Cat# Artist: Title: MX Xref: Loc: Date: Comp:
30-0800A Jan Savitt and his Orch If I Cared A Little Bit Less (v. Joe Martin) PBS 072516-1 Hwd 7/28/1942 Berkeley Graham – Carley Mills
30-0800B Jan Savitt and his Orch Romance A La Mode (v. Gloria DeHaven) PBS 072517-1 Hwd 7/28/1942 Kim Gannon–Arthur Altman
30-0801A Wingie Manone and his Orch MY HONEYS LOVIN’ ARMS BS 041975-1 NYC 9/6/1939 Herman Ruby – Joseph Meyer
30-0801B Wingie Manone and his Orch When My Sugar Walks Down the Street (v. Wingy Manone) BS 041976-1 NYC 9/6/1939 Austin – McHugh – Fields
30-0802A Tony Pastor and his Orch Soft Hearted (v. Eugenie Baird) BS 074797-1A Chi 7/31/1942 Frank Loesser – Jimmy McHugh “Seven Days’ Leave”
30-0802B Tony Pastor and his Orch Hey, Mabel! BS 074796-1A Chi 7/31/1942 Fred Stryker
30-0803A Art Kassell and his Kassels-in-the-Air Pennsylvania Polka (v. Harry Crawford) BS 074756-1 Chi 7/20/1942 Lester Lee – Zeke Manners
30-0803B Art Kassell and his Kassels-in-the-Air Where the Mountain Meets the Sky (v. Kassel Trio) BS 074757-1 Chi 7/20/1942 Aston “Deacon” Williams
30-0804A Barry Wood Ev’rybody Ev’ry Payday Tom Adair – Dick Uhl
30-0804B Barry Wood March for the New Infantry Tom Adair – Dick Uhl
30-0805 unissued
30-0805 unissued
30-0806A The Southern Sons Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition 75637=1=1B 10/22/1942 Frank Loesser
30-0806B The Southern Sons Lift Every Voice and Sing 75638 10/22/1942 James Weldon Johnson – J. Rosamond Johnson
30-0807A Shep Fields and his New Music Please Think Of Me (v. Ralph Young) BS 074787-1A Chi 7/29/1942 Davis – Morgan – Murray
30-0807B Shep Fields and his New Music Take It Slow BS 074788-1A Chi 7/29/1942 Fred Noble
30-0808A Carson Robison with orch The Old Gray Mare Is Back Where She Used to Be BS 075429-1 NYC 7/17/1942 Carson Robison
30-0808B Carson Robison with orch I’m Goin’ Back to Whur I Come From BS 075430-1 NYC 7/17/1942 Carson Robison
30-0809A Teddy Powell and His Orch “Murder,” He Says (v. Peggy Mann) BS 075567-1 NYC 7/17/1942 Frank Loesser – Jimmy McHugh “Happy-Go-Lucky”
30-0809B Teddy Powell and His Orch Let’s Get Lost (v. Peggy Mann) BS 075565-1 NYC 7/17/1942 Frank Loesser – Jimmy McHugh “Happy-Go-Lucky”
30-0810A Four Vagabonds ROSIE THE RIVETER D3AB5 NYC 1/15/1943 Redd Evans – John Jacob Loeb
30-0810B Four Vagabonds I HAD THE CRAZIEST DREAM D3AB3 NYC 1/15/1943 Mack Gordon – Harry Warre “Springtime in the Rockies”
30-0811A Four Vagabonds ROSE ANN OF CHARING CROSS D3AB4 NYC 1/15/1943 Kermit Goell – Mabel Wayne
30-0811B Four Vagabonds TEN LITTLE SOLDIERS D3AB6-1 NYC 1/15/1943 S. and K. Werner – A. Silver
30-0812A SPIKE JONES & HIS CITYSLICKERS OH BY JINGO (v. Del Porter) PBS 072526-1 Hwd 7/28/1942 Lew Brown – Albert Von Tilzer
30-0812B SPIKE JONES & HIS CITYSLICKERS SHEIK OF ARABY (v. Del Porter, Carl Grayson) PBS 072527-1 Hwd 7/28/1942 Smith – Wheeler – Snyder
30-0813A ERSKINE HAWKINS & HIS ORCH DON’T CRY, BABY (v. Jimmy Mitchell) BS 073288-1 NYC 5/27/1942 JIMMY MITCHELL – SAMMY LOWE
30-0814A “Fats” Waller and his Rhythm Your Sox Don’t Match BS 068813-1 NYC 12/26/1941 Leon Carr – Leo Corday
30-0814B “Fats” Waller and his Rhythm Up Jumped You With Love BS 075425-1 NYC 7/13/1942 Ed Kirkeby – Thos. “Fats” Waller
30-0815A Four Vagabonds COMIN’ IN ON A WING AND A PRAYER D3AB78 NYC 5/26/1943 Harold Adamson – Jimmy McHugh
30-0815B Four Vagabonds IT CAN’T BE WRONG D3AB77 NYC 5/26/1943 Kim Gannon – Max Steiner “Now Voyager”
30-0816A Bea Wain (Walter Gross orch) Blue Rain 11/8/1939 Johnny Mercer – Jimmy Van Heusen
30-0816B Bea Wain Hello, My Lover, Good-bye 11/8/1939 Edward Heyman – Johnny Green
30-0817A Johnny Hodges and his Orch Passion Flower PBS 061347-1 Hwd 7/3/1941 Billy Strayhorn
30-0817B Johnny Hodges and his Orch GOING OUT THE BACK PBS 061349-1 Hwd 7/3/1941 Johnny Hodges
30-0818A SPIKE JONES & HIS CITYSLICKERS Hotcha Cornia PBS 072524-1 Hwd 7/28/1942 arr. Del Porter – Spike Jones “Thank Your Lucky Stars”
30-0818B SPIKE JONES & HIS CITYSLICKERS The Wild, Wild Women (v. Del Porter) PBS 072020-1 Hwd 1/12/1942 Wilson – Lewis – Piantadosi
30-0819A Erskine Hawkins CHERRY (v. Jimmy Mitchelle) BS 038420-1 BB 10540A NYC 7/18/1939 Don Redman
30-0819B Erskine Hawkins COUNTRY BOY BS 073291-1 NYC 5/27/1942 Dud Bascomb – William Johnson
30-0821A The Four King Sisters (Alvino Rey orch) I’ll Get By (As Long As I Have You) 54698 BB 10856 8/8/1940 Roy Turk – Fred E. Ahlert
30-0821B Spike Jones and his City Slickers Behind Those Swinging Doors (v. Del Porter) PBS 061519-1 BB 11282A 8/8/1941 Fleming Allen
30-0822A The Four King Sisters MAIRZY DOATS D4AB28 5/1/1944 Drake – Hoffman – Livingston
30-0822B The Four King Sisters ITS LOVE D4AB29 5/1/1944 David – Whitney – Kramer
30-0823A Lena Horne w. Charlie Barnet and his Orch Good-For-Nothin’ Joe BS 058768-1 BB 11037A NYC 1/7/1941 Ted Koehler – Rube Bloom
30-0823B Lena Horne w. Charlie Barnet and his Orch Haunted Town BS 060362-1 BB 11093A NYC 1/23/1941 Nigel Altman – Alec Fogarty
30-0824A The Four King Sisters San Fernando Valley D4VB70 3/22/1944 Gordon Jenkins
30-0824B The Four King Sisters Milkman, Keep Those Bottles Quiet D4VB69 3/22/1944 Don Raye – Gene DePaul “Broadway Rhythm”
30-0825A COLEMAN HAWKINS & HIS ORCH BODY AND SOUL BS 042936-1 VI20-2539; BB 10523A NYC 10/11/1939 HEYMAN – SOUR – EYTON – GREEN
30-0825B Earl Hines and his Orch IT HAD TO BE YOU (v. Madeline Green + the Three Varieties) PBS 061540-1 BB 11308A Hwd 8/20/1941 GUS KAHN – ISHAM JONES “Show Business”
30-0826A Charlie Barnet and his Orch I’ll Remember April (v. Bob Carroll) PBS 061712-1 BB 11417A Hwd 10/5/1941 Gene dePaul – Don Raye
30-0826B Alvino Rey and his Orch Don’t Take Your Love from Me (v. Yvonne King) BS 066827-1 BB 11272A NYC 7/14/1941 Henry Nemo
30-0827A Tony Pastor and His Orch Dance with a Dolly (With a Hole in Her Stocking) BS 046460-1 BB 10582A NYC 7/18/1940 Shand – Eaton – Leader
30-0827B Shep Fields and His New Music Don’t Blame Me BS 063858-1 BB 11225A NYC 5/6/1941 Dorothy Fields – Jimmy McHugh
30-0829A The Four King Sisters The Trolley Song D4AB233 8/17/1944 Hugh Martin – Ralph Blane “Meet Me In St. Louis”
30-0829B The Four King Sisters (All of a Sudden) My Heart Sings D4AB232 8/17/1944 Rome – Jamblan – Herpin
30-0831A HAL McINTYRE & HIS ORCH I’M MAKING BELIEVE (v. Ruth Gaylor) D4VB0435 11/21/1944 Mack Gordon – James V. Monaco “Sweet and Low Down”
30-0831B Hal McIntyre and his Orch I’m in a Jam With Baby D4VB0434 11/21/1944 Ted Koehler – Ray Heindors – M. K. Jerome
30-0832A Martha Stewart (All of a Sudden) My Heart Sings Rome – Jamblan – Herpin “Anchors Aweigh”
30-0832B Martha Stewart There Goes That Song Again Sammy Cahn – Jule Styne “Carolina Blues”
30-0833A Shep Fields’ New Music Sweet Dreams, Sweetheart (v. Meredith Blake) Ted Koehler – M. K. Jerome “Hollywood Canteen”
30-0833B Shep Fields’ New Music Twilight Time Ram – Nevins – Nevins – Dunn
30-0834A Hal McIntyre and His Orch Don’t Fence Me In (v. Al Nobel, Ruth Gaylor) D4VB0433 11/21/1944 Cole Porter “Hollywood Canteen”
30-0834B Hal McIntyre and His Orch Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater D4VB0436 11/21/1944 Hal McIntyre
30-0835A Shep Fields and His New Music After a While (v. Gene Martin) Kenny – Kenny – Silver
30-0835B Shep Fields and His New Music Why Don’t-cha Kiss Me? (Like You Kissed Me Last Night) (v. Tommy Lucas) Mort Greene – Allie Wrubel
30-0837A Hal McIntyre and His Orch My Funny Valentine (v. Ruth Gaylor) D4VB0521 12/29/1944 Lorenz Hart – Richard Rodgers
30-0837B Hal McIntyre and His Orch Saturday Night (Is the Loneliest Night of the Week) (v: Ruth Gaylor) D4VB0477 12/18/1944 Sammy Cahn – Jule Styne