5000 C-3117 If I Had You Lee Sims (piano) (Br 4339)
C-3118 Caressing You
5001 E-29343 You Were Meant For Me Scrappy Lambert (tenor, with orch.) (Br 4275)
E-29344 The Broadway Melody
5002 E-29702 Lover, Come Back To Me Jessica Dragonette (soprano, with orch.) (Br 4355)
E-29714 The Vagabond King
5003 671 High School Cadets The United States Military Academy Band (recorded at West Point) (Br 4005)
672 Washington Post March
5004 E-28171 Prelude In D Major / Rush Hour In Hong Kong (Chasins) Ignace Hilsberg (piano) (Br 4306)
E-28172 Etude, Op. 2 (Scriabin)
5005 E-29334 The Holy City (Adams) Lew White (organ) (Br 4276)
E-29335 The Palms (Les Rameaux) (Faure)
5006 E-29733 Deep Night Lew White (organ) (Br 4361)
E-29734 Mean To Me
5007 C-2818 (You’re Not Asking Me) I’m Telling You Nick Lucas (comedian) (Br 4214 / 4215)
C-2832 Heart O’ Mine
5008 E-29661 Underneath The Russian Moon Belle Baker (comedienne, with orch.) (Br 4343)
E-29662 My Sin
5009 E-29455 Wedding Bells (Are Breaking Up That Old Gang Of Mine) Dick Robertson (comedian, with orch.) (Br 4290 / 4341)
E-29593½ Peace Of Mind
5010 E-29529 I Get The Blues When It Rains Cotton & Morpheus (vocal duet) (Br 4324)
E-29530 Wake Up! Chillun Wake Up!
5011 E-29478 The Things That Were Made For Love Hal Kemp and his Carolina Orchestra (Br 4307)
E-29479 That’s What I Call Heaven
5012 E-29566 Underneath The Russian Moon (waltz) Regent Club Orchestra (Br 4314)
E-29596 My Sin King Solomon and his Miners (Bob Haring O) (Br 4342)
5013 E-29452 Fioretta King Solomon and his Miners (Bob Haring O) (Br 4288)
E-29453 Dream Boat (waltz)
5014 E-29349 Till We Meet Ben Bernie & his Hotel Roosevelt Orchestra (Br 4284)
E-29508 Building A Nest For Mary Red Nichols and his Captivators (Br 4321)
5015 E-29345 Just An Old Love Affair (waltz) Regent Club Orchestra (Br 4280)
E-29346 Blue Waters (waltz)
5016 E-29597 The One In The World King Solomon and his Miners (Bob Haring O) (Br 4356)
E-29713 Peace Of Mind
5017 E-29632 She’s Got Great Ideas Six Jumping Jacks (Br 4351)
E-29633 Oh! Baby, What A Night
5018 E-29340 Hello Sunshine Hello King Solomon and his Miners (Bob Haring O) (Br 4281)
E-29342 You’re The Only One For Me
5019 E-29222 Chinatown, My Chinatown Red Nichols and his Five Pennies (Br 4363
E-29710 On The Alamo
5020 E-29711 Sing A Little Love Song King Solomon and his Miners (Bob Haring O) (Br 4349)
E-29712 Hittin’ The Ceiling
5021 E-29684 That’s You, Baby King Solomon and his Miners (Bob Haring O) (Br 4347)
E-29685 Walking With Susie
5022 E-29599 Breakaway Arnold Johnson and his Orchestra (Br 4348)
E-29700 Big City Blues
5024 E-24642 The Dear Little Shamrock Frank Munn (tenor, with orch.) (Br 4332)
E-29226 Mother Machree Allen McQuhae (tenor, with orch.) (Br 4332)
5026 E-29249 Sweethearts On Parade Lew White (organ, with trumpet & drum) (Br 4263)
MP-26 Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers Eddie Dunstedter (organ) (Br 4293)
5027 E-29300 My Tonia Lew White (organ, with guitar & vibraphone) (Br 4263)
MP-14 That’s How I Feel About You Eddie Dunstedter (organ) (Br 4320)
5028 E-29952 The Return Of Barnacle Bill the Sailor Francis Luther (comedian, with orch.) (Br 4371)
E-29953 Peg-Leg Jack
5029 E-27700 Will You Come To Bonnie Scotland? Sandy MacFarlane (comedian, with orch.) (Br 4235)
E-27701 My Highland Rose
5030 E-29554 I’ll Always Be In Love With You Belle Baker (comedienne, with orch.) (Br 4313)
E-29555 Old Fashioned Lady
5032 E-29812 Some Sweet Day Dick Robertson (tenor, with orch.) (Br 4367)
E-29939 The Weddinng Of The Painted Doll Scrappy Lambert (tenor, with orch.) (Br 4380)
5033 E-29840 Pretty Little Thing Roger Wolf Kahn and his Orchestra (Br 4374)
E-29841 Heigh-Ho! Everybody Heigh-Ho!
5034 LAE-416 All A-Twitter Jesse Stafford and his Orchestra (Br 4250)
LAE-417 I Wanna Go Places And Do Things
5035 To Be In Love Hal Kemp and his Orchestra
5037 E-29523½ Rampart Street Blues The Cotton Pickers (Br 4325)
E-29525 Kansas City Kitty
5038 E-29950 Sleepy Valley (waltz) Regent Club Orchestra ()Br 4370)
E-29951 My Dear (waltz)
5039 E-29934 Here We Are Ben Bernie and his Hotel Roosevelt Orchestra (Br 4385)
E-29935 Please Let Me Dream In Your Arms
5044 E-29043 Makin’ Whoopee Harry Richman (comedian, with orch.) (Br 4420)
E-29981 Now I’m In Love
5045 E-29129 Button Up Your Overcoat Ben Bernie and his Hotel Roosevelt Orchestra (Br 4204)
E-29130 I Want To Be Bad
5046 E-29139 My Lucky Star Hal Kemp and his Carolina Orchestra (Br 4212)
E-29140 You Wouldn’t Fool Me – Would You?
5047 E-28880 I’m Bringing A Red, Red Rose Ben Bernie and his Hotel Roosevelt Orchestra (Br 4142
E-29991 Makin’ Whoopee
5048 LAE-497 Painting The Clouds With Sunshine Nick Lucas (vocal, with guitar & orch.) (Br 4418)
LAE-498 Tip-Toe Thru’ The Tulips
5051 E-29991 Miss You Meyer Davis’ Hotel Astor Orchestra (Br 4414)
E-29992 Am I A Passing Fancy?

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