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2000 VERNON DALHART Letter Edged In Black E15768 BR2900
2001 VERNON DALHART Wreck Of The Number Nine E21508 BR3470
2001 VERNON DALHART Wreck Of The Royal Palm E21503 BR3470
2002 VERNON DALHART Wreck Of The C & O No.5 E22016/7 SUPERTONE
2002 VERNON DALHART Barbara Allen E22018 GG2002?
2003 VERNON DALHART My Little Home In Tennesse E21937 SUPERTONE 03/??/27
2003 VERNON DALHART Billy Richardson’s Last Ride E21536 BR102 02/??/27
2004 VERNON DALHART Three Drowned Sisters E21509 BR100 02/??/27
2004 VERNON DALHART The Runaway Train E15771 BR2911
2005 VERNON DALHART Wild And Reckless Hobo E16065 BR2942
2005 VERNON DALHART Boston Burgular E16055 BR2942
2006 VERNON DALHART Billy The Kid E21511 BR3469
2006 VERNON DALHART Chain Gang Song E15772 BR2911+
2007 VERNON DALHART Cowboy’s Evening Song E22236 BR138 04/??/27 C.ROBISON
2007 VERNON DALHART Cowboy’s Herding Song E22238 BR138 04/??/27
2008 VERNON DALHART Down On The Farm E22465 BR142 04/??/27
2009 VERNON DALHART The Dying Cowboy E22234 BR137 04/??/27
2009 VERNON DALHART Home On The Range E22232 BR137* 04/??/27
2010 VERNON DALHART Dying Girl’s Message E16051 BR2927
2010 VERNON DALHART Lay My Head Beneath A Rose E19623 BR3234
2011 VERNON DALHART Gypsy’s Warning E22095 BR122 03/??/27
2011 VERNON DALHART Old Fiddler’s Song E19619 BR3234
2012 VERNON DALHART Jealous Lover Of Lone Green Valley E22469 BR143 04/??/27
2013 VERNON DALHART Til We Meet Again E22240 BR140 04/??/27 EGAN-WHITING
2013 VERNON DALHART Meet Me Tonight In Dreamland E22242 04/??/27
2014 VERNON DALHART The Roving Gambler E15910 BR2923
2014 VERNON DALHART The Miner’s Doom E22230 BR139 04/??/27
2015 VERNON DALHART House At The End Of The Lane E22021 BR3839 03/??/27
2015 V.DALHART & C.ROBISON My Blue Ridge Mountain Home E22023 BR3839 03/??/27
2016 V.DALHART & C.ROBISON Old Plantation Melody E25320 BR3742 12/??/27 HALL
2016 V.DALHART & C.ROBISON When The Moon Shines Down Upon The Mountain E25322 BR3743 12/??/27 AUSTIN
2017 KINCAID,Bradley When The Works All Done This Fall C5302 BR403 3/?/30
2017 KINCAID,Bradley Give My Love To Nell C5303 3/?/30
2018 KINCAID,Bradley Methodist Pie C5304 BR420 3/?/30
2018 KINCAID,Bradley Sourwood Mountain C5307 3/?/30
2019 LONESOME PINE TWINS (McCRAVY) Will The Circle Be Unbroken? E25595 BR3779 12/??/27
2019 LONESOME PINE TWINS (McCRAVY) When They Ring The Golden Bells E25596 BR3779 12/??/27 ?
2020 LONESOME PINE TWINS (McCRAVY) De’s Bones Gwine Rise Again E25677 BR3778 01/??/28
2020 LONESOME PINE TWINS (McCRAVY) Six Feet Of Earth E25512 BR3778 12/??/27
2021 LONESOME PINE TWINS (McCRAVY) Dollar And The Devil E32622 BR424 04/??/30 McCRAVY
2021 LONESOME PINE TWINS (McCRAVY) Good Lord Takin’ Care Of The Poor Folks E32623 BR424 04/??/30 McCRAVY
2022 LONESOME PINE TWINS (McCRAVY) Bird With A Broken Pinion E27954 BR4455 08/??/28
2022 LONESOME PINE TWINS (McCRAVY) Bird In A Gilded Cage E28796 BR4335 11/??/28
2023 LONESOME PINE TWINS (McCRAVY) Ring Dem Heavenly Bells E27928 BR4191 07/??/28 McCRAVY
2024 LONESOME PINE TWINS (McCRAVY) Let Me Hear The Songs My Mother Used To Sing E28798 BR4391 11/??/28
2024 LONESOME PINE TWINS (McCRAVY) The Vacant Chair E27964+ BR4455 08/??/28 WASHBURN-HOOD
2025 LONESOME PINE TWINS (McCRAVY) When You And I Were Young, Maggie E25498 BR3785 12/??/27 BUTTERFIELD
2025 LONESOME PINE TWINS (McCRAVY) Silver Threads Among The Gold E25496 BR3785 12/??/27
2026 KENTUCKY MOUNTAIN BOYS (M+B) You’ll Never Miss Your Mother Till She’s Gone E25473 BR202 12/??/27
2026 KENTUCKY MOUNTAIN BOYS (M+B) Two Orphans E25471 BR0202 12/??/27
2027 KENTUCKY MOUNTAIN BOYS (M+B) May I Sleep In Your Barn Tonight E25472 BR0203 12/??/27
2027 KENTUCKY MOUNTAIN BOYS (M+B) Drunkard’s Dream E25584/5 BR0203 12/??/27
2028 KENTUCKY MOUNTAIN BOYS (M+B) There’s No Disappointment In Heaven E21969 BR0111 03/??/27
2028 KENTUCKY MOUNTAIN BOYS (M+B) When The Roses Bloom Again E21967 BR-111 03/??/27
2029 KENTUCKY MOUNTAIN BOYS (M+B) He Carved His Mother’s Name Upon The Tree E22880 BR-171 04/??/27
2029 KENTUCKY MOUNTAIN BOYS (M+B) Tis Home Because Mother Is Here E22894 BR171 04/??/27
2030 KENTUCKY MOUNTAIN BOYS (M+B) Cross On The Prison Floor E30158 BR-398 06/??/29
2030 KENTUCKY MOUNTAIN BOYS (M+B) The Tramp E30153 BR-398 06/??/29
2031 KENTUCKY MOUNTAIN BOYS (M+B) Birmingham Jail E28098 BR-293 08/??/28
2031 KENTUCKY MOUNTAIN BOYS (M+B) Bright Sherman Valley E22885/7 BR-169 04/??/27
2032 KENTUCKY MOUNTAIN BOYS (M+B) East Bound Train E23039 BR-169 05/??/27
2032 KENTUCKY MOUNTAIN BOYS (M+B) Hand Me Down My Walking Cane E21956 BR-107 10/22/26
2033 KENTUCKY MOUNTAIN BOYS (M+B) Just Plain Folks E29363 BR-311 02/??/29
2033 KENTUCKY MOUNTAIN BOYS (M+B) I Was Born 4000 Years Ago E21966 BR-110 03/??/27
2034 KENTUCKY MOUNTAIN BOYS (M+B) When It’s Springtime In The Rockies E33148 BR-439 06/??/30 WOOLSEY-SAUER-TAGGART
2034 KENTUCKY MOUNTAIN BOYS (M+B) Somewhere In Old Wyoming E33157 BR-438 06/??/30
2035 KENTUCKY MOUNTAIN BOYS (M+B) The Murder Of J.B.Markham E28066 BR-305 08/??/28
2035 KENTUCKY MOUNTAIN BOYS (M+B) Kentucky Bride’s Fate E28049 BR-305 08/??/28 McCRAVY
2036 KENTUCKY MOUNTAIN BOYS (M+B) Little Log Cabin In The Lane E30165 BR350 06/??/29
2036 KENTUCKY MOUNTAIN BOYS (M+B) Picture No Artist Can Paint E30044 BR350 06/??/29
2037 KENTUCKY MOUNTAIN BOYS (M+B) You’re Going To Leave The Old Home, Jim E29359 BR-311 05/??/27
2037 KENTUCKY MOUNTAIN BOYS (M+B) You’re As Welcome As The Flowers In May E21961 BR108 03/??/27
2038 KENTUCKY MOUNTAIN BOYS (M+B) Put My Little Shoes Away E29360 BR-322 02/??/29
2039 KENTUCKY MOUNTAIN BOYS (M+B) Are You Tired Of Me E21962 BR109* 03/??/27
2039 KENTUCKY MOUNTAIN BOYS (M+B) You Give Me Your Love And I’ll Give You Mine E21963 BR-432 03/??/27
2040 AL HOPKINS BUCKLE BUSTERS Hear Dem Bells E23170 BR189+ 5/14/27
2040 AL HOPKINS BUCKLE BUSTERS Golden Slippers E24215 BR189* 08/??/27
2041 UNCLE DAVE MACON Cross Eyed Butcher E21925 BR114 03/??/27
2041 UNCLE DAVE MACON Since Baby’s Learned To Talk C3675 BR362 (Chicago) 6/?/29
2042 UNCLE DAVE MACON Uncle Dave’s Travels Pt.4 C3676 BR362 (Chicago) 6/?/29
2042 UNCLE DAVE MACON Hold On To The Sleigh E21927 BR114 03/??/27 (-)
2043 HAIL,Ewen Cowboy’s Lament E22204 BR-433 04/??/27
2043 BUELL KAZEE (voice and banjo) The Roving Cowboy E22566 BR-156 04/??/27
2044 AL BERNARD Casey Jones E24526 BR-178 09/??/27
2044 AL BERNARD Steamboat Bill E23397 BR178 05/??/27 SHIELDS-LEIGHTON
2045 BUELL KAZEE Faded Coat Of Blue E26062 BR206 01/??/28
2045 BUELL KAZEE The Orphan Girl E26035 BR211 01/??/28
2046 BUELL KAZEE The Cowboy’s Farewell E26045 BR212* 01/??/28 KAZEE,Buell
2046 MARC WILLIAMS The Cowboy’s Last Wish DAL565 BR-377 (Dallas) 11/1/29
2047 BUELL KAZEE Married Girl’s Troubles E26049 BR218 01/??/28
2047 KAZEE,Buell You Are False But I’ll Forgive You E26051 BR-217 01/??/28
2048 FRANK LUTHER & C.ROBISON Why Did I Get Married E31765 BR405 01/??/30
2048 F.LUTHER & C.ROBISON Went To See My Gal Last Night E31764 BR-405 01/??/30
2049 STONE MOUNTAIN BOYS Red River Valley LAE769 BR421* (LosAngel) 4/?/30
2049 STONE MOUNTAIN BOYS When The Bloom Is On The Sage LAE768 BR-421 (LosAngel) 4/?/30
2050 KANAWHA SINGERS High Silk Hat And A Walking Cane E30403 BR-347 07/??/29
2050 TEXAS RANGER (F.MARVIN) Walkin’ Down The Railroad Tracks E28781 BR-278 11/??/28
2051 JOHN B.EVANS Mother’s Grave AL148 GG2051 (Ashland) 2/?/28
2051 MARC WILLIAMS Crepe On The Little Cabin Door DAL564 BR430 11/1/29
2052 STONE MOUNTAIN BOYS She’ll Be Comin’ Round The Mountain E29098 BR310 1/27/29 (H.M.BARNES)
2053 SLOANE & THREADGILL When The Harvest Moon Is Shining DAL694 BR299 10/??/28
2053 FRANK LUTHER & C.ROBISON My Tennessee Mountain Home E29290 BR297+ (NewYork) 02/??/29
2054 WILLIAMS,Marc The Cowboy’s Dream C1762 BR244* (Chicago) 4/??/28
2054 MARC WILLIAMS When The Work’s All Done This Fall C1765 BR244 (Chicago) 4/??/28
2055 TEXAS RANGER Ben Dewberry’s Final Run E27854 BR253 07/??/28 JIMMIE RODGERS
2055 TEXAS RANGER (F.MARVIN) Brakeman’s Blues E27855 BR253 07/??/28 JIMMIE RODGERS
2056 BUELL KAZEE The Hobo’s Last Ride C3587 BR-330 (Chicago) 6/?/29
2056 FRANK LUTHER Hallelujah I’m A Bum E28035 BR4029 08/??/28 HARRY McCLINTOCK
2057 AL BERNARD w CARL FENTON ORCH Preacher And The Bear E27755 BR312 06/??/28 ARION
2058 MOUNTAINEERS Bootlegger’s Joint In Atlanta ATL964 BR419 (Atlanta) 3/21/30
2058 MOUNTAINEERS Bootlegger’s Joint In Atlanta No.2 ATL966 BR419 (Atlanta) 4/7/30 (a.lee-b.brown-Melvin-Rice)
2059 CHARLES CRAVER The Hobo’s Spring Song E31491 BR449 11/??/29 McClintock
2059 BOB MILLER’S HINKY DINKERS Wild And Reckless Hobo E31681 BR445 01/??/30
2060 WILLIAM BAKER HINKY DINKERS Hard Times In Arkansas E31683 BR-445 01/??/30
2060 BOB MILLER HINKY DINKERS The Farmer’s Letter To The President E31295 BR4636 10/??/29 Miller
2061 FRANK LUTHER Big Rock Candy Mountains E28911 VO5278 12/??/28 HARRY McCLINTOCK
2061 F.LUTHER & C.ROBISON Left My Gal In The Mountains X2481 BR4392 E29928 05/??/29 F.LUTHER & C.ROBISON
2062 Frank Luther and Carson Robison Goin’ Back To Texas E29475 BR4296 03/??/29 Robison
2062 Frank Luther and Carson Robison The Utah Trail E29474 VO4296 03/??/29 Palmer
2063 TENNESSEE RAMBLERS Medley Of Mountain Songs AL327 (Ashland) 2/?/28
2063 TENNESSEE RAMBLERS The Preacher Got Drunk And Laid His Bible Down AL316 BR-259 (Ashland) 2/?/28
2064 FRANK LUTHER A Gay Caballero E28910 BR4180 12/??/28 FRANK CRUMIT
2064 FRANK LUTHER Barnacle Bill The Sailor E28930 BR4180 12/??/28 FRANK LUTHER-CARSON ROBISON
2065 JACK MAJOR Melancholy Yodel Blues E27669 BR-252 06/??/28 WILLIAMS
2065 JACK MAJOR Tennessee Mountain Gal E27670 06/??/28 WILLIAMS
2066 CRAVER,Martin Over At The Old Barn Dance E32929 BR457 06/??/30
2067 CHARLES CRAVER I’ve Been To The Pen E32038 BR-457 02/??/30 Martin Craver
2067 F.LUTHER & C.ROBISON Open Up Dem Pearly Gates For Me E29380 BR4334 03/??/29
2068 KANAWA SINGERS Mountains Ain’t No Place For Bad Men E30402 BR-347 07/??/29
2068 PICKARD FAMILY Get Me Out Of This Birmingham Jail C3696 BR-385 C4696? 6/?/29
2069 LEN NASH COUNTRY BOYS On The Road To California LTR=91 BR-354 (LitRock) 6/?/29
2069 LEN NASH & HIS COUNTRY BOYS Trail To Mexico LAE547 BR354 (LA) 6/?/29
2070 TEXAS RANGER Oklahoma, Land Of The Sunny West E31085 BR-374 09/??/29
2070 TEXAS RANGER (F.MARVIN) Stay Away From My Chicken House E31300 BR374 10/??/29
2071 PICKARD FAMILY Rabbit In The Pea Patch C3948 BR-348 (Chicago) 7/?/29
2071 PICKARD FAMILY Down In Arkansas C3949 BR-348 7/?/29 Pickard
2072 WEST VIRGINIA SNAKEHUNTERS Standin’ In The Need Of Prayers E21763 BR-119 03/??/27
2072 WEST VIRGINIA SNAKEHUNTERS Walk The Streets Of Glory E21767 03/??/27 (JOHN+EMERY McCLUNG)
2073 PEARSON,Maury Hiding In The Shadow Of The Pine E26975 BR-233 03/??/28
2073 PEARSON,Maury Someone Is Praying For You E27001 BR233 03/??/28
2074 KANAWHA SINGERS Goodbye My Lover Goodbye E27567 BR242 05/??/28
2074 BARNEY BURNETT Little Red Caboose Behind The Train E31680 BR-446 01/??/30
2075 J.McGHEE & FRANK WELLING Old Account Was Settled Long Ago AL248 BR-258 (Ashland) 2/?/28 GRAHAM
2075 R.BROOKS & R.PUCKETT She’s More To Be Pitied Than Censured E27657 BR281 06/??/28
2076 MELVIN’S SUPERTONE PLAYERS Shooting Of Dan Mcgrew Pt.2 AT8007 BR-415 (Atlanta) 3/?/30
2076 MELVIN’S SUPERTONE PLAYERS Shooting Of Dan Mcgrew ATL8006 BR415 (Atlanta) 3/?/30
2077 TEXAS RANGER Yodeling The Blues Away E31299 BR-384 10/??/29 FRANKIE MARVIN
2077 TEXAS RANGER Frankie And Johnnie E31876 BR400* 1/15/30 SHEILDS-LEIGHTON
2078 TEXAS RANGER (F.MARVIN) Riding On The Elevated Railroad E29371 BR-303 02/??/29
2079 TEXAS RANGER (F.MARVIN) Two Gun Cowboy E29612 BR320 04/??/29 FRANK MARVIN
2079 TEXAS RANGER (F.MARVIN) Oh For The Wild And Woolly West E32385 BR-413 03/??/30 FRANK MARVIN
2080 TEXAS RANGER (F.MARVIN) My Mammy’s Yodel Song E30341 BR-345 07/??/29
2080 TEXAS RANGER (F.MARVIN) She’s Old And Bent E30342 BR345 07/??/29
2081 TEXAS RANGER (F.MARVIN) Living In The Mountains E32384 BR-413 03/??/30
2081 TEXAS RANGER (F.MARVIN) I Don’t Work For A Living E31877 BR401 1/15/30
2082 BUELL KAZEE The Old Maid E22570 BR157 04/??/27
2082 KAZEE,BUELL Sporting Bachelors E22573 BR157 04/??/27
2083 TENNESSEE RAMBLERS Arkansas Traveler AL310 BR-225 (Ashland) 2/?/28
2083 TENNESSEE RAMBLERS Cackling Pullet AL314 BR225 (Ashland) 2/?/28
2084 BUELL KAZEE Mountain Boy Makes His First Record C3603 BR-338 (Chicago) 6/?/29
2084 KAZEE,Buell Mountain Boy Makes His First Record C3756 (Chicago) 7/?/29
2085 BOB MILLER’S HINKY DINKERS Practice Night At Chicken Bristle Pt.1 E31734 BR-404 12/??/29
2086 BIRMINGHAM ENTERTAINERS Arkansas Traveler AL228 BR247 (Ashland) 2/?/28 (Kessinger Bros)
2086 BIRMINGHAM ENTERTAINERS Turkey In The Straw AL231 BR235 (Ashland) 2/?/28 (Ernest Legg)
2087 TENNESSEE RAMBLERS (Kessinger) Fiddler’s Contest AL308 BR-257 (Ashland) 2/?/28 (Kessinger Bros)
2087 BIRMINGHAM ENTERTAINERS Chicken In The Barnyard AL204 2/?/28 (Ernest Legg)
2088 CROCKETT FAMILY MOUNTAINEERS Medley Of Old Time Dance Tunes LAE354 BR-291 (LA) 10/?/28
2088 CROCKETT FAMILY MOUNTAINEERS Medley Of Old Time Dance Tunes LAE335 (LA) 10/?/28
2089 BIRMINGHAM ENTERTAINERS Forked Deer AL207 BR-247 (Ashland) 2/?/28 (Kessinger Bros)
2089 BIRMINGHAM ENTERTAINERS Wild Goose Chase E29157 BR331 01/??/29 (Kessinger Bros)
2090 BIRMINGHAM ENTERTAINERS Johnny, Bring The Jug Around The Hill E29161 BR-331 01/??/29
2090 BIRMINGHAM ENTERTAINERS Hell Among The Yearlings AL209 2/?/28
2091 BIRMINGHAM ENTERTAINERS Boarding House Bells Are Ringing E30122 BR352 06/??/29 (Kessinger Bros)
2091 BIRMINGHAM ENTERTAINERS Rat Cheese Under The Hill E30123 06/??/29 (Kessinger Bros)
2092 W.W.MacBETH Red Wing DAL549 BR443 10/?/29
2092 W.W.MacBETH Over The Waves DAL551 BR443 10/?/29
2093 SMOKY MOUNTAIN BOYS (Barnes) Flop Eared Mule E29097 1/27/29
2093 SMOKY MOUNTAIN BOYS (Barnes) Blue Ridge Rambler’s Rag E29096 BR346* 1/27/29
2094 SMOKY MOUNTAIN BOYS (Barnes) Golden Slippers E29091 1/27/29
2094 AL HOPKINS BUCKLE BUSTERS Governor Alf Taylor’s Fox Chase E21955 BR-106 10/22/26
2095 OLD SOUTHERN SACRED SINGERS Tis A Picture From Life’s Other Side E21271
2095 OLD SOUTHERN SACRED SINGERS Where We Never Grow Old E21273 BR-115
2096 BLUERIDGE GOSPEL SINGERS My Loved One Are Waiting For Me E22526
2096 BLUERIDGE GOSPEL SINGERS I Am Bound For The Promised Land E22924 STENNET
2097 OLD SOUTHERN SACRED SINGERS My Mother’s Prayers Have Followed Me E22974
2097 OLD SOUTHERN SACRED SINGERS Just Break The News To Mother E22960
2098 FLAT CREEK SACRED SINGERS Mother, Tell Me Of The Angels AT328.5 BR236 (Atlanta) 3/?/28
2098 FLAT CREEK SACRED SINGERS Look Away To Calvary AT332 (Atlanta) 3/?/28
2099 PEARSON,Maury Though Your Sins Be As Scarlet E26980 03/??/28
2099 MAURY PEARSON What Will You Do With Jesus E26983 BR-261 03/??/28
2100 OLD SOUTHERN SACRED SINGERS Safe In The Arms Of Jesus E22972 BR-159 05/??/27 Crosby – Doane
2100 OLD SOUTHERN SACRED SINGERS Onward Christian Soldiers E23026 05/??/27 Gould – Sullivan
2101 OLD SOUTHERN SACRED SINGERS Will My Mother Know Me There? E30174 BR-357 06/??/29
2101 BLUERIDGE GOSPEL SINGERS Twill Be Glory Bye And Bye E22538 BR-150
2102 OLD SOUTHERN SACRED SINGERS Going Down The Valley E23022 BR-166
2102 OLD SOUTHERN SACRED SINGERS Where The Gates Swing Outward Never E30173 BR-357
2103 JAMES ELLIOTT (tenor+Trio) A Perfect Day E27153/4 VO15162
2103 MARIO CHAMLEE MALE TRIO Absent E27155/6 VO15162
2104 RUTH PIERSON + MALE TRIO Carry Me Back To Old Virginny E26305 BR10242
2105 HARMONY QT Put On Your Old Gray Bonnet E23133 BR3559
2105 HARMONY QT Down By The Old Mill Stream E23135 BR4114
2106 JOHN KENNETH (baritone W orch) Abide With Me E21232 VO15152
2106 JOHN KENNETH (J.C.THOMAS) Where Is My Boy Tonight E24854
2107 VIRGINIA HELLER (sop & QT) Home Sweet Home E19577 VO10256
2107 VIRGINIA HELLER (sop & QT) Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms E19485 VO10256
2108 JOHN KENNETH (baritone W orch) Gypsy Love Song E24748 VO15167
2108 JOHN KENNETH (baritone W orch) In The Gloaming E25300 VO15168
2109 DeBEAU,Dorothy Indian Love Call E28412 VO15193
2109 DeBEAU,Dorothy Kiss Me Again E28413 VO15193
2110 HARMONY QT Medley Of Songs Of Old New York E29800 BR4894
2110 HARMONY QT Medley Of Barbershop Ballads E29801 BR4894
2111 CRITERION MALE QT The Unclouded Day E15808 BR2931
2112 JOHN KENNETH (baritone W orch) Smilin’ Through E21322 VO10275
2112 JOHN KENNETH (baritone W orch) Roses Of Picardy E21320 VO10274
2113 FRANK WHALEN (tenor F.Munn) Silver Threads Among The Gold E17642 BR2978
2113 WHALEN,Frank When You And I Were Young, Maggie E16226 BR2978
2114 FRANK WHALEN (tenor F.Munn) Somewhere A Voice Is Calling E25328 BR2921
2114 FRANK WHALEN (tenor F.Munn) When Irish Eyes Are Smiling E16149 BR2921
2115 FRANK WHALEN (tenor F.Munn) Dear Little Mother O’ Mine E27088 BR3881
2115 FRANK WHALEN (tenor F.Munn) That Wonderful Mother Of Mine E27086 BR3881
2116 COLLEGIATE CHOIR Lead Kindly Light E20084 BR3294
2116 COLLEGIATE CHOIR God Be With You Till We Meet Again E20086 BR3294
2117 OLD SOUTHERN SACRED SINGERS What A Friend We Have In Jesus E22931 BR-172
2117 PERRY BROS Rock Of Ages E25633 BR3781
2118 PERRY BROS In The Garden E25522 BR4055
2118 HOMER RODEHEAVER Throw Out The Life Line E15981 BR3260
2119 CRITERION MALE QT Church In The Wildwood E20472 BR3292
2119 CRITERION MALE QT Wayside Cross E20174 BR3292
2120 CRITERION MALE QT Old Rugged Cross E20474 BR3293
2120 CRITERION MALE QT Life’s Railway To Heaven E15812 BR2931
2121 CRITERION MALE QT When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder E20190 BR3295
2121 CRITERION MALE QT When They Ring The Golden Bells For Me E20193 BR3295
2122 CATHEDRAL MALE CHORUS Adeste Fidelis E25072 BR3709
2122 CATHEDRAL MALE CHORUS O Little Town Of Bethlehem E24968 BR3690
2123 CATHEDRAL MALE CHORUS Hark! The Herald Angels Sing E20090 BR3290
2123 CATHEDRAL MALE CHORUS It Came Upon A Midnight Clear E20087/9 BR3290
2124 DOROTHY DeBEAU (Flo.Easton) Holy Night E24949
2124 DOROTHY DeBEAU (soprano) Silent Night E24945 VO10296
2125 KANAWHA SINGERS Swing Low Sweet Chariot E26258 BR3801
2125 KANAWHA SINGERS Climbing Up De Golden Stairs E26260 BR3801
2126 HARMONY GLEE CLUB Walk In Jerusalem Just Like John E21569 BR3498
2126 HARMONY GLEE CLUB Ezekiel Saw De Wheel E21567 BR3498
2127 CHAPMAN,Chris Silent Night E25168 BR3701
2127 CHRIS CHAPMAN (chimes+organ) Adeste Fidelis E25169 BR3701
2128 ROYAL HAWAIIANS Somewhere In Hawaii E27409 BR3836
2128 ROYAL HAWAIIANS Aloha Land E27408 BR3836
2129 ROYAL HAWAIIANS The Hula Blues E23706 BR3620
2129 ROYAL HAWAIIANS Don’t Play Aloha Oe When I Go E24056 BR3620
2130 HANAPI TRIO Happy Hula Girl E25699 BR3760
2130 HANAPI TRIO Drowsy Waters E25697 BR3760
2131 PALAKIKO & PAALUHI Hawaiian Sunset E18040 BR3106
2131 PALAKIKO & PAALUHI Hawaiian Breezes E18044 BR3106
2132 PALAKIKO & PAALUHI Missouri Waltz E16009 BR2918 SHANNON-LOGAN
2132 PALAKIKO & PAALUHI Till We Meet Again E16010 BR2918 EGAN-WHITING
2133 HANAPI & KALEIPUA Song Of Hawaii E24538 BR3662
2133 HANAPI & KALEIPUA Hanalei Bay E24539 BR3662
2134 PALAKIKO & PAALUHI Sunny Smiles Of Hawaii E17668 BR3040
2134 PALAKIKO & PAALUHI Sweet Blue Bird E17671 BR3040
2135 HANAPI TRIO Indiana March E25694 BR3759
2135 HANAPI TRIO Sweet Hawaiian Moonlight E25701 BR3759
2136 SUPERTONE MILITARY BAND Official West Point March WP667 BR4007
2136 SUPERTONE MILITARY BAND On Wisconsin WP670 BR4003
2137 SUPERTONE CONCERT BAND Stars And Stripes Forever E22291 BR3515
2137 SUPERTONE MILITARY BAND National Emblem March E21258 BR3515
2138 SUPERTONE MILITARY BAND Repasz Band March WP673 BR4006 Sweeley – Lincoln
2138 SUPERTONE MILITARY BAND Under The Double Eagle WP674 BR4006 Wagner
2139 SUPERTONE MILITARY BAND El Capitan March E24196 BR3622
2139 SUPERTONE MILITARY BAND Washington Post March E24193 BR3622
2140 SUPERTONE CONCERT BAND Anvil Chorus E16122 BR2932 VERDI
2140 SUPERTONE CONCERT BAND Forge In The Forest E16124 BR2932
2141 SUPERTONE CONCERT BAND My Treasure E27971 VO57014
2141 SUPERTONE CONCERT BAND Wedding Of The Winds E27968
2142 SUPERTONE CONCERT BAND Song Of The Volga Boatmen E18190 BR3127
2142 SUPERTONE CONCERT BAND La Golondrina E29560 BR4426
2143 SUPERTONE CONCERT BAND Shadow Of The Past E17234 BR3024
2144 SUPERTONE CONCERT BAND William Tell Overt Pt.2 E21176 BR3429
2144 SUPERTONE CONCERT BAND William Tell Overture Pt.1 E21173 BR3429
2145 GEORGE GILLMORE Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers MP26 BR4293
2145 GEORGE GILLMORE (organ) Ah Sweet Mystery Of Life MP28 BR4293
2146 GEORGE GILLMORE (organ) The Holy City E29334 BR4276
2146 GEORGE GILLMORE (organ) The Palms E29335 BR4276 FAURE
2147 STEVE PORTER Christmas Morning At Clancey’s E24895 BR3689
2147 ERNEST HARE Santa Claus Hides In The Phonograph E24891 BR3689 BROWN
2148 GEORGE GILLMORE (organ) The Rosary E29735 BR4602
2148 GEORGE GILLMORE (organ) Mighty Lak A Rose E28699 BR4602
2149 SUPERTONE MALE CHORUS I’ll Be Ready When The Great Day Comes LAE224 BR4063 HENRY
2150 +
2150 +
2151 +
2151 +
2152 +
2152 +
2153 KARL REUTER (violin) The Swan E29225 BR4528 SAINT-SAENS
2153 KARL REUTER (F.Fradkin) Gypsy Love Song (violin) E21981 BR3505
2154 KARL REUTER (violin) Minuet In G E18115 BR3119 BEETHOVEN
2154 KARL REUTER (violin) Fifth Nocturne E24819 BR4165 LEYBACH
2155 KARL REUTER (violin) To A Wild Rose (v) E18975 BR3193
2155 KARL REUTER (violin) Valse Bluette E27307 BR4097
2156 KARL REUTER (violin) Traumerei E16531 BR3262
2156 KARL REUTER (violin) Souvenir (v) E17022 BR3262
2157 FRIEDMAN’S ORCH (CARTER) Let Me Call You Sweetheart E22407 BR3541
2157 FRIEDMAN’S ORCH (CARTER) Mighty Lak A Rose E22410 BR3541
2158 PALAKIKO & PAALUHI Southern Blues E16058 BR2926
2158 PALAKIKO & PAALUHI Hawaiian Hotel E16062 BR2926
2159 FRIEDMAN’S ORCH (CARTER) Till We Meet Again E22414 BR3542
2159 FRIEDMAN’S ORCH (CARTER) Beautiful Ohio E22585 BR3542
2160 SUPERTONE CONCERT BAND William Tell Overt #3 E21178 BR3430
2160 SUPERTONE CONCERT BAND William Tell Overture #4 E21180 BR3430
2161 SUPERTONE MILITARY BAND Cuckoo Waltz E27397 BR4358
2162 SUPERTONE MILITARY BAND Gridiron Club March E24189 BR3539
2162 SUPERTONE MILITARY BAND Pride Of The Wolverines E22295 BR3539
2163 GEORGE GILLMORE (organ) Song Of The Islands MP711 BR4746
2163 GEORGE GILLMORE (organ) Aloha Oe MP712 BR4746
2164 GEORGE GILLMORE (organ) When It’s Springtime In The Rockies E32844 BR4831
2164 GEORGE GILLMORE (organ) Down The River Of Golden Dreams E32842 BR4833
2165 BLACKSTONE TRIO Silver Threads Among The Gold E26468 BR4933
2165 BLACKSTONE TRIO Love’s Old Sweet Song E26456 BR4933
2166 BLACKSTONE TRIO Indian Love Call E24574 BR3669
2166 BLACKSTONE TRIO The Shadow Song E27317 BR4022
2167 BLUE DIAMOND ORCH When Kentucky Bids The World Good Morning E35739 BR6014 12/12/30
2167 BLUE DIAMOND ORCH Blue Again E35738 BR6014 12/12/30
2168 HOTTENTOTS Broken Hearted Waltz E36083 BR6061 2/17/31
2168 HOTTENTOTS Wabash Moon E36084 BR6061 2/17/31
2169 ARISTOCRATS By My Side C7389 BR6064 2/6/31
2169 ARISTOCRATS (Tom Gerun) IF YOU SHOULD EVER NEED ME C7391 BR6064 2/6/31
2170 CALIFORNIA COLLEGIANS By The River Saint Marie E36097 BR6066 2/18/31
2170 CALIFORNIA COLLEGIANS Under A Roof In Paree E36099 BR6066 2/18/31
2171 IMPERIAL DO (B.HARING) Two Hearts In Waltz Time E35172 BR6031 1/16/31
2171 IMPERIAL DO (B.HARING) Chimes Of Spring E35647 BR6031
2172 MISSOURI JAZZ BAND (O.NELSON) Dream A Little Dream Of Me E36082 BR6060
2172 MISSOURI JAZZ BAND (O.NELSON) Do I Really Deserve It From You E36081 BR6060
2173 MISSOURI JAZZ BAND (SISSLE) Got The Bench Got The Park E36120 BR6073
2173 MISSOURI JAZZ BAND (SISSLE) Loveless Love E36122 BR6073 W.C.HANDY
2174 ARISTOCRATS (J.Renard) Reaching For The Moon (vCG) E35925 BR6033 1/18/31
2174 ARISTOCRATS (J.Renard) Heartaches (vCG) E35174 BR6033 1/18/31
2175 CLEVELANDERS (Milt Shaw) Running Between The Raindrops E36070 ME12099
2175 CLEVELANDERS (Will Osborne) Hello Beautiful E36044 ME12099
2176 ARISTOCRATS (J.Renard) Tie A Little String Around Your Finger (vCW) E35927 BR6032 1/18/31
2176 ARISTOCRATS (J.Renard) I Hate Myself For Falling In Love With You (vCG) E35926 BR6032 1/18/31
2177 CLEVELANDERS (E.COLEMAN) We’ll Be The Same E35959 BR6036 1/23/31
2177 CLEVELANDERS (E.COLEMAN) I’ve Got Five Dollars E35958 BR6036 1/23/31
2178 TIN PAN PARADERS (Sleepy Hall) JUST A GIGOLO E35166 ME12066
2179 CLEVELANDERS (W.Osborne) Lady Play Your Mandolin E35950 ME12087
2179 CLEVELANDERS (Sleepy Hall) Say Hello To The Folks Back Home E35946 ME12089
2180 HOLLYWOOD NIGHT HAWKS (KEMP) Little Joe E36075 BR6071
2180 HOLLYWOOD NIGHT HAWKS I’ve Got A Sweet Somebody To Love Me E35872 BR6071 2/13/31
2181 HAPPY COLLEGIANS (I.JONES) You’re Just A Dream Come True C7117 BR6015 12/15/30
2181 HAPPY COLLEGIANS (I.JONES) Lonesome Lover C7116 BR6015 12/15/30
2182 DIXIE MARIMBA BAND When The Organ Played At Twilight E34393 BR4913 9/5/30
2182 DIXIE MARIMBA BAND Moonlight On The Colorado E34392 BR4913 9/5/30
2183 HAPPY COLLEGIANS (I.JONES) I’m So Afraid Of You C7193 BR6041 1/7/31
2183 HAPPY COLLEGIANS (I.JONES) My Ideal C7191 BR6041 1/7/31
2184 HAPPY COLLEGIANS Notre Dame Victory March C2612 BR4139
2184 HAPPY COLLEGIANS On Wisconsin C2613 BR4139
2185 TIN PAN PARADERS Ninety Nine Out Of A Hundred Wanna Be Loved E35836 ME12100 2/5/31 LEWIS-SHERMAN
2185 TIN PAN PARADERS One Little Raindrop E36046 ME12099 2/10/31 RICHMAN-MESKILL-SCHWARTZ
2186 SUPERTONE DO Sweet Rosita E35955 BR6035 1/23/31
2186 SUPERTON DO (Red Nichols) The Peanut Vendor E35954 BR6035 1/23/31
2187 GOTHAM CLUB ORCH (J.Denny) Out Of Nowhere E36403 BR6088
2187 GOTHAM CLUB ORCH (J.Denny) Say A Little Prayer For Me E36385 BR6088 3/13/31
2188 TIN PAN PARADERS (M.SHAW) The King’s Horses E35886 ME12061
2188 TIN PAN PARADERS (M.SHAW) Sleepy Town Express E35885 ME12061
2189 HENKEL TROUBADORS (COL.CLUB) Everything That’s Nice Belongs To You E36224 BR6077
2189 HENKEL TROUBADORS (COL.CLUB) Smile, Darn Ya, Smile E36222 BR6077
2190 BADGERS ORCH (CARTER) Sunshine Of Your Smile E22591 BR3718
2190 BADGERS ORCH (CARTER) Somewhere A Voice Is Calling E22593 BR3718
2191 SUPERTONE Dance Orch (Red Nichols) Were You Sincere {v. Harold Arlen} E36110=A BR6070 NYC 2/19/31
2191 SUPERTONE Dance Orch (Red Nichols) Teardrops And Kisses {v. Harold Arlen} E36109=A BR6070 NYC 2/19/31
2192 CLEVELANDERS (Milt Shaw) Walking My Baby Back Home E36068 ME12098
2192 CLEVELANDERS (KEMP) I’m The Last One Left On The Corner E35871 ME12110
2193 DIXIE MARIMBA BAND Blue Pacific Moonlight E35895 BR6021 1/6/31
2193 DIXIE MARIMBA BAND When Your Hair Has Turned To Silver E35891 BR6021 1/6/31
2194 BADGERS ORCH Red River Valley LAE769 E34640
2194 BADGERS ORCH (Carter) When The Bloom Is On The Sage LAE768 BR4932
2196 GOTHAM CLUB ORCH (KEMP) Would You Like To Take A Walk E35862 BR6055
2196 GOTHAM CLUB ORCH (KEMP) By Special Permission E36072 BR6055
2197 CLEVELANDERS (Art Kahn) You Didn’t Have To Tell Me E35157 ME12090
2197 CLEVELANDERS When You Were The Blossom Of Buttercup Lane EE35944 ME12088
2198 TIN PAN PARADERS I Have To Laugh C7408 BR6069 2/9/31
2198 TIN PAN PARADERS You’re Just A Lover C7445 BR6069
2199 RUTH MILFORD (M.Harris) Blue Again E35742 BR6016
2199 RUTH MILFORD (M.Harris) He’s My Secret Passion E35745 BR6016
2200 HARPER BROS When The Golden Corn Is Waving E35737
2200 HARPER BROS Blue Pacific Moonlight E35736 BR-505
2201 WILBUR HENKEL Would You Like To Take A Walk E35903 BR6028 1/6/31
2201 HENKEL,WILBUR Cheerful Little Earful E35902 BR6028 1/6/31
2202 ARTHUR STAIGER (S.Ellis) Heartaches E36190 BR6076
2202 ARTHUR STAIGER (S.Ellis) One Little Raindrop E36220 BR6076
2203 WILBUR HENKEL (C.Gaylord) It Must Be True E35163 BR6030
2203 WILBUR HENKEL (C.Gaylord) Yours And Mine E35164 BR6030
2204 HOWARD SAFFORD (H.Richman) When Your Lover Has Gone E36058 BR6052
2204 HOWARD SAFFORD (H.Richman) Just A Gigolo E36057 BR6052
2205 PAUL SMALL Out Of Nowhere E36302 ME12119
2205 MANDEL SISTERS When I Take My Sugar To Tea E36117 ME12103
2206 EVERGLADES ORCH All On Account Of Your Kisses E36223 BR6075
2206 EVERGLADES ORCH Please Don’t Talk About Me When I’m Gone E36221 BR6075
2207 DICK ROBERTSON w Orch They Cut Down The Old Pine Tree E32742 BR4785
2207 DICK ROBERTSON w Orch Somewhere In Old Wyoming E32740 BR4785
2208 ARTHUR STAIGER (S.Ellis) Loveless Love E36035 BR6050
2208 ARTHUR STAIGER (S.Ellis) Tie A Little String Around Your Finger E36034 BR6050
2209 ROSE TREMAINE (B.BAKER) You’re The One I Care For E36027 BR6051
2209 TREMAINE,ROSE Overnight E36028 BR6051
2210 ARTHUR STAIGER (S.Ellis) Teardrops And Kisses E36191 BR6078
2210 ARTHUR STAIGER (S.Ellis) I’ve Found What I Wanted In You E36192 BR6078
2212 OSCAR,John In The Gutter TC3359
2212 JOHN OSCAR TRIO Corrine Corrina NOR761
2213 HONEY BOY SMITH Train Time Blues C2782 VO1251 WHITTAKER
2213 HONEY BOY SMITH Jelly Whippin’ Blues C2780 VO1251 1/11/29 WHITTAKER
2214 JACKSON,JIM Love Sick Blues C3500 VO1295 5/19/29 SMITH
2214 JIM JACKSON Foot Achin’ Blues C3499 VO1295 SMITH
2215 CAMPBELL,GENE Mama, You Don’t Mean Me No Good DAL515 BR7139 GENE CAMPBELL
2215 GENE CAMPBELL Bended Knee Blues DAL516 BR7139 11/??/29 GENE CAMPBELL
2216 THOMAS,HENRY Arkansas E6193 VO1286
2217 SMITH,PINETOP Pinetop’s Boogie Woogie C2726 VO1245 PINETOP SMITH
2217 PINETOP SMITH Pine Top Blues C2725 VO1245 12/29/28 PINETOP SMITH
2218 AL MILLER MARKET STREET BOYS I Would If I Could C3083 BR7063 3/8/29
2218 AL MILLER MARKET STREET BOYS Somebody’s Been Using That Thing C3080 BR7063 3/8/29
2219 LEROY CARR Sloppy Drunk Blues C6086 VO1541 9/19/30 LUCILLE BOGAN
2219 BLUES JOHNSON (Leroy Carr) Hard Times Drove Me To Drink C6087 VO1541 LEROY CARR
2220 BLUES JOHNSON (Leroy Carr) Straight Alky Blues C3144 VO1290 3/19/29 F.BLACKWELL
2220 BLUES JOHNSON (Leroy Carr) Straight Alky Blues C3145 VO1290
2221 BLUES JOHNSON (Leroy Carr) The Dirty Dozen C5075 VO1454 1/2/30 R.PERRYMAN
2221 BLUES JOHNSON (Leroy Carr) Workhouse Blues C5076 VO1454 JOHNSON
2222 ALDERSON,Mozelle Tight In Chicago C5711 BR7159 4/17/30 MOZELLE ALDERSON
2222 ALDERSON,Mozelle Tight Whoopee C5599 BR7159 MOZELLE ALDERSON
2223 BLUES JOHNSON (Leroy Carr) Truthful Blues C2221 VO1232 LEROY CARR
2223 BLUES JOHNSON (Leroy Carr) You Got To Reap What You Sow C2223 VO1232 8/15/28
2224 HONEY BOY SMITH (Tampa Red) Uncle Bud C2784 1/11/29 H.WHITTAKER
2224 HONEY BOY SMITH (Tampa Red) Juicy Lemon Blues C2777 1/11/29 H.WHITTAKER
2225 HONEY BOY SMITH (Tampa Red) What Is It That Tastes Like Gravy C3594 6/14/29 WHITTAKER-WOODBRIDGE
2225 HONEY BOY SMITH (Tampa Red) You Better Tighten Up On It C3595 VO1426
2226 THEARD,SAM The Lover And The Beggar C3840 BR7098 6/24/29 SAM THEARD
2226 SAM THEARD You Rascal You C3852 6/24/29 JED DAVENPORT
2227 JACKSON,LULU You’re Going To Leave The Old Home, Jim E7476 VO1193
2227 JACKSON,LULU Careless Love Blues E7477 VO1193 W.C.HANDY
2228 JIMMIE NOONE APEX CLUB ORCH Four Or Five Times E7357 VO1185 5/16/28 HELLMAN
2228 JIMMIE NOONE APEX CLUB ORCH Every Evening E7358 VO1185 C1940 5/16/28 ROSE-McHUGH
2229 JED DAVENPORT (harmonica) How Long, How Long Blues M197 VO1440 LEROY CARR
2229 DAVENPORT,JED Cow Cow Blues M198 VO1440 5/16/31 CHARLIE DAVENPORT
2230 HONEY BOY SMITH It’s Tight Like That C2536 11/6/28 H.WHITTAKER-T.DORSEY
2230 HONEY BOY SMITH Moanin’ Heart Blues C5270 2/7/30 LANGWORTH
2231 HONEY BOY SMITH Saturday Night Scronch C3940 7/24/29 C.DAVENPORT
2231 HONEY BOY SMITH Mama Don’t Allow No Easy Riders Here C3939 7/24/29 C.DAVENPORT
2232 CLUB AMBASSADORS My Daddy Rocks Me C3848 BR7096 BARBOUR
2232 CLUB AMBASSADORS Apex Blues C3849 VO2779 NOONE
2233 CLUB AMBASSADORS On Revival Day C5766 VO1506 5/28/30 A.RAZAF
2233 CLUB AMBASSADORS I’m Drifting Back To Dreamland C5767 VO1506 5/28/30
2234 MIDNIGHT ROUNDERS (A.WYNNE) Crying My Blues Away C2423 VO1218 ALEX HILL
2234 MIDNIGHT ROUNDERS Shake Your Shimmy C2421 VO1218 JIMMY BLYTHE
2235 THOMAS’ DEVILS (D.CROSS) Boot It Boy C3100 BR7064 G.THOMAS
2235 THOMAS’ DEVILS (D.CROSS) Sho Is Hot C3101 BR7064 3/11/29 G.THOMAS
2237 ALEX HILL & HIS ORCH St James Infirmary C5273 VO1465 2/8/30 PRIMROSE
2237 ALEX HILL & HIS ORCH South Bound C5275 VO1465 2/8/30 ALEX HILL
2238 ROLAND HAYES (tenor & piano) Swing Low Sweet Chariot C7799 VO1074
2238 HAYES,Roland Go Down Moses C7837 VO1073
2239 REV.S.J.WORELL Go Thou And Preach My Gospel E4242w VO1071 12/17/26
2239 REV.S.J.WORELL Must Jesus Bear The Cross E4246w VO1071
2240 REV.A.W.NIX Hiding Behind The Stuff E5071 VO1108 5/14/27
2240 REV.A.W.NIX Goin’ To Hell And Who Cares E5069 VO1108
2241 HATTIE PARKER & PACE JUBILEE Walk In The Light Of God E22581 BR7008
2241 HATTIE PARKER & PACE JUBILEE His Eye Is On The Sparrow E7125w BR7008
2242 REV.A.W.NIX How Will You Spend Christmas C6468 VO1553 10/31/30
2242 REV.A.W.NIX Slow This Year For The Danger Signal C6469 VO1553 NIX
2243 JOE & EMMA TAGGART I’ll Be Satisfied E4049w VO1063
2243 JOE & EMMA TAGGART I Wish My Mother Was On The Train E4052w VO1063
2244 BLIND JOE TAGGART Just Beyond Jordan E4054w VO1061 11/??/26
2244 BLIND JOE TAGGART Take Your Burden To The Lord E4050w VO1061
2245 BESSEMER QT Lord I’m Troubled NO116 VO1427
2245 BESSEMER QT In The Valley Of Peace NO117 VO1427 02/??/29
2246 PACE JUBILEE SINGERS My Lord Will Deliver E7131/2 BR7009 E22579/80 PACE
2246 PACE JUBILEE SINGERS Lawdy, Won’t You Come By Home E7129/0 BR7009 E22577/8
2247 REV.A.W.NIX Mind Your Own Business E6730/1 10/5/27 REV.A.W.NIX
2247 REV.A.W.NIX Death Might Be Your Christmas Gift E6732w VO1143 REV.A.W.NIX
2248 PILGRIM JUBILEE SINGERS My Lord’s Gonna Move This Wicked Race E6078/9 VO1118 06/??/27
2248 PILGRIM JUBILEE SINGERS I’m In His Care E6089 VO1118 06/??/27
2249 REV.J.M.GATES Praying For The Pastor E3750/1 VO1052
2249 REV.J.M.GATES Goin’ To Heaven Anyhow E3760 VO1052 9/26/26
2250 REV.J.M.GATES Tell Me How Did You Feel E3756/7 VO1051
2250 REV.J.M.GATES Waiting At The Beautiful Gate E3758/9 VO1051
2251 REV.SISTER MARY NELSON The Royal Telephone E5114/5 VO1109 E22695/6 4/19/27 NELSON
2251 REV.SISTER MARY NELSON Judgement E5116/7 VO1109 E22698/9 4/19/27 NELSON
2252 REV.A.W.NIX & CONGREGATION White Flyer To Heaven E24089 BR7020 07/??/27
2252 REV.A.W.NIX & CONGREGATION White Flyer To Heaven E24093 BR7020 07/??/27
2253 REV.A.W.NIX & CONGREGATION Three Boys In A Strange Land E6982W VO1159 C1570
2253 REV.A.W.NIX & CONGREGATION Your Bed Is Too Short E6977W VO1159 C1565 01/??/28
2254 JIMMIE NOONE’S APEX CLUB ORCH Love Me Or Leave Me C3379 VO1272 4/27/29
2254 JIMMIE NOONE’S APEX CLUB ORCH Wake Up, Chill’un, Wake Up C3378 VO1272 4/27/29
2255 LEROY CARR Baby, Don’t You Love Me No More? C2690, VO1261 12/20/28 THOMPSON-GUERNSEY
2255 LEROY CARR Tired Of Your Lowdown Ways C2691 VO1261 LEROY CARR
2256 LIL JOHNSON w C.AVERY (p) You’ll Never Miss Your Jelly Till Your Jellyroller C3356 VO1299 AVERY-JOHNSON
2256 LIL JOHNSON w C.AVERY (p) Never Let Your Left Hand Know What Your Right Do C3355 VO1299 4/23/29 AVERY-JOHNSON
2257 SUPERTONE DANCE ORCH When I Take My Sugar To Tea E36497 BR6085
2257 WILL OSBORNE & HIS ORCH That Little Boy Of Mine E36215 ME12118
2258 GOTHAM CLUB ORCH (J.Denny) You’ll Be Mine In Apple Blossom Time E36326 BR6086 3/9/31
2258 GOTHAM CLUB ORCH (J.Denny) Waltz You Saved For Me E36325 BR6086 3/9/31 MOLL-KING
2259 HARPER BROS (Mac & Bob) Tears E36275 BR-520 CAPANO-UHR
2259 HARPER BROS (Mac & Bob) Little Sweetheart Of The Mountains E36277 BR520 C.ROBISON
2260 KENTUCKY MOUNTAIN BOYS When The Moon Comes Over The Mountains C7960B BR553 “SEARS” SMITH-WOODS-JOHNSON
2260 KENTUCKY MOUNTAIN BOYS Many Happy Returns Of The Day C7961A BR553
2261 KENTUCKY MOUNTAIN BOYS Little Old Church In The Valley E36286 BR524
2261 KENTUCKY MOUNTAIN BOYS When It’s Nighttime In Nevada C7816=A BR541
2262 KENTUCKY MOUNTAIN BOYS Shine On Harvest Moon E36288 BR-525
2262 KENTUCKY MOUNTAIN BOYS Little Sweetheart Of The Mountains E36277B BR520 C.ROBISON
2263 MARC WILLIAMS Night Herding Song DAL6745 BR497
2263 BEVERLY HILL BILLIES The Strawberry Roan LA952 BR514