Cat# Artist: Title: MX Xref: Loc: Date: Comp:
34-0700 Tampa Red Let Me Play With Your Poodle
34-0700 Tampa Red My First Love Blues
34-0701 Sonny Boy Williamson She Don’t Love Me That Way
34-0701 Sonny Boy Williamson Black Panter Blues
34-0702 Doctor Clayton Honey Stealin’ Blues
34-0702 Doctor Clayton On The Killin’ Floor
34-0703 Big Maceo Anytime For You
34-0703 Big Maceo Since You Been Gone
34-0705 Washboard Sam & his Washboard Band Stop And Fix It
34-0705 Washboard Sam & his Washboard Band Good Old Cabbage Greens
34-0706 Tommy McClennan Blue As I Can Be
34-0706 Tommy McClennan Roll Me, Baby
34-0708A Lonnie Johnson Fly Right, Baby Lonnie Johnson
34-0708B Lonnie Johnson Rambler’s Blues Lonnie Johnson
34-0709 Jazz Gillum I Couldn’t Help It
34-0709 Jazz Gillum Deep Water Blues
34-0710 Washboard Sam & his Washboard Band I Get The Blues At Bedtime
34-0710 Washboard Sam & his Washboard Band I Laid My Cards On The Table
34-0712 The Southern Sons Quartet Lord Have Mercy
34-0712 The Southern Sons Quartet I Want Two Wings
34-0713 Sonny Boy Williamson Decoration Day Blues No. 2
34-0713 Sonny Boy Williamson Love Me, Baby
34-0714 Lonnie Johnson Lonesome Road
34-0714 Lonnie Johnson Baby, Remember Me
34-0715 Yank Rachel Katy Lee Blues
34-0715 Yank Rachel Bye Bye Blues
34-0716 Tommy McClennan Shake It Up And Go
34-0716 Tommy McClennan I Love My Baby
34-0717A Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup My Mama Don’t Allow Me Arthur Crudup
34-0717B Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup Standing At My Window
34-0718A St. Louis Jimmy Lend Me Your Love
34-0718B St. Louis Jimmy Nothing But Blues Jimmy Oden
34-0719A The Four Clefs Love Has Come My Way (v. William Chapman) 2/23/1942 Chapman
34-0719B The Four Clefs You Should Be
34-0721 Roosevelt Sykes and his Piano Mellow Queen Roosevelt Sykes
34-0721 Roosevelt Sykes and his Piano I Wonder
34-0722 Sonny Boy Williamson Win The War Blues
34-0722 Sonny Boy Williamson Check Up On My Baby
34-0723A Big Joe and his Rhythm I’m All Right Now Joe McCoy
34-0723B Big Joe and his Rhythm Your Money Can’t Buy Me Joe McCoy
34-0724 Tampa Red The Woman I Love
34-0724 Tampa Red Lula Mae
34-0725A Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup Rock Me Mamma Arthur Crudup
34-0725B Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup Who’s Been Foolin You
34-0727 St. Louis Jimmy Strange Woman James Oden
34-0727 St. Louis Jimmy One More Break James Oden
34-0728 Lil Green No, Baby, Nobody But You SEGER ELLIS
34-0728 Lil Green Boy Friend LIL GREEN
34-0729 Roosevelt Sykes & his Piano Honeysuckle Rose
34-0729 Roosevelt Sykes & his Piano Jiving The Jive
34-0730 Jazz Gillum Go Back To The Country
34-0730 Jazz Gillum Five Feet Four
34-0732A Lonnie Johnson Watch Shorty Lonnie Johnson
34-0732B Lonnie Johnson Some Day
34-0733A Lil Green Mr. Jackson from Jacksonville D5AB328 4/17/1945 (-)
34-0733B Lil Green Now What Do You Think? D5AB327 4/17/1945
34-0434 Southern Sons When They Ring Them Golden Bells
34-0434 Southern Sons I Heard The Preaching Of The Elders
34-0735 Big Maceo Things Have Changed
34-0735 Big Maceo Kid Man Blues
34-0736 Sonny Boy Williamson Miss Stella Brown
34-0736 Sonny Boy Williamson Desperado Woman
34-0737A Roosevelt Sykes & his Piano The Honeydripper Joe Liggins
34-0737B Roosevelt Sykes & his Piano High Price Blues Roosevelt Sykes
34-0738A Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup Cool Disposition Blues Arthur Crudup
34-0738B Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup Keep Your Arms Around Me Arthur Crudup
34-0739A Joe Williams Somebody’s Been Worrying Joe Williams
34-0739B Joe Williams Vitamin A
34-0740A Tampa Red Better Let My Gal Alone Hudson Whittaker
34-0740B Tampa Red Mercy Mama
34-0741 Jazz Gillum Whiskey Head Buddies
34-0741 Jazz Gillum Afraid To Trust Them
34-0743 Big Maceo Winter Time Blues
34-0743 Big Maceo Chicago Breakdown
34-0744 Sonny Boy Williamson Sonny Boy’s Jump
34-0744 Sonny Boy Williamson Elevator Woman
34-0747 Jazz Gillum Keep On Sailing
34-0747 Jazz Gillum Fast Woman Blues
34-0748 Memphis Jimmy (Clark) Drifting
34-0748 Tampa Red I Can’t Get Along Without You