Cat# Artist: Title: Matrix: Xref: Location: Date: Composer:
5000 Otis Rush I Can’t Quit You Baby U-3236 Chi Jul-56 Dixon
5000 Otis Rush Sit Down Baby U-3237 Chi Jul-56 Dixon
5001 The Clouds Rock and Roll Boogie U-3240 Chi Jul-56
5001 The Clouds I Do U-3241 Chi Jul-56
5002 Big Walter {Horton} Have A Good Time U-3238 Chi Jul-56
5002 Big Walter {Horton} Need My Baby U-3239-2 Chi Jul-56
5003 Calvaes Mambo Fiesta U3242 Chi Aug-56 Brown
5003 Calvaes Fine Girl U3243 Chi Aug-56 Bedno
5004 Harold Burrage and his Combo One More Dance U3333 Chi Aug-56 Dixon
5004 Harold Burrage and his Combo You Eat Too Much U3334 Chi Aug-56 Burrage
5005 Otis Rush and his Band Violent Love U3331 13064 Chi Aug-56 Dixon
5005 Otis Rush and his Band My Love Will Never Die U3332 13066 Chi Aug-56 Dixon
5006 Sunnyland Slim Highway 61 C-1001 Chi Sep-56
5006 Sunnyland Slim It’s You Baby C-1000 Chi Sep-56
5007 Lee Jackson I’ll Just Keep Walkin’ C-1003 Chi Sep-56 Lee Jackson
5007 Lee Jackson Fishin’ In My Pond C-1002 Chi Sep-56 Willie Dixon
5008 Gloria Irving I Need a Man C1004 Chi Dec-56 Mel London
5008 Gloria Irving For You and Only You C1005 Chi Dec-56 Willie Dixon
5009 Duke Jenkins Something Else C1006 Chi Dec-56
5009 Duke Jenkins The Duke Walks C1007 Chi Dec-56
5010 Otis Rush If You Were Mine C1009 Chi Feb-57 Willie Dixon
5010 Otis Rush Groaning the Blues C1008 Chi Feb-57 Willie Dixon
5011 Little Willie Foster Crying The Blues C1010 Chi Mar-57 W. Foster
5011 Little Willie Foster Little Girl C1011 Chi Mar-57
5012 Harold Burrage Messed Up C1012 Chi Mar-57 Willie Dixon
5012 Harold Burrage I Don’t Care Who Knows C1013 Chi Mar-57 Willie Dixon
5013 Magic Sam All Your Love C1014 Chi Apr-57 T. Maghett
5013 Magic Sam Love Me With a Feeling C1015 Chi Apr-57
5014 The Calvaes Born With Rhythm C1016 Chi May-57 Daniels
5014 The Calvaes Lonely Lonely Village C1017 Chi May-57 Daniels
5015 Otis Rush Jump Sister Bessie C1019 Chi Jun-57 Dixon
5015 Otis Rush Love That Woman C1018 Chi Jun-57
5016 Clarence Jolly Changing Love C1020 Chi Jul-57
5016 Clarence Jolly Don’t Leave Me C1021 Chi Jul-57
5017 Guitar Shorty You Don’t Treat Me Right C1022 Chi Jul-57
5017 Guitar Shorty Irma Lee C1023 Chi Jul-57
5018 Harold Burrage Stop for the Red Light C1024 Chi Sep-57
5018 Harold Burrage Satisfied C1025 Chi Sep-57
5019 Betty Everett My Life Depends on You C1026 Chi Oct-57
5019 Betty Everett My Love C1027 Chi Oct-57
5020 Duke Jenkins Where Can My Love One Be C1028 Chi Oct-57
5020 Duke Jenkins Shake It C1029 Chi Oct-57
5021 Magic Sam Look Watcha Done C1031 Chi Nov-57 Magett
5021 Magic Sam Everything Gonna Be Alright C1030 Chi Nov-57 Dixon
5022 Harold Burrage and Willie Dixon Band She Knocks Me Out C1032 Chi Nov-57 Archie & Burrage
5022 Harold Burrage and Willie Dixon Band A Heart (Filled with Pain) C1033 Chi Nov-57 Archie & Burrage
5023 Otis Rush and Willie Dixon Band Three Times A Fool C1034 Chi Dec-57 Rush
5023 Otis Rush and Willie Dixon Band She’s a Good ‘Un C1035 Chi Dec-57
5024 Betty Everett Killer Diller C1037 Chi Dec-57 Dixon
5024 Betty Everett Ain’t Gonna Cry C1036 Chi Dec-57 Everett
5025 Magic Sam All Night Long C1038 Chi Dec-57 Dixon
5025 Magic Sam All My Whole Life C1039 Chi Dec-57
5026 Harold Burrage I Cry for You C1044 Chi Mar-58
5026 Harold Burrage Betty Jean C1045 Chi Mar-58
5027 Otis Rush It Takes Time C1046 Chi Mar-58
5027 Otis Rush Checking on My Baby C1047 Chi Mar-58
5028 Jimmy Kelly Little Chickie C1050 Chi Jun-58
5028 Jimmy Kelly Bonnie C1051 Chi Jun-58
5029 Magic Sam Easy Baby C1054 Chi Sep-58
5029 Magic Sam Twenty-One Days in Jail C1055 Chi Sep-58
5030 Otis Rush and his Band Keep On Loving Me, Baby C1057 Chi Sep-58 Rush
5030 Otis Rush and his Band Double Trouble C1056 Chi Sep-58
5031 Betty Everett Tell Me, Darling C1058 Chi Oct-58
5031 Betty Everett I’ll Weep No More C1059 Chi Oct-58
5032 Otis Rush All Your Love (I Miss Loving) C1064 Chi Apr-59
5032 Otis Rush My Baby’s a Good ‘Un C1065 Chi Apr-59
5033 Ike Turner Walking Down the Aisle C1066 Chi May-59
5033 Ike Turner Box Top C1067 Chi May-59
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