.Sweet) Falling By The Wayside G14010 7/5/28
9185B SAM CALDWELL (H.Sweet) Prisoners Lament G14007=A 7/5/28
9186B PUCKETT,Si Faded Bunch Of Roses G13810 5/11/28
9186A PUCKETT,Si The Maple On The Hill G13809 5/11/28
9187B PARKER,Chubby His Parents Haven’t Seen Him Since G13092 G17193
9187A PARKER,Chubby Darling Nellie Gray G13090 G17192
9188A Chubby PARKER I’m A Stern Old Bachelor G12605 G17185 Parker
9188B Chubby PARKER Bib-A-Lollie-Boo G12606 G17184 Parker
9189 PARKER,Chubby Nickety Nack Now G12601=A G17182
9189 PARKER,Chubby Whoa Mule Whoa G12735a G17183
9190 PARKER,Chubby Oh Dem Golden Slippers G13091 G17189
9190 PARKER,Chubby A Rovin’ Little Darkey G13088 G17186
9191 PARKER,Chubby Oh Susanna G12677 G17188
9191 PARKER,Chubby Little Brown Jug G12688 G17190
9192 PARKER,Chubby Uncle Ned G13089 G17187
9192 PARKER,Chubby My Little Old Sod Shanty On The Claim G13093a G17191
9193A MAPLE CITY 4 Roll Dem Bones G15733 G14099 Maple City Four
9193B MAPLE CITY 4 Our Cabin Was Too Small G14100 Maple City Four
9194 WALTER PETERSON Lazy Old Mary Will You Get Up Medley G13295!
9194 WALTER PETERSON Little Annie Rooney / Two Little Girls In Blue G13293
9195 WALTER PETERSON Bummelpetris G13003
9195 WALTER PETERSON Mariechen Waltzer G13002
9196 WALTER PETERSON Sidewalks Of New York / Let Me Call You Sweetheart G12633
9196 WALTER PETERSON Medley Of Old Timers: After The Ball G12631! GE6078 (Peek-A-Boo/Good Old Summertim
9197 WALTER PETERSON My Wild Irish Rose / My Irish Molly O G12962 GE6221
9197 PETERSON,Walter On A Sunday Afternoon – Just One Girl G13004 Spt9197
9198 PETERSON,Walter Over The Waves / Red Wing G12632 GE6102
9198 PETERSON,Walter My Little Girl / Turkey In The Straw G12634 Spt9198
9199A WALTER PETERSON Pony Boy / Down In Jungle Town G12961
9199B PETERSON,Walter One Two Three Four G13005 GE6274
9200A PETERSON,Walter School Days / Ring Around The Rosey G13294
9200B PETERSON,Walter On Wisconsin / Hail Hail The Gang’s All Here G13247
9201A PETERSON,Walter Where The River Shannon Flows G13245a
9201B PETERSON,Walter Marching Through Georgia G13246a GE6406
9202A EMERSON,Ralph.W At The End Of The Sunset Trail G12693
9202B EMERSON,Ralph.W Swanee River / Old Kentucky Home / Ring De Banjo G12695
9203 +
9203 +
9204 +
9204 +
9205B WILSON,Grace Honey, Stay In Your Own Back Yard G12761
9205A WILSON,Grace Carry Me Back To Old Virginny G12762
9206B WILSON,Grace (Helen Rauh) Promise That You’ll Not Forget Me G12760
9206A WILSON,Grace (Helen Rauh) Forget Me Not Means Remember Me G12759
9207B TOM CORWIN A Day In The Old Kentucky Home G13519
9207A TOM CORWIN Unloading A Mississippi Steamer G13456
9208 KINCAID,Bradley Bury Me On The Prairie G13480 SI5187
9208 KINCAID,Bradley Sweet Kitty Wells G13313a G15746
9209B KINCAID,Bradley The Swapping Song G13479
9209A KINCAID,Bradley Froggie Went A-Courting G13474
9210B KINCAID,Bradley Sourwood Mountain G13478
9210A KINCAID,Bradley Methodist Pie G13473
9211B KINCAID,Bradley Barbara Allen G13472
9211A KINCAID,Bradley The Fatal Wedding G13312
9212B KINCAID,Bradley Fair Ellen G13523
9212A KINCAID,Bradley Two Sisters G13522
9213B MAPLE CITY 4 The Green Grass Grew All Around G13316
9213A MAPLE CITY 4 Old Mcdonald Had A Farm G13285
9214A MAPLE CITY 4 Sweet Elaine G13434
9214B MAPLE CITY 4 Just A Kiss From A Little Miss G13435
9215A CECIL & ESTHER WARD Just Once Again G13307
9215B CECIL & ESTHER WARD Chili Blues G13308
9216B CECIL & ESTHER WARD Wailana (Drowsy Waters) G13459 G13210 (Re-Issue 1928=13210)
9216A CECIL & ESTHER WARD Hilo March G13460
9217B CECIL & ESTHER WARD Kaiwi Waltz G13458
9217A CECIL & ESTHER WARD Maui Girl G13501
9218A BOB HANDRY Back In Bonnie Scotland G13557
9218B BOB HANDRY & HATHAWAY TRIO There Is Somebody Waiting For Me G13558
9219B BOB HENDRY I Think I’ll Get Wed In The Summer G13441
9219A BOB HENDRY Breakfast In My Bed On Sunday Morning G13475
9220B BOB HENDRY It’s Nice To Get Up In The Morning G13476
9220A BOB HENDRY I Love A Lassie G13445
9221B BOB HENDRY Nanny G13443
9221A BOB HENDRY Roaming In The Gloaming G13444
9222B JACK & GENE (Carroll+Grady) Shanghai Honeymoon G12670
9222A JACK & GENE (Carroll+Grady) Down By The Old Front Gate G13548
9223A JACK & GENE (Carroll+Grady) Waitin’ For Katy G13593
9223B JACK & GENE (Carroll+Grady) I’m Saving Saturday Night For You G12638
9224A LOMBARDS (Harry & Lola) Village Blacksmith G13485
9224B LOMBARDS (Harry & Lola) Old Family Album At Home G13484
9225A O’CONNOR,William When I’m Gone You’ll Soon Forget G13561
9225B O’CONNOR,William Where The Sunset Turns The Oceans Blue To Gold G13562
9226B O’CONNOR,William Come Back To Erin G13563
9226A O’CONNOR,William Where The River Shannon Flows G13564
9227A DALHART,Vernon Death Of Floyd Collins X1257
9227B DALHART,Vernon Letter Edged In Black X1274
9228A DALHART,Vernon Get Away Old Man Get Away X0548=A
9228B DALHART,Vernon Barbara Allen X0549
9229B DALHART,Vernon Just Tell Them That You Saw Me X1276a
9229A DALHART,Vernon Jesse James X1277
9230B DALHART & ROBISON Oh Dem Golden Slippers X1284
9230A DALHART & ROBISON My Blueridge Mountain Home X0547
9231 DALHART,Vernon My Boy’s Voice X0863
9231 DALHART,Vernon Little Rosewood Casket X1273
9232A Vernon DALHART Sinking Of The Great Titanic X1278 (-)
9232B Vernon DALHART The Ship That Never Returned X1279 Work
9233A DALHART,Vernon Engineer’s Child X1258
9233B DALHART,Vernon Convict And The Rose X1260
9234A DALHART,Vernon Engineer’s Dream X0651
9234B DALHART,Vernon Sad Lover X0652
9235A DALHART,Vernon Prisoner’s Song X1255
9235B DALHART,Vernon A Boy’s Best Friend Is His Mother X1287b
9236B DALHART,Vernon Wreck Of The Royal Palm X0501a
9236A DALHART,Vernon Wreck Of The Number Nine X0502
9237B DALHART,Vernon Cindy X0862
9237A DALHART,Vernon When The Moon Shines Down Upon The Mountain X0861 GE6374
9238A DALHART & ROBISON When The Sun Goes Down Again X1285
9238B DALHART,Vernon Lindbergh, The Eagle Of The U.S.A X0661=B
9239A DALHART,Vernon Wreck Of The 12:56 X1256
9239B DALHART,Vernon Wreck Of The Shenandoah X1286
9240B DALHART,Vernon Jim Blake X1275
9240A DALHART,Vernon Wreck Of The C & O #5 X1259
9241B DALHART,Vernon In The Baggage Coach Ahead X1288
9241A DALHART,Vernon Wreck Of The Old Southern 97 X1254a
9242 OTIS STEWART (OWEN GRAY) Adam And Eve G13366
9242 STEWART,Otis It Can’t Be Done G13407 CH16207? OWEN GRAY
9243 OAKLEY,JESSE Aged Mother G13331
9243 HARVEY WATSON (Puckett) Weeping Willow Tree G12772 CH15334
9244 GRACE MEANS Your Mother Still Prays For You G13368a
9244 GUS LINK (OTTO GRAY) Bury Me On The Lone Prairie G13409
9245A WELBY TOOMEY Death Of John Henry G12572
9245B WELBY TOOMEY Little Brown Jug G12581 GE6025
9246B THREE KENTUCKY SERENADERS Pearl Bryant X0887 9/17/27
9246A THREE KENTUCKY SERENADERS I Cannot Call Her Mother X0886 9/17/27
9247B SANDERS,Dillard You’ll Never Miss Your Mother Until She’s Gone X0907 10/??/27
9247A DILLARD SANDERS I’ll Never Be Yours X0904 10/??/27
9248A CLINCH VALLEY ENT.(UNDERWOOD) Just As Sun Went Down G12745
9248B CLINCH VALLEY ENT.(UNDERWOOD) Picture From Life’s Other Side G12746
9249B HAMMOND,John Purty Polly G13028
9249A HAMMOND,John Little Birdie G13029 GE6256
9250B RAY,Aulton The Dixie Cowboy G12744
9250A RAY,Aulton Maxwell Girl G12748A GE6205
9251 THREE KENTUCKY SERENADERS Please Papa Come Home X0880 9/17/27
9251 THREE KENTUCKY SERENADERS Write A Letter To My Mother X0882=C 9/17/27
9252A TOOMEY,Welby The Roving Gambler G12577 GE6005
9252B Doc Roberts In The Shadow Of The Pine G12575 GE6025
9253A SI PUCKETT The Dying Cowboy G12786 04/??/27
9253B SI PUCKETT Come And Kiss Me, Baby Darling G12820 05/??/27
9254 SI PUCKETT Keyhole In The Door G12818 05/??/27
9254 SI PUCKETT Bright Sherman Valley G12816 05/??/27
9255 UNCLE BEN HAWKINS (Stoneman) Poor Tramp Has To Live X0493 2/5/27
9255 UNCLE BEN HAWKINS (Stoneman) When The Roses Bloom Again X0496 2/5/27
9256A OAKLEY,Jesse Preacher And The Bear X0947a
9256B OAKLEY,Jesse I Got Mine G13334
9257A OAKLEY,Jesse Sinking Of The Submarine S-4 G13329=B
9257B OAKLEY,Jesse Wreck Of Virginian Train 3 G13330
9258B DAVIE MILLER Don’t Forget Me Little Darling G12793
9258A DAVIE MILLER Two Little Orphans G12792
9259B BOB FERGUSON Down Where The Swanee River Flows G13205
9259A BOB FERGUSON You’ll Find Her With The Angels G13207
9260B FIDDLIN’ JIM BURKE (Roberts) Knoxville Girl G13798
9260A FIDDLIN’ JIM BURKE (Roberts) When I Was Single X0844
9261A HAMLIN MALE QT Beautiful Isle Of Somewhere X0846
9261B HAMLIN QT Onward Christian Soldiers X0825
9262B HARPER & TURNER I’m On The Sunny Side G13374
9262A HARPER & TURNER He Keeps Me Singing X0950 (McGhee)
9263A HARVEY WATSON (H.Puckett) He Lives On High G12784
9263B JACKSON YOUNG (B.Jarrell) I Know My Name Is There G12777
9264 JEPSEN+DONALDSON I Saw My Mother Kneeling G12843
9264 JEPSEN+DONALDSON Glory To God He’s Come Home G12874
9265B DIXIE SACRED SINGERS You Can’t Make A Monkey Out Of Me X0792
9265A DIXIE SACRED SINGERS Nearer My God To Thee X0795
9266A HARPER & TURNER Praise The Lord, It’s So G13773
9266B HARPER & TURNER Meet Me There G13375
9267B DIXIE SACRED SINGERS How Wonderful Heaven Must Be X0794
9267A HAMLIN MALE QUARTET Rock Of Ages X0761
9268 HARRIS QT (McDonald Qt) Love Enough For Me X0782
9268 BROCKMAN SACRED SINGERS (Eva) They Crucified My Savior X0710
9269 3 KENTUCKY SERENADER We Will Outshine The Sun X0884 9/17/27
9269 3 KENTUCKY SERENADER Walking On The Streets Of Glory X0885 CH15412
9270 HAMLIN MALE QT When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder X0760
9270 HAMLIN MALE QT (Woodlawn) Tell Mother I’ll Be There X0806
9271B BROCKMAN SACRED SINGERS Bringing In The Sheaves X0713
9271A BROCKMAN SACRED SINGERS While The Years Roll On X0711
9272B MANHATTAN MADCAPS Sweet Lorraine X1467 6/22/28
9272A VAN & HIS ORCH (VAN STEEDEN) If You Want The Rainbow X2037 8/14/28
9273A SUPERTONE DO (Fenton NY) You’re The Cream In My Coffee (vRS) X2118 10/23/28 “HOLD EVERYTHING”
9273B SUPERTONE DO (Fenton NY) Orange Blossom Time X2120 10/23/28 “THREE CHEERS”
9274B PAULSON’S NIGHTHAWKS (Grosso) Spell Of The Blues X2116 10/22/28
9274A SUPERTONE DO (Fenton NY) Where The Shy Little Violets Grow X2119 10/23/28
9275B PAULSON NIGHTHAWKS (Grosso) Pretty, Petite And Sweet (vER) X2117 “JUST A MINUTE”
9275A PAULSON NIGHTHAWKS (Grosso) My Blackbirds Are Bluebirds Now (vER) X2115
9276 GRISELLE,Mildred I Can’t Give You Anything But Love X2101
9276 LEE,Virginia Just A Little Blue For You G14300 “BLACKBIRDS 1928”
9277 HARRISON,Charles Memories X1230
9277 HARRISON,Charles Our Bungalow Of Dreams X1351
9278 DAVIS,Lou (IK) Where Do You A-Work John X401
9278 DAVIS,Lou (IK) Fifty Million Frenchmen Can’t Be Wrong X0639
9279 KENNETH THORPE (KAUFMAN) Let A Smile Be Your Umbrella X1302
9279 KENNETH THORPE (KAUFMAN) There Must Be A Silver Lining X1303
9280 HAPPINESS BOYS Bridget O’flynn X1310 5/21/28
9280 HAPPINESS BOYS I Never See Maggie Alone X1308 5/21/28 (end of 1929 Sears Cat)
9281 LILLIAN JACKSON (M.AUSTIN) I’m All Broke Out With The Blues G13888 6/2/28
9281 LILLIAN JACKSON (M.AUSTIN) Anybody Here Want To Try My Cabbage? G13887 6/2/28
9282 MILLER,LILLIAN Harbor Blues G13713 5/3/28
9282 MILLER,LILLIAN Butcher Shop Blues G13716 5/3/28
9283 FRANKIE JAXON Can’t You Wait Till You Get Home G12919 7/12/27
9283 JAXON,FRANKIE I’m Gonna Steal You G12920 7/12/27
9284 Hattie Tate {CLINTON,ALICE} Do What You Did Last Night X1207 4/20/28
9284 Sweetie Wallace {JONES, ALBERTA} Dying Blues X1132 3/12/28
9285 ETHEL TAYLOR (Billie Wilson) Empty Bed Blues X2002 7/11/28
9285 ETHEL TAYLOR (Billie Wilson) Empty Bed Blues #2 X2003 7/11/28
9286 LOTTIE BROWN (Kimbrough) Wayward Girl Blues G14161A 8/21/28
9287 LILLIAN JACKSON (M.Austin) My Papa Don’t Two Time No Time G13754 05/??/28
9287 LILLIAN JACKSON (M.Austin) Sing That Song With Feeling G13886 6/2/28
9288 HATTIE TATE (Alice CLINTON) There’s Been Some Changes Made X1208 4/20/28
9288 DOTTY CLARK (L.ANDERSON) Papa, You’re Too Slow X1128 3/9/28
9289 HERRING,CLARA Park No More Mama Blues G14158 8/21/28
9289 LOTTIE BROWN (L.BEAMAN) Don’t Speak To Me G14164
9290 JONES,ALBERTA Where Have All The Black Men Gone X2005 7/11/28
9290 JONES,ALBERTA Shake A Little Bit X1133 3/12/28
9291 COLLINS,SAM Pork Chop Blues G13034 9/17/27
9291 SAM COLLINS Jail House Blues G12736 4/23/27
9292 SLIM JOHNSON The St Louis Train Kept Passin’ G13289 12/6/27
9292 SLIM JOHNSON If Mama Had Outside Lovin’ X1222
9293 DIXIE JUBILEE SINGERS Who Stole De Lock Off De Hen House Door G13701 4/24/28
9293 BRYANT JUBILEE SINGERS South Bound Passenger Train G13698 4/24/28
9294 LILLIAN JACKSON (M.AUSTIN) Cow Cow Blues G13884 6/2/28
9294 LILLIAN JACKSON (M.AUSTIN) You Can’t Do What My Last Man Did G13885 6/2/28
9295 REV.J.F.FOREST I’m On My Way To The Great City X0850 8/27/27
9295 REV.J.F.FOREST Witness For Jesus X0837 8/21/27
9296 LUCAS,Henry Brother Noah G12813
9296 LUCAS,Henry The Defunct Treasure G12811
9297 REV.B.L.WIGHTMAN Fountain Of Cleanliness G13837 5/15/28
9297 REV.B.L.WIGHTMAN An Awful Responsibility G13846 5/16/28
9298 REV.B.L.WIGHTMAN Soul Physician G13847 5/16/28
9298 REV.B.L.WIGHTMAN The Soul’s Physician Pt.2 G13848 5/16/28
9299 JOSEPHINE MILES & E.COOPER God’s Warning To The Church G13840 5/16/28
9299 SIS.ELIZABETH COOPER You Have Lost Jesus G13844 5/16/28
9300 BRYANT JUBILEE QT Creep Along Moses G13692 4/24/28
9300 BRYANT JUBILEE QT Everytime I Feel De Spirit G13697 4/24/28
9301 BRYANT JUBILEE QT Hard Trials G13695 4/24/28
9301 BRYANT JUBILEE QT Ezekiel Saw De Wheel G13696 4/24/28
9302 HARMONY QT The Old Ark’s A-Movin G14277
9302 HARMONY QT Join That Band G14274
9303 DUNHAM JUBILEE SINGERS Holy Is Thy Name G14238 9/5/28
9303 DUNHAM JUBILEE SINGERS You Can Tell The World G14247 9/8/28
9304 GRINTER,MARIE St Louis Man G14069 7/18/28
9304 GRINTER,MARIE Road House Blues G14068 GE6551
9305 VIRGINIA MOUNTAIN BOOMERS Rambling Reckless Hobo G14023 GE6567
9305 SWEET,Herbert The Prisoner’s Lament G14007 7/5/28
9306 MEEKS,DICK My Dear Old Mountain Home G13795 SU9325
9306 MEEKS,Dick Poor, But A Gentleman Still G13792b
9307 +
9307 +
9308 SCOTT COUNTY TRIO South Salon Quadrille G14221 (D.Workman-J.Ramsey-L.Wolf)
9308 SCOTT COUNTY TRIO Silvery Bell G14219
9309 GRAY & NELSON Take Those Lips Away G14187
9309 GRAY & NELSON (MARTIN-ROBERTS) Mandolin Rag G14185 GE6750
9310A The Southern KENTUCKY MOUNTAINEERS Cumberland Gap G14394 (-)
9310B The Southern KENTUCKY MOUNTAINEERS Knoxville Rag G14397 (-)
9311 FIDDLIN’ JIM BURKE (Roberts) Run Smoke, Run G14178
9311 FIDDLIN’ JIM BURKE (Roberts) I’ve Got A Girl Named Susie G14177
9312 GIBSON STRING TRIO Persian Lamb G14220
9312 GIBSON STRING TRIO Silvery Bell G14219
9313 RAND & FOSTER I Want To Be A Worker For The Lord G14508a
9313 RAND & FOSTER Where The Gates Swing Outward Never G14514
9314 LANG & MILES (MARTIN+ROBERTS) Old New Hampshire Village G14166 GE6601
9314 HARPER & PAGE (DAVIS+STOKES) Sweet William G13917 GE6637+
9315 MOANA SERENADERS Hula Blues X1205
9315 MOANA SERENADERS Song Of Hawaii X1206
9316 HARPER & TURNER (McGHEE+WELL) My Savior First Of All G14344a
9316 HARPER & TURNER (McGHEE+WELL) I Feel Like Traveling On G14352
9317 ROYAL HAWAIIANS Dreamy Hawaii G13211
9317 ROYAL HAWAIIANS Hula Medley G13216
9318 DAVE TURNER (D.PARMAN) She’ll Be Coming Round The Mountain G14494
9318 McMANN+ROBERTS If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again G14476
9319 FRANK HILL (F.WELLING) Lonely Village Churchyard G14354
9319 DAVE TURNER (D.PARMAN) That Old Covered Bridge G14486
9320 FARR,HARVEY If I Die A Railroad Man G14496
9320 FARR,HARVEY Santa Barbara Earthquake G14487
9321 ROYAL HAWAIIANS Mai O Minne Ha Ha G13821
9321 ROYAL HAWAIIANS Waikiki Medley G13824
9322 N.CAROLINA FOXCHASER Mountain Sweetheart G13936c
9322 N.CAROLINA FOXCHASER Weeping Willow Tree G13946
9323 BAKER,Clem She’ll Be Waiting On The Golden Stairs G13920
9323 CALDWELL BROS Somebody’s Waiting For Me G14009 7/5/28
9324 PUCKETT,Holland The Old Cottage Home G13805 5/11/28
9324 PUCKETT,Holland Little Bessie G13813 5/11/28
9325A OSCAR FOX {Oscar L. COFFEY} Six Feet Of Earth Makes Us All One Size G13796 Coffey
9325B OSCAR FOX {Oscar L. COFFEY} My Dear Old Mountain Home G13795 GE6481 Coffey
9326 RAND & FOSTER (McGEE+COGAR) My Old Cottage Home G14504a
9326 RAND & FOSTER (McGEE+COGAR) Vestris Disaster G14503 CH15650*
9327 SUPERTONE HAWAIIANS Medley Of Hawaiian Melodies G13816
9327 SUPERTONE HAWAIIANS One Two Three Four G13815
9328 HAWAIIAN SERENADERS Aloha Oe (vS.Ku) G13355
9328 HAWAIIAN SERENADERS Strange Isles Medley G13346
9329 LEE,Virginia Don’t Hold Everything G14458 11/24/28
9329 LEE,Virginia A Bungalow, A Radio And You G14460
9330 GOLDING,JACK Wondering G14449
9330 GOLDING,JACK When Polly Walks Through The Hollyhocks G14450
9331 VINCENT,John Cheerio Cherry Lips X2114 CH15597
9331 VINCENT,John Adorable Dora X2113
9332 SERENADERS Glorianna X2126
9332 PRINCE TIOTTI (tenor) Lend Me Your Eyes, Pretty Baby X2122
9333 TIN PAN PARADERS Don’t Do That To The Poor Pussy Cat X2124
9333 TIN PAN PARADERS My Scandinavian Gal (vAF) X2125
9334 ART PAYNE & HIS ORCH Blue Night (vD.Williamson) G14500 12/2/28
9334 ART PAYNE & HIS ORCH Joanne (vDW) G14501 12/2/28
9335 PARADISE CLUB ORCH (CF) Poor Punicello (vJW) X2157 Gen.Conc “LOOPING THE LOOP”
9335 SUPERTONE CONCERT ORCH I Found Happiness X2158 Gen.Conc “THE RIVER”
9336 PARADISE CLUB ORCH (CF) Sweetheart Of All My Dreams (vRS) (I Love You) X2160 1/14/29
9336 MONTMARTE ORCH (FENTON) The Song I Love (vRS) X2159 1/14/29
9337 CARSON ROBISON Swanee Kitchen Door X2135
9337 CARSON ROBISON Steamboat Keep A-Rockin’ X2136
9338 unknown
9338 +
9339 SAM KU Happy Heine March G13359
9339 SAM KU Walalae G13357
9340 +
9340 untraced
9341 +
9341 untraced
9342 WEARY WILLIE Bum Song No.2 G14555a
9342 WEARY WILLIE In The Big Rock Candy Mountains G14554
9343 PAULSON NIGHTHAWKS (Grosso) MY INSPIRATION IS YOU (vH.Arlen) X2164 02/??/29
9343 PAULSON NIGHTHAWKS (Grosso) Betty (vH.Arlock) X2165 02/??/29 “SYNTHETIC SIN”
9344 MIAMI RAMBLERS Let’s Sit And Talk About You G14760 “HELLO DADDY”
9345 GEORGIANS (AL MAYER) Precious Little Thing Called Love (vR.McMann) G14776 2/6/29 “SHOPWORN ANGEL”
9345 FRED CHESS & MERRYMAKERS I Faw Down And Go Boom (vBM) G14724 Gen.DO
9346 GEORGIANS (AL MAYER) I’ll Never Ask For More (vArt Lane) G14778 2/6/29
9346 HOTTENTOTS Avalon Town (vRM) G14752 1/30/29
9347 VINCENT,John To Be Forgotten (vnw) X2162
9347 VINCENT,John The Song I Love X2161
9348 VIRGINIA LEE Who Wouldn’t Be Jealous Of You G14707
9348 VIRGINIA LEE I’d Rather Be Blue Over You G14708
9349 JACK & GENE (Carroll+Grady) Before The Rain G14766 Grady
9349 JACK & GENE (Carroll+Grady) Carolina Moon G14768
9351 PIE PLANT PETE Boston Burgular G14730b GE6748
9351 PIE PLANT PETE When The Works All Done This Fall G14733 CH45064
9352 TAYLOR+BUNCH I’m As Free A Little Birdie As Can Be G14684
9352 TAYLOR & BUNCH Six Months Ain’t Long G14683
9353 HARPER & TURNER Lullaby Land G14351
9353 HARPER & TURNER I Wants My Lulu G14339A HUTCHEN
9354 EMERSON QT Do Your Best And Wear A Sunny Smile G14523
9354 EMERSON QT Keep Holding On G14532
9355A FIDDLIN’ JIM BURKE {Doc Roberts} New Money G14176a (-)
9355B FIDDLIN’ JIM BURKE {Doc Roberts} Shippin’ Sport G14174a (-)
9356 EDWARDS,Jack A Gay Caballero (vjg) G14737 Golding
9356 EDWARDS,Jack Mrs Murphy’s Chowder G14725
9357 JOHN VINCENT (N.WALLACE) Betty (vNW) X2163
9358B JACK & GENE (Carroll+Grady) TRUE BLUE (vocal and guitar) G14767 GILLESPIE-GARLAND
9358A JACK & GENE (Carroll+Grady) Where Is The Song Of Songs For Me G14769 IRVING BERLIN
9359 JACK BAIN My Mother’s Eyes X2178
9359 HAFFORD,Howard Rose Of Mandalay G14843
9360 CARL FENTON & HIS ORCH Mississippi Here I Am X2168 02/??/29 GROSSMAN-SIZEMORE
9361 FRED CHESS MERRY MAKERS Where Is The Song Of Songs For Me G14769 “LADY OF THE PAVEMENT”
9361 SUPERTONE CONCERT ORCH Just Because It’s You X2130 “THE WHIP”
9362 KINCAID,Bradley Four Thousand Years Ago G14738 1/28/29
9362 KINCAID,Bradley Liza Up In The ‘simmon Tree G14746
9363 PIE PLANT PETE Letter That Never Came G14729a
9363 PIE PLANT PETE (C.MOYE) Hand Me Down My Walking Cane G14731a
9364 HOLMES,SPEEDY Sister Mary Blues G14798 2/12/29
9364 HOLMES & HOWARD Somebody’s Been Using That Thing G14799 2/12/29
9365 TAYLOR,Sally (A.MACK) Seven Men Blues G14750 1/29/29
9365 TAYLOR,Sally (A.MACK) Wicked Daddy Blues G14848 3/1/29
9366 JONES,WILLIE Mama, Don’t Rush Me Blues G14666 1/9/29
9366 WILLIE JONES (W.BAKER) Sweet Patunia G14897 3/11/29
9367 LOTTIE BROWN (L.Kimbrough) Going Away Blues G14163 8/21/28
9367 LOTTIE BROWN (L.Kimbrough) Rolling Log Blues G14162
9368 EDDIE WALKER & HIS BAND West End Blues G14837 2/26/29
9368 EDDIE WALKER & HIS BAND It’s Tight Like That G14836 2/26/29
9369 GRAVEYARD JOHN Nuthouse Stomp G14796 2/12/29
9369 GRAVEYARD JOHN Good Time Mama G14793 2/12/29
9370 HAWAIIAN SERENADERS Loneliness G14852
9370 HAWAIIAN SERENADERS Carolina Moon G14851
9371 FENTON NEW YORKERS My Annapolis And You X2169 02/??/29 “ANNAPOLIS”
9371 PAULSON’S NIGHT HAWKS All By Yourself In The Moonlight X2166 (vHA) 02/??/29
9372 FARR,HARVEY The Fate Of Ellen Smith G14490 GE6702 (MX reversed in GE ledgers)
9372 SAM BUNCH & HARVEY FARR My Sarah Jane G14689 GE6791
9373 RAND & FOSTER Only A Step To The Grave G14475
9373 RAND & FOSTER If I Could Only Blot Out The Past G14478 (MX reversed in GE ledgers)
9374A DAVE TURNER (D. PARMAN) Rock All Our Babies To Sleep G14492a (MX reversed in GE ledgers)
9374B DAVE TURNER (D. PARMAN) Many Troubles Blues G14491a (MX reversed in GE ledgers)
9375 BROWN & BUNCH She’s Only A Bird In A Gilded Cage G14686a
9375 BROWN & BUNCH Let Her Go I’ll Meet Her G14685
9376 ERNIE GOLDEN & HIS ORCH Mean To Me X2187 3/20/29
9376 CARL FENTON’S NEW YORKERS She’s Got Great Ideas X2189 3/22/29
9377A GREEN & RUSSELL {Leonard Rutherford and Byrd Moore} Goodnight Waltz G14398 (-)
9377B GRAY & NELSON {Doc Roberts + Asa Martin} Farewell Waltz G14180 (-)
9378 CARL FENTON’S NEW YORKERS Deep Night (vJW) X2190 3/22/29
9378 CARL FENTON’S NEW YORKERS That’s What I Call Heaven (vJW) X2188 3/22/29
9379 WILLIE CREAGER & HIS ORCH Coquette (vRS) X2196 3/29/29 “COQUETTE”
9379 WILLIE CREAGER & HIS ORCH Just An Old Love Affair X2198
9380 CALIFORNIA WAMPUS Kittens That’s The Good Old Sunny South X2204 Ager – Yellen
9380 CALIFORNIA WAMPUS Kittens Kansas City Kitty X2203 Donaldson – Leslie
9381 FRED CHESS & MERRYMAKERS My Sugar And Me X2206 4/1/29 “NEW MOON”
9381 FRED CHESS MERRYMAKERS (LANIN) Lover Come Back To Me (vIK) X2207 4/1/29 “NEW MOON”
9382 ANDY MANSFIELD (piano) Girl I Kissed On The Stairs G14548
9382 ANDY MANSFIELD (piano) She’ll Powder Her Nose G14815
9383 HONEY GAL AND SMOKE Social Functions G14332
9383 HONEY GAL AND SMOKE Social Functions Pt.2 G14333
9384 BALTIMORE BELLHOPS Button Up Your Overcoat (vIK) X2205 4/1/29 DeSylva – Brown – Henderson “FOLLOW THROUGH”
9384 DUKE LOPEZ HAVANA CLUB ORCH I’ll Never Love You – Alfalfa X2182 Trietsch
9385 JACK BAIN Who Cares What You’ve Been X2191
9385 JACK BAIN That’s What I Call Heaven X2192
9386 WHITE,Jerry I Never Guessed X2199
9386 WHITE,Jerry I Wish I Had Died In My Cradle X2193
9387 JERRY WHITE w C.FENTON ORCH Mistakes X2200
9387 JERRY WHITE w C.FENTON ORCH I’ll Always Be In Love With You X2201
9388 EMMETT DAVENPORT There Is No Place Like Home For A Married Man G14923
9388 EMMETT DAVENPORT She Ain’t Built That Way G14924
9389 NORRIS BROS It’s Sad To Leave You, Sweetheart G14941 3/20/29
9389 NORRIS BROS I’ll Remember You, Love, In My Prayers G14934 3/20/29
9390 FIDDLIN’ JIM BURKE (Roberts) Rocky Mountain Goat G14917
9390 FIDDLIN’ JIM BURKE (Roberts) Devil In Georgia G14918 CH15788
9391 HARPER & TURNER I Love To Tell The Story G14346
9391 HARPER & TURNER Why Not Tonight G14345
9392 TAYLOR,Sally (A.MACK) West End Blues G14847
9392 TAYLOR,Sally (A.MACK) My Kitchen Man G14846 3/1/29
9393 STOWERS,Freeman Railroad Blues G14711 1/19/29
9393 FREEMAN STOWERS Medley Of Blues G14899 3/11/29
9394 SUPERTONE ENSEMBLE (LAWSON) By The Old Ohio Shore G14956
9394 SUPERTONE ENSEMBLE (LAWSON) Smilin’ Through G14954
9395 SUPERTONE SYMPHONY ORCH Merry Widow Waltz G14974
9396 FREEMAN STOWERS QT Texas Wild Cat Chase G14898 3/11/29
9396 FREEMAN STOWERS QT Sunrise On The Farm G14900 3/11/29
9397 MARTIN & ROBERTS The Girl I Left Behind Me G14913
9397 MARTIN & ROBERTS Martha Campbell G14911 GE3152
9398 ALEXANDER & MILLER Medley: Old Polka, Stoney Point, Stonewall Jackson G14831=A Rch 2/23/29
9398 ALEXANDER & MILLER Medley: Darling Nelly Gray, Girl I Left Behind Me, Buffalo Girl G14827=A Rch 2/23/29
9399 CARTER,Harry Mama Toot Your Whistle G13901 GE6586
9399 CARTER,Harry Bully Of The Town G13902 GE6763
9399 TWEEDY BROS Liberty G13658
9400 HAWKINS,BEN New River Train G14015 7/9/28
9400 HAWKINS,BEN Say Darling Say G14017
9401B HARRIS QT He Is With Me All The Way G14540
9401A HARRIS QT Riding On The Glory Waves G14537 MW3991
9402A KINCAID,Bradley Little Mohee G14744
9402B KINCAID,Bradley Paper Of Pins G14748
9403B KINCAID,Bradley Little Rosewood Casket G14747 G14740?
9403A BRADLEY KINCAID Red River Valley G14745 CH45098
9404B KINCAID,Bradley In The Streets Of Laredo G14741b
9404A KINCAID,Bradley Pearl Bryan G14743
9405 PIE PLANT PETE Ben Tucker Reel G14726 GE6776
9405 PIE PLANT PETE (C.MOYE) Asleep At The Switch G14728
9406 OSCAR FOX & DAVIS Monroe County Quickstep (Taylor’s Quickstep) G14592
9406 VIRGINIA MOUNTAIN BOOMERS East Tennessee Polka G14022
9407 JERRY JORDAN Cat’s Got The Measles G14943 3/20/29
9407 JORDAN JERRY Old Johnny Bucker Won’t Do G14942 3/20/29
9408 JOHN VINCENT (N.WALLACE) I’ve Got A Woman Crazy For Me X2172 (SHE’S FUNNY THAT WAY)
9408 JOHN VINCENT (N.WALLACE) What A Girl! What A Night! X2170 COON-SANDERS
9409 HAFFORD,Howard Underneath A Russian Moon G15078
9409 HAFFORD,Howard My Castle In Spain G15006
9410 HAFFORD,Howard Lonely One G15007
9410 HAFFORD,Howard I’m Marching Back Home To You G15005
9411 BAIN,Jack In My Garden Of Memory X2213
9411 BAIN,Jack Lady Of The Evening X2214
9412 BAIN,Jack If I Had You X2212
9412 BAIN,Jack I’m Just A Vagabond Lover X2211
9413 THOMAS,Harold How About Me G14587
9413 HAROLD THOMAS (J.BANKEY) My Tonia G14586
9414 VINCENT ROSE & HIS ORCH Am I A Passing Fancy X2217 4/10/29
9414 VINCENT ROSE & HIS ORCH After Thinking It Over X2215 4/10/29
9415 VINCENT ROSE & HIS ORCH You Are My Silver Lining Of Love X2216 4/10/29
9415 CARL FENTON’S NEW YORKERS Things That Were Made For Love X2209 4/2/29 (YOU CAN’T TAKE AWAY)
9416 SUPERTONE CONCERT ORCH (CF) My Angeline X2184
9417 CARL FENTON’S NEW YORKERS My Kinda Love (vCM) X2210 4/2/29
9417 CARL FENTON’S NEW YORKERS Dance Of The Paper Dolls X2208 4/2/29
9418 TIN PAN PARADERS She Only Laughed At Me (vAF) X2219 4/10/29
9418 TIN PAN PARADERS I’ve Got A Code In My Dose (vAF) X2218 4/10/29
9419 HARRY POLLOCK & HIS ORCH Honey (vRS) X2221=B 4/20/29
9420 ERNIE GOLDEN & HIS ORCH You Were Meant For Me (vJK) X2225 4/26/29 “BROADWAY MELODY”
9420 ERNIE GOLDEN & HIS ORCH The Toymaker’s Dream X2224A 4/26/29
9421 ERNIE GOLDEN & HIS ORCH From Sunrise To Sunset X2223 4/26/29
9421 ERNIE GOLDEN & HIS ORCH Heigh Ho Everybody X2226 4/26/29
9422A CARSON ROBISON Barnacle Bill The Sailor X2230 Robison – Luther
9422B CARSON ROBISON How To Make Love X2239 Robison – Luther
9423 CARSON ROBISON Jack Of All Trades X2228 5/1/29
9423 CARSON ROBISON Why Did I Get Married X2227
9424 ERNIE GOLDEN & HIS ORCH Till We Meet Again (vJK) X2185 3/20/29
9424 ERNIE GOLDEN & HIS ORCH I’ll Tell The World X2186 3/20/29
9425 DUKE LANE Blue Yodel No.3 G15050
9425 LANE,Duke Blue Yodel No.4 G15051
9426 TAYLOR,Sally (A.MACK) I’m Busy, You Can’t Come In G14845 3/1/29
9426 TAYLOR,Sally (A.MACK) Old Fashioned Blues G14749
9427 WILLIE JONES (W.BAKER) Weak Minded Blues G14896 3/11/29
9427 WILLIE JONES (W.BAKER) No No Blues G14667 1/9/29
9428 HARRIS,WILLIAM Electric Chair Blues G14314 10/9/28
9428 HARRIS,WILLIAM Kansas City Blues G14310 10/9/28
9429 LOTTIE BROWN (L.KIMBROUGH) Blue World Blues G14165
9429 RUBY GOWDY Moanful Wailin’ Blues X2006 7/11/28
9430 FREEMAN STOWERS Railroad Blues G14711 1/19/29
9430 FREEMAN STOWERS Medley Of Blues G14899 3/11/29
9431 GRAVEYARD JOHNSON & HIS GANG Original Stomps G14791 2/12/29
9431 GRAVEYARD JOHNSON & HIS GANG Maxwell Street Stomp G14794 2/12/29
9432 GRAVEYARD JOHNSON & HIS GANG I Want To Shake It G14797 2/12/29
9433 HARMONY QT In The Morning G14272
9433 HARMONY QT Alone G14276
9434 WILLIE JONES (W.BAKER) Ain’t It A Good Thing G14893 3/11/29
9434 WILLIE JONES (W.BAKER) Crooked Woman Blues G14894 3/11/29
9435 WILLIE JONES (W.BAKER) Rag Baby G14895 3/11/29
9435 WILLIE JONES (W.BAKER) Bad Luck Moan G14892 3/11/29
9436 WILLIE CREAGER & HIS ORCH I’ll Always Be In Love With You X2252 X2251? 6/14/29
9436 WILLIE CREAGER & HIS ORCH When My Dreams Come True X2251 X2252? 6/14/29 (MX as in GE Ledgers)
9437 UNIVERSITY ORCH (S.LANIN) What A Day (vIK) X2241 5/23/29
9437 UNIVERSITY ORCH (S.LANIN) I’ve Got A Feeling I’m Falling (vIK) X2243 5/23/29
9438 JOHN VINCENT (N.WALLACE) I’m The Wealthiest Man In The World X2236
9438 JOHN VINCENT (N.WALLACE) When My Dreams Come True X2237
9439 HOWARD HAFFORD Pretty Little Thing G15080
9439 HOWARD HAFFORD Nobody’s Fault But Your Own G15079
9440 TAYLOR,Sally (A.MACK) I Ain’t Puttin’ Out Nothin’ Blues G15116 5/17/29
9440 TAYLOR,Sally (A.MACK) Loose Like That G15113 5/17/29
9441 SOUTHERN BLUES SINGER Doodlin’ Back G14989 4/1/29
9441 S.BLUES SING Lighthouse Blues G14977 4/1/29
9442 WILLIE CREAGER & HIS ORCH Love Is In The Air (vJW) X2253 6/14/29
9442 HARRY POLLOCK & HIS ORCH My Sin X2220 4/20/29
9443 BROWN & BUNCH Meet Me In The Moonlight G15026a
9444A CALIFORNIA COLLEGIANS That’s You Baby (‘Movietone Follies’) X2261 6/27/29 CONRAD-GOTTLER-MITCHELL
9444B CALIFORNIA COLLEGIANS Singin’ In The Rain (‘Hollywood Revue’) X2260 6/27/29 FREED-BROWN “Hollywood Revue”
9445 CARL FENTON’S NEW YORKERS Baby Oh Where Can You Be X2266! 7/3/29
9445 GEORGIANS (UNIVERSITY ORCH) Am I Blue? (vAF) X2259! 6/27/29
9446B CARL FENTON’S NEW YORKERS The Rainbow Man X2265 7/3/29 “RAINBOW MAN”
9447 HOTTENTOTS (F.MILLS) Hard Luck G15276b
9447B HOTTENTOTS Chicago Rhythm G15277
9448B ROYAL HAWAIIANS Goodbye Hawaii G15265
9448 ROYAL HAWAIIANS Honey (v.Francis Lei) G15264
9449 WARNER,Thomas Sing A Little Love Song G15110
9449B WARNER,Thomas S’posin’ G15238
9450B GORDON WALLACE (N.WALLACE) Where Are You Dream Girl X2268
9450 GORDON WALLACE (N.WALLACE) Lonely Little Cinderella X2269
9451B GORDON WALLACE (N.WALLACE) It Don’t Mean A Thing Without You X2235
9452A KINCAID,Bradley Angels In Heaven Know I Love You G15171 6/7/29
9452B KINCAID,Bradley Will The Angels Play Their Harps For Me? G15169
9453 HOWARD HAFFORD Pagan Love Song G15268
9454B JERRY JORDAN (Walter Smith) Bald Headed End Of The Broom G14940 3/20/29
9454A CARSON ROBISON Eleven Cent Cotton X2238
9455 DAVENPORT,Charlie Givin’ It Away G14983 4/1/29
9455B SOUTHERN BLUES SINGER Runnin’ Wild G14981 4/1/29
9456B STONE MOUNTAIN BOYS Makin’ Likker In North Carolina Pt.2 G15193
9456A STONE MOUNTAIN BOYS Makin’ Likker In North Carolina G15192
9457B MACY+SMALLE Here We Are X2263
9457 MACY+SMALLE Then We Canoe-Oodle Along X2262
9458B UNIVERSITY ORCH (S.LANIN) Used To You (vAL) X2271 7/19/29 “SAY IT WITH SONGS”
9458A UNIVERSITY ORCH (S.LANIN) I’m In Seventh Heaven (vAL) X2272 7/19/29 “SAY IT WITH SONGS”
9459B ERNIE GOLDEN & HIS ORCH Don’t Hang Your Dreams On A Rainbow (vAF) X2279 7/29/29 “SKETCHBOOK”
9460 PAULSON NIGHTHAWKS (Grosso) Moonlight March (vJW) X2305 8/7/29
9460B PAULSON NIGHTHAWKS (Grosso) Miss You (vJW) X2304 8/7/29
9461B HOWARD HAFFORD I’m In Seventh Heaven G15378 “SAY IT WITH SONGS”
9462B LOU GOLD & HIS ORCH Liza (vAL) X2285 8/2/29 “SHOW GIRL”
9462 LOU GOLD & HIS ORCH Gotta Feeling For You X2283 8/2/29
9463 ERNIE GOLDEN & HIS ORCH Wouldn’t It Be Wonderful (vAF) X2280 7/29/29 “IS EVERYBODY HAPPY”
9463B ERNIE GOLDEN & HIS ORCH Song Of The Moonbeams (vAF) X2281 7/29/29 “SKETCHBOOK”
9464 TIN PAN PARADERS Believe It Or Not (vAF) X2276 7/22/29
9464B TIN PAN PARADERS Now I’m In Love (vAF) X2274 7/22/29
9465B ERNIE GOLDEN & HIS ORCH Tiptoe Through The Tulips With Me (vAF) X2282 7/29/29 “GOLD DIGGERS”
9465 WILLIAM STOESS MIAMI RAMBLERS Lonely (vT.Warner) G15388
9466B SAM LANIN’S TROUBADORS The One In The World (vIK) X2242 5/23/29
9466 CARL FENTON’S NEW YORKERS True Blue Lou X2299 8/5/29
9467 JOHN VINCENT (N.WALLACE) Junior X2303
9467B JOHN VINCENT w CARL FENTON OR. I’m Disappointed In You X2302
9468 HOWARD HAFFORD Every Day Away From You G15485
9468B HOWARD HAFFORD It’s You G15486
9469 BANKEY,JACK Long Night At Waikiki G14962
9469B BANKEY,JACK Honolulu Pal G14961
9470 WARNER,Thomas Sleepy Valley G15373 “RAINBOW”
9470B WARNER,Thomas You’re Just Another Memory G15108
9471 KINCAID,Bradley Let That Mule Go Aunk Aunk G15172
9471 KINCAID,Bradley Happy Days Long Ago G15163a
9472 ALFRED CARSON (W.CHILDERS Grand Roundup G15318
9472B ALFRED CARSON (W.CHILDERS Over The Hills To The Poor House G15316
9473B GEORGIA SERENADERS My Wife’s Gone To The Country G15121
9473 GEORGIA SERENADERS Gonna Raise A Ruckus Tonight G15124 GE6872
9474A BESSIE JONES (Mae GLOVER) Shake It Daddy G15392 Glover
9475A ALABAMA JIM & GEORGE Crossing Beale Street G15180 6/10/29
9475B ALABAMA JIM and George Memphis Rhythm G15181 6/10/29
9476A JIM MORGAN (Bill COX) Daddy And Home G15333
9476B JIM MORGAN (Bill COX) My Old Pal G15334=A
9477B TIN PAN PARADERS It’s Been A Long Time In Between Time (vAF) X2338 8/29/29
9477 TIN PAN PARADERS I Life My Finger And Say ‘tweet Tweet’ X2339 (vAF) 8/29/29
9478B LOU GOLD & HIS ORCH Why Can’t You Love That Way X2364 (vSG) 9/23/29
9478 LOU GOLD & HIS ORCH Bottoms Up (vSG) X2362 9/23/29 “GEO.WHITE SCANDALS”
9479B TIN PAN PARADERS If I Were You I’d Fall In Love With Me (vAF) X2337 8/29/29
9479A PAULSON NIGHTHAWKS (Grosso) The World’s Greatest Sweetheart Is You (vER) X2325 8/23/29 “IN THE NEXT ROOM”
9480 UNIVERSITY ORCH (S.LANIN) Or What Have You (vIK) X2330 8/27/29 “LITTLE SHOW”
9480B CARL FENTON’S NEW YORKERS I’ve Made A Habit Of You X2298 (vNW) 8/5/29 “LITTLE SHOW”
9481B YOUNTZ,DICKY If You Like Me G15432 8/12/29
9481 DICKY YOUNTZ & HIS ORCH Just A Little Glimpse Of Paradise (vDY) G15433 8/12/29
9482B PAULSON NIGHTHAWKS (Grosso) Bigger And Better Than Ever (vER) X2359=A 9/20/29 “GEO.WHITE SCANDALS”
9482 PAULSON NIGHTHAWKS (Grosso) Pretty Little You (vER) X2361 9/20/29 “SONG OF THE GODS”
9483A CARL FENTON’S NEW YORKERS Last Night, Honey (vAF) X2327
9483B ARTHUR FIELDS w CARL FENTON Satisfied (vaf) X2328
9484B WARNER,Thomas Perhaps G15470
9484 HOWARD HAFFORD I’ve Waited A Lifetime For You G15487
9485B TWO BOYS FROM SAVANNAH It’s Just All Right G15497
9485A TWO BOYS FROM SAVANAH Everybody Likes That Thing G15498 8/27/29
9486A EDDIE WALKER & HIS BAND Hum All Your Troubles Away G14788 2/11/29 Rush – Rowell – Smith
9486B EDDIE WALKER & HIS BAND Mandy G14718a 1/22/29
9488B ERNIE GOLDEN & HIS ORCH How Am I To Know (vAF) X2352 9/13/29 “DYNAMITE”
9488 ERNIE GOLDEN & HIS ORCH By The Way (vAF) X2349 9/13/29
9489B CHARLIE BLAKE (Bill COX) Moonshine In The Hills G15331
9489 CHARLIE BLAKE (Bill COX) Back Home In Tennessee G15335=A GE7037
9490B ANDY HOPKINS (W.CHILDERS) Put Me Off At Buffalo G15319
9491 BIRD,Connie Little Mamie G15290
9491B BIRD,Connie My Mother’s Grave G15291=B
9492A BOONE COUNTY ENTERTAINERS Virginia Bootleggers G15204 CH45079 Miles
9492B BOONE COUNTY ENTERTAINERS What Is Home Without Babies G15200
9493 ERNIE GOLDEN & HIS ORCH Same Old Moon (vAF) X2350 9/13/29
9493B ERNIE GOLDEN & HIS ORCH Just You, Just Me (vAF) X2351 9/13/29 “MARIANNE”
9494A JORDAN & RUPERT {Walter Smith and Norman Woodlief} I Ain’t Gonna Grieve My Lord Any More G14935 3/20/29 (-)
9494B JORDAN & RUPERT {Walter Smith and Norman Woodlief} It Won’t Be Long Till My Grave Is Made G14936 3/20/29 (-)
9495A FRED ROBERTS+HARMON CANADA Take Me Back To My Dear Old Georgia Home G15425
9495B CANADA,Harmon My Little Home In Tennessee G15424
9496B DUKE LANE (Hoke RICE) Lullaby Yodel G15057B
9496 LANE,DUKE Waiting For A Train G15048
9497 MORTON & CRANE Girl I Loved In Sunny Tennessee G15206
9497B MORTON & CRANE Budded Roses G15210a
9498 ROBERTS TRIO My Baby Don’t Love Me G14921
9498B ROBERTS & MARTIN Shamrock Schottische G14922