Cat# Artist Title Matrix Cross-reference Location Date Composer
1000 Blue Jacks Bluejack Boogie
1000 Blue Jacks Late Hour Blues
1001 George Toon
and the Tennessee Drifters
Honest Heart
1001 George Toon
and the Tennessee Drifters
Boogie Beat Rag
1002 George Toon
and the Tennessee Drifters
Drifters Special
1002 George Toon
and the Tennessee Drifters
Mean Old Boogie
1003 Fairfield Four Jesus Met The Woman At The Well BU6507 Delta 210 02/1949
1003 Fairfield Four Tree Of Level BU6506 Delta 210 02/1949
1004 Big Jeff
and the Radio Playboys
You Talk In Your Sleep
1004 Big Jeff
and the Radio Playboys
Juke Box Boogie Bess – Wood
1005 John Maddox St Louis Tickle Galatin, TN 5/19/1950
1005 John Maddox Crazy Bone Rag Galatin, TN 5/19/1950
1006 Fairfield Four Dear Lord, Look Down On Me BU6500 Delta 200 02/1949
1006 Fairfield Four Savior Don’t Pass Me By BU6502 Delta 201 02/1949
1007 Cuzzin Clem
and the Country Cuzzins
Chattanooga Stomp
1007 Cuzzin Clem
and the Country Cuzzins
Love Or Indigestion
1008A George Toon
and the Tennessee Drifters
That There Gal O’ Mine Toon – Wood
1008B George Toon
and the Tennessee Drifters
Old Mellow Moon Toon – Wood
1009 The Cap-Tans Crazy About My Honey Dip
1009 The Cap-Tans I’m So Crazy For Love
1010 Margie Day & Griffin Bros. Street Walkin’ Daddy
1010 Margie Day & Griffin Bros. Riffin’ With Griffin
1011 Fairfield Four Let Me Tell You About Jesus BU 6504 02/1949
1011 Fairfield Four In The Wilderness BU 6505 02/1949
1012 John Maddox Hula Blues 1950 Cunha; Noble
1012 John Maddox I Get The Blues When It Rains 1950 Klauber; Stoddard
1014 Billy Scott When I Was Just Thirteen
1014 Billy Scott Dear Daddy Uncle Sam
1015 Fairfield Four In The Upper Room 1950
1015 Fairfield Four I’ll Tell The World 1950
1016 Cecil Gant Crying To Myself
1016 Cecil Gant Nobody Loves You
1017A Bob Lamm No Tears for You G. Martin
1017B Bob Lamm I’m Gonna Lock My Heart to Love
1018 The Cap-Tans With All My Love
1018 The Cap-Tans Chief, Turn The Hose On Me
1019 Margie Day & Griffin Bros. Little Red Rooster
1019 Margie Day & Griffin Bros. Blues All Alone
1020A Griffin Brothers Orch Blues With A Beat 1950 Griffin – Griffin
1020B Griffin Brothers Orch Griff’s Boogie 1950 Griffin
1021 Andy Wilson & Judy Dewberry This Side Of Heaven
1021 Andy Wilson & Judy Dewberry Faded Love
1022 Fairfield Four When I Move In The Room 1950
1022 Fairfield Four I Don’t Know Why I Have To Cry 1950
1023 John Maddox Memphis Blues
1023 John Maddox Alabama Jubilee
1024A Margie Day
with the Griffin Brothers Orch
Bonaparte’s Retreat Pee Wee King
1024B Griffin Brothers Orch Hot Pepper Griffin – Griffin
1025 Jim Wilson and Ann Carr If I Should Need You
1025 Jim Wilson and Ann Carr Old Home Town
1028 Andy Wilson I Hope I Don’t Live Long Enough To Lose You
1028 Andy Wilson Corn’s A-Poppin’
1029 Andy Wilson You Count All My Mistakes
1029 Andy Wilson Don’t Ever Say You Love Me
1030 Cecil Gant Waiting For My Train 1951 Gant
1030 Cecil Gant Cindy Lou 1951 Gant
1031 Joe Liggins The Honeydripper
1031 Joe Liggins The Honeydripper
1032 Joe Liggins I’ve Got A Right To Cry
1032 Joe Liggins Last Night Blues
1033 Joe Liggins Tanya
1033 Joe Liggins Down Home Blues
1034 Dixie-Aires Elijah
1034 Dixie-Aires My Trouble Is Hard
1036 Ivory Joe Hunter You Taught Me To Love
1036 Ivory Joe Hunter Blues At Sunrise
1038 Wes Britt At The Organ Red Sails In The Sunset
1038 Wes Britt At The Organ Easy Melody
1039 Dink Embry Mason Dixon Boogie
1039 Dink Embry Please Stay Out Of My Dreams
1040 Fairfield Four Does Jesus Care M-13941 10/1950
1040 Fairfield Four Don’t Drive Your Children Away M-13944 10/1950
1041 Margie Day & Griffin Bros. Sadie Green
1041 Margie Day & Griffin Bros. One Steady Baby
1042 Margie Day & Griffin Bros. Your Best Friend Day
1042 Margie Day & Griffin Bros. If You Want Some Lovin’ Johnson; Martin; Bruhl
1043 The Four Dots You Won’t Let Me Go
1043 The Four Dots
(Griffin Brother’s Orch)
My Dear The Four Dots
1044 Billy Strickland Cry All Your Tears
1044 Billy Strickland Queen of All Queens
1045 Fairfield Four Old Time Religion M-13946 10/1950
1045 Fairfield Four Nobody To Depend On 10/1950
1046 Fairfield Four No Room At The End M-13948 10/1950
1046 Fairfield Four Talking About Jesus M-13947 10/1950
1047 Fairfield Four I Love The Name Jesus M-13940 10/1950
1047 Fairfield Four Leave Them There M-13942 10/1950
1048 Fairfield Four On My Journey Now M-13945 10/1950
1048 Fairfield Four Love Like A River M-13943 10/1950
1050 Andy Wilson I’m Only A Friend
1050 Andy Wilson That’s When Your Heartaches Begin
1051A Little Son Jackson Gambling Blues
1051B Little Son Jackson Homeless
1052 L.C.Williams Trying, Trying
1052 L.C.Williams You Never Miss The Water
1053 Cecil Gant Alma
1053 Cecil Gant I’m Still In Love With You
1057 John Maddox Dill Pickles
1057 John Maddox Sweet Georgia Brown
1058 Big Jeff
And The Radio Playboys
Step It Up and Go Fuller
1058 Big Jeff
And The Radio Playboys
After We Are Through
1060 Griffin Brothers Orch Hoppin’ (v. Tommy Brown) Griffin – Griffin
1060 Griffin Brothers Orch Tra La La
1061 Andy Wilson Let’s Live A Little
1061 Andy Wilson I Want To Be With You Always
1062A Mac Wiseman Are You Coming Back To Me
1062B Mac Wiseman Tis Sweet To Be Remembered Wiseman
1064 Big Jeff & Radio Playboys Fast Women, Slow Horses And Wine
1064 Big Jeff & Radio Playboys Lifetime To Regret
1067 Andy Wilson Thank You
1067 Andy Wilson Please Send Me Someone to Love
1069 Cecil Gant Goodbye Baby 1949 Gant
1069 Cecil Gant Raining Blues 1949 Gant
1070A Margie Day & Griffin Bros. Stubborn As A Mule 1951 Griffin; Day; Watts
1070B Margie Day & Griffin Bros. Pretty Baby 1951 Hudson; Whitaker
1071A Griffin Brothers Orch Weepin’ & Cryin’ 11/1951 T. Brown
1071B Griffin Brothers Orch Shuffle Bug 11/1951 Griffin; Griffin
1073 Fairfield Four Don’t Drive Her Away M-13949 10/1950
1073 Fairfield Four Poor Pilgrim Of Sorrow M-13950 10/1950
1074 Dink Embry Doll Baby
1074 Dink Embry Lay Your Head Upon My Shoulder
1075 Mac Wiseman I’m A Stranger
1075 Mac Wiseman Little White Church
1080 Fairfield Four Don’t Leave Me By Myself M-5011 12/1951
1080 Fairfield Four Packing Every Burden M-5010 12/1951
1081 Fairfield Four My Prayer M-5013-1 12/1951
1081 Fairfield Four Come On To This Altar M-5014-1 12/1951
1082 Fairfield Four Angels Watching M-5018-1 12/1951
1082 Fairfield Four Waiting For Me M-5017-1 12/1951
1083 Fairfield Four I Can’t Tell You The Time M-5022-1 12/1951
1083 Fairfield Four I’m In Your Care M-5020-1 12/1951
1085 Tommy Jackson Soldiers’ Joy M-5024 T. Jackson
1085 Tommy Jackson Arkansas Traveler
1086 Tommy Jackson Boil Them Cabbage Down M-5026 T. Jackson
1086 Tommy Jackson Mississippi Sawyer M-5025 T. Jackson
1088 Big Jeff & Radio Playboys I’m In Love Dear With Thee
1088 Big Jeff & Radio Playboys Move On Baby
1089 Jam Up And Honey Slew Foot Mama
1089 Jam Up And Honey Wild Honey Rag
1091 Mac Wiseman I Still Write Your Name In The Sand M-5048 04/1953 Buddy Statcher
1091 Mac Wiseman Four Walls Around Me M-5049 04/1953 Billy Stallard
1092 Mac Wiseman Georgia Waltz
1092 Mac Wiseman Dreaming of a Little Cabin
1094 The Griffin Bros.
feat. Margie Day
I’ll Get a Deal M-5044 M. Day
1094 The Griffin Bros.
feat. Margie Day
It’d Surprise You M-5043 G. Tucker
1095 Griffin Brothers I’ve Got a New Love M-5046 E. Griffin
1095 Griffin Brothers The Teaser
1096 Big Jeff I Counted an Angel
1096 Big Jeff I Don’t Talk to Strangers
1097 Gabe Tucker Streamline Country Girl
1097 Gabe Tucker Live Around Old Joe Clark
1098 The Tennessee Drifters Mean Ole Boogie M-5083 04/1952 G. Toon; R. Wood
1098 The Tennessee Drifters Boogie Beat Rag M-5084 04/1952 B. Hardison; R. Wood
1099 Wally Mercer Rock Around The Clock
1099 Wally Mercer Don’t Wait Till
1100 Rosa Shaw My Mother, pt1
1100 Rosa Shaw My Mother, pt2
1101 Sam McCrary Maybe It’s You
1101 Sam McCrary If Jesus Had to Pray
1102 Andy Wilson Step By Step
1102 Andy Wilson Great Speckled Bird
1103 L.C. Green When The Sun Is Shining
1130 L.C. Green Hold Me In Your Arms
1104 The Griffin Bros.
feat. Margie Day
I’m Gonna Jump in the River M-6023 B. Johnson
1104 The Griffin Bros.
feat. Margie Day
Stormy Night
1105 The Griffin Brothers Comin’ Home
1105 The Griffin Brothers Stay Away from the Horses
1108 The Griffin Brothers Ace in the Hole
1108 The Griffin Brothers The Clock Song
1109 Fairfield Four When We Bow M-5008 12/1951
1109 Fairfield Four Let’s Go M-5009 12/1951
1110 Fairfield Four Hope to Shout in Glory M-5012-1 12/1951
1110 Fairfield Four All the Way M-5015-1 12/1951
1111 Fairfield Four I’ll Be Satisfied M-5016-1 12/1951
1111 Fairfield Four I’ve Got Good Religion M-5019-1 12/1951
1112 Cecil Gant All By Myself
1112 Cecil Gant It Hurts Me Too
1115 Mac Wiseman You’re the Girl of My Dreams
1115 Mac Wiseman I Wonder How the Old Folks Are at Home M-6034
1116 Rosa Shaw Stop Playing the Numbers
1116 Rosa Shaw House of the Lord
1117 Griffin Brothers Orch I Wanna Go Back
1117 Griffin Brothers Orch Slow and Mellow
1118 Joe Warren Nearer, My God, To Thee
1118 Joe Warren Precious Memories
1119 Tommy Jackson Texas Schottische
1119 Tommy Jackson Put Your Little Foot Right Out
1120 Wally Mercer Yellow Hornet M-6074 1952 W. Mercer
1120 Wally Mercer Looped M-6073 1952 J. Allen
1122 Fairfield Four Don’t You Want to Join That Number Bullet 254 Nash. early 1946
1122 Fairfield Four Where Shall I Go Bullet 254 Nash. early 1946
1123 Fairfield Four Standing in the Safety Zone Bullet 284 Nash.
1123 Fairfield Four Don’t Let Nobody Turn You Around Bullet 284 Nash.
1124 Big Three Trio You Sure Look Good to Me
1124 Big Three Trio Signifying Monkey
1125 The Fairfield Four When I Get Up in Heaven
1125 The Fairfield Four Amazing Grace
1126 Mac Wiseman Fire in My Heart M-6077 Buddy Starcher
1126 Mac Wiseman Going to See My Baby M-6034 Arthur Smith
1128 L.C. Green Little School Girl
1128 L.C. Green Remember the Way Back
1131 Mac Wiseman By the Side of the Road
1131 Mac Wiseman Waiting for the Boys
1136 Wally Mercer Early One Morning
1136 Wally Mercer Motherless Child Blues
1137 Tommy Jackson Ragtime Annie
1137 Tommy Jackson Leather Britches
1138 Tommy Jackson Uncle Joe
1138 Tommy Jackson Cripple Creek
1139 Tommy Jackson Whistling Rufus
1139 Tommy Jackson Sally Ann
1140 Tommy Jackson Tennessee Wagner M-6059 DF-101 1952 arr. Tommy Jackson
1140 Tommy Jackson Fiddlin’ Rag M-6060 DF-101 1952 arr. Tommy Jackson
1141 Joe Warren Rock of Ages
1141 Joe Warren In the Sweet Bye and Bye
1142 Joe Warren Amazing Grace
1142 Joe Warren Softly and Tenderly
1143 Joe Warren How Firm a Foundation
1143 Joe Warren Sweet Hour of Prayer
1144 Margie Day Midnight M-7014 1953 B. Bryant – C. Atkins
1144 Margie Day My Story M-7015 1953 C. Wills
1145 Griffin Brothers Orch Black Bread
1145 Griffin Brothers Orch My Baby’s Done Me Wrong
1146 Mac Wiseman Six More Miles
1146 Mac Wiseman It’s Goodbye and So Long to You
1148 Tommy Jackson Fisher’s Hornpipe M-6061 Tommy Jackson
1148 Tommy Jackson Jackson’s Hornpipe M-6062 Tommy Jackson
1150 Mac Wiseman Shackles And Chains
1150 Mac Wiseman Goin’ Like Wildfire
1152 Griffin Brothers Griff’s Mambo
1152 Griffin Brothers Fare Thee Well Pretty Girl
1153 Margie Day Gonna Raise a Ruckus
1153 Margie Day Must I
1154 Shorty Long Cryin’ Steel Guitar Waltz
1154 Shorty Long Pretend
1155 The Fairfield Four Gospel Train
1155 The Fairfield Four God Got His Eyes on You
1156 The Tennessee Drifters Boogie Woogie Baby
1156 The Tennessee Drifters Drive Those Blues Away
1158 Mac Wiseman You’re Sweeter Than the Honey 1158 E2KB8785-1 G. Krise
1158 Mac Wiseman Don’t Let Your Sweet Love Die 1158 E2KB8786 Roy Hall
1159 Fairfield Four Who is That Knocking M-7061 01/1953
1159 Fairfield Four Come Over Here 01/1953
1160 Fairfield Four His Eye Is On the Sparrow M-7062 01/1953
1160 Fairfield Four Every Day M-7063 01/1953
1161 Fairfield Four How I Got Over M-7064 01/1953
1161 Fairfield Four This Evening Our Father M-7076 01/1953
1162 Fairfield Four Stand By Me M-7077 01/1953
1162 Fairfield Four Hear Me When I Pray M-7078 01/1953
1163 Fairfield Four When the Battle Is Over M-7079 01/1953
1163 Fairfield Four Standing On the Rock M-7080 01/1953
1164 Fairfield Four Somebody Touched Me M-7081 01/1953
1164 Fairfield Four Mother Don’t Worry 01/1953
1168 Mac Wiseman Crazy Blues 7090 01/1953 P. Smith
1168 Mac Wiseman Rainbow in the Valley
1169 Tommy Jackson Draggin’ The Bow M-8070 arr. Tommy Jackson
1169 Tommy Jackson Orange Blossom Special M-8069 arr. Tommy Jackson
1171 Griffin Brothers Bouncing Home M-8099 1954 Griffin
1171 Griffin Brothers Move It On Over M-8097 1954 Griffin
1172 Margie Day String Bean M-8106
1172 Margie Day Don’t Talk to Me About Men
1173 Mac Wiseman You’d Better Wake Up M-7091 E3KB-2360 Eanes
1173 Mac Wiseman I’d Rather Die Young M-8101 E3KB-3918 03/1953 Smith – Vaughn – Wood
1177 Gateway Quartet Look Away
1177 Gateway Quartet Steal Away
1178 Gateway Quartet I’ll Shake Mother’s Hand
1178 Gateway Quartet You Can’t Do Wrong
1182 Mac Wiseman Let Me Borrow Your Heart Just for Tonight
1182 Mac Wiseman Remembering
1184 Brownie McGhee
and his Jook Busters
Need Someone to Love Me M-8169
1184 Brownie McGhee
and his Jook Busters
Cheatin’ and Lyin’ M-8168
1185 Doctor Gaddy and his Orch Evil Man Blues M-8170 E3QB-5316 M. Ellen
1185 Doctor Gaddy and his Orch Doctor Gaddy’s Blues M-8171 E3QB-5317 M. Ellen
1186 Tommy Jackson Wake Up Susan
1186 Tommy Jackson Katy Hill
1188 The Counts Darling Dear M-8167 E3KB-5313 The Counts
1188 The Counts I Need You Always M-8133 E3KB-3950 The Counts
1191 Mac Wiseman The Waltz You Saved for Me
1191 Mac Wiseman Love Letters in the Sand 8180 11/1953 Charles Kenny – Nick Kenny
1192 Mac Wiseman Dreams of Mother and Home
1192 Mac Wiseman Reveille in Heaven
1193 Buddy Griffin and his Orchestra;
Claudia Swann
Fare Well Handsome Daddy M-8191 E3KB 5337-1 1954 Swann
1193 Buddy Griffin and his Orchestra;
Claudia Swann
Oh, What A Smile Can Do M-8190 E3KB 5336-1 1954 Griffin; Swann
1194 Mac Wiseman I Haven’t Got The Right To Love You M-8181 E3KB 5327-1 Buchanan; Claude
1194 Mac Wiseman My Little Home In Tennessee 8103 E3KB 3920-1 A. P. Carter
1195 Jimmy Newman Cry, Cry, Darling M-8225 E4KB-816 1954 Miller – Newman
1195 Jimmy Newman You Didn’t Have to Go M-8224 E4KB-815 Newman
1196 Lonzo & Oscar Let Me Be The One #2
1196 Lonzo & Oscar Wild Oats
1199 The Counts Hot Tamales M-8246 E4KB 804 Thompson; Herman
1199 The Counts Baby Don’t You Know 8247 E4 KB 805 Young – Herman
1202 Mac Wiseman I Saw Your Face in the Moon M-8275 E4KB-3123 Odis Elder
1202 Mac Wiseman You Can’t Judge a Book M-8276 E4KB-3124 Claude Boone
1205 Mr. Percy Full of Misery
1205 Mr. Percy Somebody Help Me Out
1208 Tommy Jackson Lead Out
1208 Tommy Jackson Chinese Breakdown
1209 Tommy Jackson Sugar in the Gourd M-8280 E4KB-3128 arr. Tommy Jackson
1209 Tommy Jackson Bill Cheatham M-8281 E4KB-3129 arr. Tommy Jackson
1210 The Counts She Won’t Say Yes M-8321 E4KB-4122 Will Scott
1210 The Counts My Dear My Darling M-8320 E4KB-4121 Jeff
1215 Jimmy Newman Night Time Is Cry Time M-8370 E4KB-4310 Miller – Newman
1215 Jimmy Newman Diggy Liggy Lo M-8371 E4KB-4311 J. D. Miller
1216 Lonzo and Oscar Got it On My Mind M-8332 DB-2086-E4KB-N1-4115 Snoddy – Sullivan
1216 Lonzo and Oscar Crazy ‘Bout You Baby M-8330 DB-2085-E4KB-N1-4113 Maugeri – Barrett
1217 Tommy Jackson Flop Eared Mule 8279 arr. Tommy Jackson
1217 Tommy Jackson Liberty
1218 Tommy Jackson Golden Slippers M-8284 E4KB-3132 arr. Tommy Jackson
1218 Tommy Jackson Eighth of January
1221 Jimmy Work Making Believe M-8358 E4KB-5106 1955 Jimmy Work
1221 Jimmy Work Just Like Downtown M-8357 E4KB-5105 1955 Jimmy Work
1222 Singing Stars Angeles Angeles M-8359 E4KB-5107 (-)
1222 Singing Stars I’ll Be Singing There M-8360 E4KB-5108 (-)
1223 (-)
1223 (-)
1224 Mac Wiseman I Love You Best of All 8277 (-)
1224 Mac Wiseman Keep On the Sunny Side 8182 (-)
1225 (-)
1225 (-)
1226 The Counts Baby I Want You 8442 Young
1226 The Counts Waitin’ Around for You Jeff
1228 Fairfield Four We Never Grow Old 8366 10/1954
1228 Fairfield Four So Many Years (Jesus in Heaven) 8369 10/1954
1230 Mac Wiseman I Didn’t Know 8425 Billy Vaughn
1230 Mac Wiseman Don’t Blame it All on Me
1232 Tommy Jackson East Tennessee Blues
1232 Tommy Jackson Sally Goodin’
1233 Tommy Jackson Here and There
1233 Tommy Jackson Rickests Hornpipe
1234 Tommy Jackson Stones Rag 8419 arr. Tommy Jackson
1234 Tommy Jackson Rubber Dolly
1235 The Counts Let Me Go Lover M-8491 E4QB-8311 Jenny Lou Carson – Al Hill
1235 The Counts Wailin’ Little Mama M-8492 E4QB-8312 Young
1236 Mac Wiseman When I Get the Money Made
1236 Mac Wiseman The Little Old Church in the Valley
1237 Jimmy Newman Crying for a Pastime
1237 Jimmy Newman Daydreamin’
1240 Mac Wiseman Danger! Heartbreak Ahead
1240 Mac Wiseman The Ballad of Davey Crockett
1243 The Counts From This Day On 8607 Will Scott
1243 The Counts Love and Understanding
1245 Jimmy Work That’s What Makes the Juke Box Play 8355 E4KB-5103 Work
1245 Jimmy Work Don’t Give Me A Reason to Wonder Why 8356 E4KB-5104 Work
1246 Kenny Roberts Tennessee Spelling Bee
1246 Kenny Roberts I’m Unwanted
1247 Tommy Jackson Sugarfoot Rag
1247 Tommy Jackson Buffalo Girl
1248 Tommy Jackson Stoney Point
1248 Tommy Jackson Trouble Among the Teardrops
1249 Tommy Jackson Blackberry Blossom
1249 Tommy Jackson Paddy on the Turnpike
1250 Tommy Jackson Up Jumped Trouble
1250 Tommy Jackson Gray Eagle
1251 Tommy Jackson Polk County Breakdown
1251 Tommy Jackson Hornpipe in A
1252 Tommy Jackson Old Joe Clark
1252 Tommy Jackson The Girl I Left Behind
1253 Tommy Jackson Tom And Jerry
1253 Tommy Jackson Forked Deer
1254 Tommy Jackson Sally Johnson
1254 Tommy Jackson When the Leaves Begin to Turn Brown
1255 Tommy Jackson When My Gal Came Back
1255 Tommy Jackson Dusty Miller
1256 Tommy Jackson Rachel 8557 arr. Tommy Jackson
1256 Tommy Jackson Ricethow
1260 Jimmy Newman Blue Darlin’ M-8525 Lyles
1260 Jimmy Newman Let Me Stay in Your Arms 8256 Miller – Newman
1262 Mac Wiseman The Kentuckian Song
1262 Mac Wiseman Wabash Cannon Ball
1263 Fairfield Four God Knows I’m a Pilgrim 8367 10/1954
1263 Fairfield Four Heaven In My View 8368 10/1954
1266 Mac Wiseman Fire Ball Mail 8429 William Axt
1266 Mac Wiseman When the Roses Bloom Again
1267 Jimmy Work Don’t Knock, Just Come In MB-8916 Jimmy Work
1267 Jimmy Work Let ’em Talk
1272 Jimmy Work When She Said You All Jimmy Work
1272 Jimmy Work There’s Only One You
1273 Mac Wiseman I Hear You Knockin’
1273 Mac Wiseman Camptown Races
1274 Jimmie Logsdon Midnight Blues 8979 Jimmie Logsdon
1274 Jimmie Logsdon Cold Cold Rain 8980 Logsdon – McAlpine
1274 Jimmy Work My Old Stomping Ground 8918 Jimmy Work
1274 Jimmy Work Hands Away from My Heart
1276 Mac Wiseman These Hands
1276 Mac Wiseman I’m Eating High on the Hog
1281 Kirk Hanserd
(Bill Carrigan’s band)
My Heart’s Broke Baby 9115
1281 Kirk Hanserd One Night
1282 Mac Wiseman The Meanest Blues in the World
1282 Mac Wiseman Be Good Baby
1283 Jimmy Newman I Wanna Tell All the World
1283 Jimmy Newman Come Back to Me
1284 Jimmy Work You’ve Got a Heart Lilke a Merry-Go-Round 9161 Wagne – Work
1284 Jimmy Work Blind Heart
1285 Mac Wiseman Smilin’ Through
1285 Mac Wiseman I’m Drifting Back to Dreamland
1286 Jimmy Newman Let the Whole World Talk 9281 Miller – Fitzmorris
1286 Jimmy Newman Honky Tonk Tears
1287 Jimmy Work Digging My Own Grave MB 9164 Jimmy Work
1287 Jimmy Work That Cold Cold Look In Your Eyes MB-9163 Jimmy Work