Cat# Artist: Title: MX Xref: Loc: Date: Comp:
33-0501 Bill Boyd Jennie Lou 071185-1 Dallas 10/12/1941
33-0501 Bill Boyd Put Troubles Down
33-0502 Carter Family Why Do You Cry Little Darling 066780-1 NYC 10/14/1941
33-0502 Carter Family Lonesome Homesick Blues 066782-1 NYC 10/14/1941
33-0503A Texas Jim Robertson Sweet Baby 073630-1 NYC 3/20/1942 Inky Hucklenut
33-0503B Texas Jim Robertson Miz O’Reilly’s Daughter 073628-1 Vi 20-2158 NYC 3/20/1942 Ewen Hall
33-0504 Nettle Brothers’ String Band When I Go A Courtin’ My Best Gal 071133-1 Dallas 10/8/1941
33-0504 Nettle Brothers’ String Band Beautiful Hawaiian Shores 071131-1 Dallas 10/8/1941
33-0505A Montana Slim The Prisoner’s Song 068649-1 55-3202 NYC 12/16/1941 Guy Massey
33-0505B Montana Slim We’ll Meet Again in Peaceful Valley 028321-1 B4650; MW 7899 NYC 10/27/1938 Wilf Carter
33-0506A Bar X Cowboys String Band Why Do I Dream Such Dreams 071140-1 Dallas 10/9/1941
33-0506B Bar X Cowboys String Band Jammin’ on the Steel Guitar 071141-1 Dallas 10/9/1941
33-0507A The Sons of Dixie I’m Always Dreaming of You 071105-1 Dallas 10/7/1941 Ralph Smith
33-0507B The Sons of Dixie Don’t Ever Go Wrong 071106-1 Dallas 10/7/1941 Ralph Smith
33-0508 Charles Mitchell’s Orch Mean Mama Blues 071166-1 Dallas 10/10/1941 Moon Mulligan; Charles Mitchell
33-0508 Charles Mitchell’s Orch If It’s Wrong To Love You 071164-1 Dallas 10/10/1941 Bonnie Dodd; Charles Mitchell
33-0509A Carson Robison Just Wait and See 075428-1 NYC 7/17/1942 Carson Robison
33-0509B Carson Robison Ramblin’ Cowboy 102243-1 NYC 6/19/1936
33-0510A Montana Slim Sittin’ By the Old Corral 068653-1 BB55-3202 NYC 12/16/1941 Wilf Carter
33-0510B Montana Slim That First Love of Mine 068655-1 BB55-3201 NYC 12/16/1941 Wilf Carter
33-0511A Shorty McCoy and his Southern Playboys Cindy 064881-1 Chicago 9/12/1941
33-0511B Shorty McCoy and his Southern Playboys Buffalo Gals 064878-1 Chicago 9/12/1941
33-0512 Carter Family The Wave On The Sea 067997-1 NYC 10/14/1941
33-0512 Carter Family The Rambling Boy 067998-1 NYC 10/14/1941
33-0513 Jimmie Rodgers The Soldier’s Sweetheart 39767-4 Vi 20864; MW4452 Bristol 8/4/1927
33-0513 Jimmie Rodgers The Sailor’s Plea 41739-1 Vi V40054; BB6246; MW5036 Camden 2/14/1928
33-0514 Cliff Carlisle Blue Dreams 07162-1 MW7823 Charlotte 2/19/1937
33-0514 Cliff Carlisle Lonely 011920-1 MW7821 Charlotte 8/4/1937
33-0515A Roy Hall and his Blue Ridge Entertainers I’m Glad We Didn’t Say Goodbye 071052-1 Atlanta 10/1/1941 E. B. Christian
33-0515B Roy Hall and his Blue Ridge Entertainers The Best of Friends Must Part 071054-1 Atlanta 10/1/1941
33-0516A Blue Sky Boys (Bill and Earl Bolick) Why Not Confess 054508-1 MW8846 Atlanta 10/7/1940 (-)
33-0516B Blue Sky Boys (Bill and Earl Bolick) Since The Angels Took My Mother Away 054510-1 MW8847 Atlanta 10/7/1940 Geo. Filenius – Beth Rhodes – Hal Kent
33-0517A Elton Britt I’m A Convict With Old Glory In My Heart Dave McEnery – Bob Miller
33-0517B Elton Britt The Best Part Of Travel Van Sciver – Bob Miller
33-0518A Carson Robison 1945 Mother Goose Rhymes ~1944
33-0518B Carson Robison The Dame I Left Behind Me
33-0519A Montana Slim Just One More Ride Wilf Carter
33-0519B Montana Slim It Makes No Difference Now
33-0520A Eddy Arnold and his Tennessee Plowboys Mother’s Prayer
33-0520B Eddy Arnold and his Tennessee Plowboys Mommy Please Stay Home With Me Arnold – Fowler – Hall
33-0521 Elton Britt Weep No More, My Darlin’
33-0521 Elton Britt Someday
33-0522A Boyd Heath Smoke on the Water Earl Nunn – Zeke Clements
33-0522B Boyd Heath Dreamy Rio Grande
33-0523 Buchanan Brothers Mama, I’m Sick
33-0523 Buchanan Brothers I Got Worries
33-0524 Elton Britt Good-Bye, May God Take Care of You
33-0524 Elton Britt Soldier’s Last Letter
33-0525 Texas Jim Robertson Rodger Young
33-0525 Texas Jim Robertson Talk To The Boss In The Sky
33-0526 Carson Robison Hirohito’s Letter to Hitler
33-0526 Carson Robison Hitler’s Last Letter to Hirohito
33-0527 Eddy Arnold and his Tennessee Plowboys Cattle Call
33-0527 Eddy Arnold and his Tennessee Plowboys Each Minute Seems a Million Years
33-0528 Texas Jim Robertson Last Page Of Mein Kampf
33-0528 Texas Jim Robertson You’ll Never Be Blue In A Blue Uniform
33-0529 Elton Britt Darling, What More Can I Do?
33-0529 Elton Britt Don’t Weep, Don’t Mourn, Don’t Worry
30-0530A Bill Boyd and his Cowboy Ramblers Shame on You Spade Cooley
30-0530B Bill Boyd and his Cowboy Ramblers At Mail Call Today Gene Autry – Fred Rose
33-0531A The BUCHANAN BROTHERS Colin Kelly, Will You Tell the Boys Up Yonder
33-0531B The BUCHANAN BROTHERS Troubles in Heart
33-0532 Boyd Heath Wailee, Sweet Wailee
33-0532 Boyd Heath Swaller-Tail Coat
33-0533 Bill Boyd & his Cowboy Ramblers No Time For Tears
33-0533 Bill Boyd & his Cowboy Ramblers Highways Are Happy Ways
33-0534 unissued?
33-0534 unissued?
33-0535 Eddy Arnold and his Tennessee Plowboys Did You See My Daddy Over There
33-0535 Eddy Arnold and his Tennessee Plowboys I Walk Alone
33-0536A The Buchanan Brothers Blow, Forty Seven, Blow Esther Van Sciver – Bob Miller
33-0536B The Buchanan Brothers Them Good Old Times Are Comin’ Back Again
33-0537 Carter Family Keep on the Sunny Side 45022-1R Vic 21434 Camden 5/9/1928 Ada Blenkhorn – J. Howard Entwisle
33-0537 Carter Family When the World’s on Fire
33-0538 Elton Britt I’m All That’s Left of That Old Quartette
33-0538 Elton Britt Ridin’ With My Gal
33-0539 Montana Slim Memories that Never Die 068647-1 BB4740 NYC 12/16/1941
33-0539 Montana Slim I May Be Wrong 068650-1 BB55-3209 NYC 12/16/1941
33-0540 Eddy Arnold and his Tennessee Plowboys Many Tears Ago 7/9/1945
33-0540 Eddy Arnold and his Tennessee Plowboys You Must Walk the Line
33-0541 Buchanan Brothers Hurry Johnny Hurry
33-0541 Buchanan Brothers The Bottom Fell Out of the Sky