Cat# Artist: Title: MX Xref: Loc: Date: Comp:
101 Red Saunders and His Orch Summertime BL-54101 Chi 12-31-53 Gershwin
101 Red Saunders and His Orch Riverboat BL-54102 Chi 12-31-53 Terry
102 Joe Williams In The Evening BL-54103 Chi 09/28/53 Turner
102 Joe Williams Tired Of Moving BL-54104 Chi 09/28/53 Williams
103 Ann Carter You Oughta Quit It BL-54105 Chi May-54 Carter
103 Ann Carter Lovin’ Daddy Blues BL-54106 Chi May-54 Carter
104 King Fleming’s Quintette William’s Blues BL-54107 Chi Mar-54 Williams
104 King Fleming’s Quintette One O’Clock Jump BL-54108 Chi Mar-54 Basie
105 Sunnyland Slim Going Back To Memphis BL-54109 Chi Mar-54 Louandrew
105 Sunnyland Slim Devil Is A Busy Man BL-541010 Chi Mar-54 Louandrew
106 Baby Boy Warren Mattie Mae BL-54113 Det Apr-54 Warren
106 Baby Boy Warren Santa Fe BL-54114 Det Apr-54 Warren
107 Sunnyland Slim Shake It, Baby BL-54115 Chi May-54 Sunnyland Slim
107 Sunnyland Slim Bassology BL-54116 Chi May-54
108 Lou Mac Come Back, Little Daddy BL-54121 Chi Oct-54 Lou Mac – Bob Call
108 Lou Mac Hard To Get Along With BL-54122 Chi Oct-54
109 Walter Spriggs I’m Not Your Fool Anymore BL-54123 Chi Oct-54 Benson – Spriggs
109 Walter Spriggs Week End Man BL-54124 Chi Oct-54 Benson – Spriggs
110 L.C. McKinley Rosalie Blues issued? Chi 5/19/1953
110 L.C. McKinley All Alone Blues issued? Chi 5/19/1953
111 The Maples (Von Freeman Combo) I Must Forget You BL-54127 Chi Nov-54 Childers – Benson
111 The Maples (Von Freeman Combo) 99 Guys BL-54128 Chi Nov-54 Childers – Benson
112 The Fascinators Can’t Stop BL-55228 Chi 3/14/1955 Potter – Blackshear
112 The Fascinators Don’t Give My Love Away BL-55229 Chi 3/14/1955 Potter – Blackshear
113 “Little” Willy Foster Falling Rain Blues P53222 Parrot 813 Chi 1/14/1955 Foster
113 “Little” Willy Foster Four Day Jump P53223 Parrot 813 Chi Foster
114 Lou Mac Slow Down BL-55131 Chi May-55
114 Lou Mac Baby BL-55131 Chi May-55
115 Five Chances All I Want BL-55-129 Chi May-55 Five Chances
115 Five Chances Shake-A-Link BL-55-130 Chi May-55
116 Little Papa Joe {Jody Williams} Looking For My Baby BL-55133 Chi 12/5/1955 J. Williams
116 Little Papa Joe {Jody Williams} Easy Lovin’ BL-55134 Chi 12/5/1955 J. Williams
117 Lu Mac I’ll Never Let Him Know BL-55-141 Chi 12/9/1955 McClinton
117 Lu Mac Albert Is His Name BL-55-142 Chi 12/9/1955 McClinton
118 Leon Tarver Somebody Help Me BL-55-281 Chi Dec-55 L. Tarver
118 Leon Tarver Oh Baby, I’m Blue BL-55-282 Chi Dec-55 L. Tarver
119 Lou Mac Take Your Trouble To A Friend B-825 Chi Apr-56 Burton – Klien
119 Lou Mac Move Me B-826 Chi Apr-56 Willie Dixon
1001 Veteran Singers Give It Up BL-54111 Parrot 1001 Chi early ’54 (-)
1001 Veteran Singers The Old Account Was Settled BL-54112 Parrot 1001 Chi early ’54 (-)
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