A200 single-sided series (Sourced from Hawthorne & Sheble M-series and from Leeds & Catlin)

Cat # Artist: Tune: Matrix: cross-ref. Location: Date: Composer:
A201 Negro Shout Turkey in the Straw M4100 H&S
A202 descriptive specialty The Arkansas Traveler M1335 H&S
A203 quartette Nearer, My God, To Thee M2609 H&S
A204 Henry Burr Jesus Lover of My Soul
A205 band Cherry Intermezzo
A206 banjo-harp-guitar trio Chicken Chowder
A208 Take the Name of Jesus With You
A209 band Golden Gate March M3401 H&S
A211 quartette Minstrel Record G M5414 H&S
A212 baritone, contralto, tenor Whistle It
A213 band Jolly Coppersmith M5029 Peter
A214 Monkey on a String
A216 quartette The Glory Song M1226 H&S
A217 banjo solo Motor March M5104 H&S
A218 duet Let the Lower Lights Be Burning
A219 band Forge in the Forest
A221 quartette My Old Kentucky Home
A222 xylophone Iola Intermezzo
A223 baritone When the Mocking Birds Are Singing in the Wildwood M2244 H&S
A224 minstrels Minstrel Record D
A225 piccolo Sweet Birdie Imperial 45170
A227 soprano Waiting at the Church
A229 tenor Aren’t You Coming Back Imperial 45640
A231 band Cross Your Heart
A232 tenor Meet Me, Sweet Kathleen, In Honey Suckle Time
A233 quartette Alice Where Art Thou M5113 H&S
A234 violin Jigs and Reels Medley Imperial 44047
A235 Len Spencer Lord’s Prayer / 23rd Psalm Imperial 45654
A237 quartette Nellie Dean M5266 H&S


D500 double-sided series (Columbia pressed )

Cat # Artist: Tune: MX: Xref: Ctrl: Date: Comp:
D500 {Columbia} Orchestra Angel’s Serenade 64 {Braga}
D500 Band Then You’ll Remember Me 562
D501 Columbia Quartette Annie Laurie 716
D501 Caroline Kendrick The Last Rose Of Summer 1717
D502 Columbia Band Jolly Fellows Waltz 268
D502 Columbia Band Anona – Intermezzo Two-Step 1597
D503 Columbia Band Arbitration March 480
D503 Band Gondolier’s Waltz 5665
D504 L. I. Marsh – Henry Burr Are You Sincere? 3912
D504 Harry Tally Love Me Just Because 3916
D505 Collins and Harlan Honey Won’t You Love Me Like You Used To 3451
D505 talking {H. Spencer – George Schweinfest} The Arkansas Traveller 26
D506 Band Hearts And Flowers 419
D506 Band Jolly Coppersmith 628
D507 George Alexander Just As I Am 3654
D507 Vocal Quartette Lead, Kindly Light 510
D508 J.W. Myers Fare Thee Well, My Old Kentucky Home 3559
D508 Collins and Harlan Bake Dat Chicken Pie 3610
D509 Columbia Band with bird imitations The Birds And The Brook 49 {Stults}
D509 Columbia Orchestra The Wizard – March and Two-Step 1691
D510 Billy Murray I’m Afraid To Come Home In The Dark 3767
D510 Vocal Quartette Black Jim 3750
D511 Band Marching Thru Georgia 507
D511 Band The Forge in the Forest 479
D512 Ada Jones and Billy Murray I Could Learn To Love You When You 3729
D512 Frank C. Stanley From Your Dear Heart To Mine 3757
D513 Xylophone solo Happy Days In Dixie 530
D513 Band Sliding Jim 3405
D514 Band Polish Mazurka 8031
D514 Band Nardoni, Valse Bohemian 8030 Karl Komzák
D515 Stehl, Lufsky & Sürth The Herd Girl’s Dream 3908
D515 Vess Ossman, banjo The Invincible Eagle March 4025
D516 George P. Watson Schneider, Does Your Mother Know You’re Out? 589
D516 George P. Watson Hi-Le Hi-Lo 591
D517 J.F. Harrison – H. Anthony Take The Name Of Jesus With You 3572
D517 Tenor The Holy City 60 {Adams}
D518 Mrs A. Stewart Holt Sweet Hour Of Prayer 3401
D518 Columbia Quartette The Hymns Of The Old Church Choir 3693
D519 Arthur Collins If I’m Going To Die, I’m Going To Have Some Fun 3715
D519 Columbia Quartette Pride Of The Prairie 3769
D520 Collins and Harlan I’m A Running After Nancy 3727
D520 Ada Jones – Gilbert Girard Sunrise At The Zoo 3758
D521 George Alexander In The Sweet By-and-Bye 3365
D521 Columbia Quartette Ring The Bells Of Heaven 3511
D522 Albert Campbell In The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree 3153
D522 Byron G. Harlan With The Robins I’ll Return 3429
D523 Columbia Orchestra Soko March 1755
D523 Columbia Orchestra Blue Danube Waltz 264
D524 Bob Roberts He Walked Right In, Turned Around 3519
D524 Frank Williams Brother Masons 3315
D525 Spencer Trio My Dream 649
D525 Len Spencer – Alf Holt Kraumeyer and His Dog Schneider 3078
D526 Vocal Quartette A Characteristic Negro Medley 890
D526 Cal Stewart – Len Spencer Uncle Josh At The Dentist 3640
D527 band Cherry Intermezzo 3550
D527 band Petite Tonkinoise
D528 Vess L. Ossman Policy King March 3605
D528 Vess L. Ossman – Dudley Trio Chicken Chowder – Two-Step 3591
D529 Arthur Bergh, violin Czardas 3246
D529 Thomas Mills, xylophone Iola Intermezzo 3530
D530 {Columbia} Orchestra Dancing On The Housetops 598 {Christie}
D530 Orchestra Kaiser Jaeger March 40925
D531 Emil Muench Deutschland, Deutschland 123
D531 Emil Muench Wie Mag es wohl gekommen sein 1166
D532 Orchestra Dixie Girl, two-step 1556
D532 Henry Burr My Dreams 1351
D533 Vaudeville (Steve Porter) Flanagan On The Farm 3639
D533 Vocal Quartette Down On The Farm 822
D534 Frank C. Stanley – Henry Burr The Flowers Outside The café 3728
D534 Frank C. Stanley – Henry Burr Some Day You’ll Come Back To Me 3755
D535 Harvey Hindermeyer Maxim’s (from The Merry Widow) 3761
D535 Henry Burr Some day When Dreams Come True 3784
D536 Band The Santiago March 3780
D536 Emilia Vergeri and Felix La Sierra La Viuda Alegre (Merry Widow Waltz) 12752
D537 Band The Minute Man March 3782
D537 Band Red Wing(Indian Intermezzo) 3748
D538 Arthur Collins My Dusky Rose 3415
D538 Cal Stewart A Monkey On A String, A Laughing Story 3465
D539 Band The New Colonial March 1010
D539 Band My College Chum Waltz (On College Song) 1855
D540 Cal Stewart Uncle Josh at a Meeting of the School House Directors 1504
D540 Vocal Quartette My Old Kentucky Home 512
D541 Cal Stewart Uncle Josh At Camp Meeting – Laughing Story 1408
D541 Male Quartette Old Oaken Bucket 521
D542 Orchestra Selections From “The Red Mill” 3552
D542 Orchestra On Guard
D543 Orchestra Over The Waves Waltz 637
D543 Frank C. Stanley – Henry Burr She’s The Fairest Little Flower Dear Old Dixie Ever Grew 3785
D544 xylophone Solo Pickaninny Polka 528
D544 Orchestra Bells Pretty As A Butterfly 1821
D545 J.W. Myers Virginia Song (I Was Born In Virginia) 3390
D545 Frank C. Stanley – Henry Burr Red Wing (An Indian Fable) 3681
D546 Byron G. Harlan Where the Morning Glories Twine Around The Door 3282
D546 Rambler Minstrel Company San Antonio (Minstrel Record H) (v. Billy Murray) 3608
D547 Billy Murray Under Any Old Flag at All 3768
D547 Billy Murray Fairest Flower Dixie Ever Grew
D548 Band Under Arms March 3551
D548 Marshall Lufsky, piccolo Sweet Birdie Polka 3570
D549 Billy Golden Turkey In The Straw – Negro Shout 1101
D549 Bob Roberts Why Don’t You Write When You Don’t Need Money 3520
D550 Claude A. Cunningham Father, Thou Knowest 3189
D550 Columbia Male Quartette When de Roll Is Called Up Yonder 3752
D551 Bob Roberts I’ve Got A Vacant Room For You 3597
D551 Columbia Quartette My Creole Sue 750
D552 Arthur Bergh Jocelyn – Berceuse 3253
D552 Chas P. Lowe American Patrol 3044
D553 Billy Murray In My Merry Oldsmobile 3564
D553 Male Voices Meeting Of The Hen Roost Club 3609
D554 Frank C. Stanley When The Snowbirds Cross The Valley 3598
D554 Vocal Quartette In The Wild Wood Where The Bluebells Grow 3648
D555 Will F. Denny You’ll Have To Get Off And Walk 3662
D555 Frank C. Stanley – Henry Burr Iola 3571
D556 Bob Roberts I’ve Got A Tickling Sensation Round My Heart For You 3743
D556 Collins and Harlan Who Do You Love? 3712
D557 Vess L. Ossman Maple Leaf Rag 3626
D557 Walter Biederman Jigs and Reels Medley 3553
D558 Albert Campbell Neath The Old Acorn Tree Sweet Estelle 3744
D558 E. Stevenson – Frank C. Stanley June Moon 3713
D559 Baritone solo Good-bye 1107
D559 J.W. Myers Just Before the Battle, Mother 1746
D560 Cal Stewart Uncle Josh Plays Santa Clause 3738
D560 Ada Jones and Billy Murray Let’s take An Old Fashioned Walk 3714
D561 Vocal Quartette Nearer My God To Thee 518
D561 Frederick Weld Shepherd Show Me How To Go 3657
D562 Band Liberty Bell March 478
D562 Band Manisot March 30 {Brooke}
D563 Band Nibenlungen March 958
D563 Band Lohengrin – Bridal March 185
D564 Male Voices (Quartette) Tenting on the Old Camp Ground 514
D564 Albert Campbell Maryland, My Maryland 3563
D565 Joseph Belmont – Byron G. Harlan Merry Farmer Boy 3651
D565 Arthur Collins Ta, Ta, Au Revoir, I’m Going To Go 3656
D566 Arthur Collins – Byron G. Harlan The Right Church, But The Wrong Pew 3966
D566 Marshall Lufsky Nightingale and Thrush 3509
D567 Carroll Clark Doan Ye Cry, Ma Honey 3972
D567 Columbia Quartette Mandy lane 3974
D568 Billy Murray Arab Love Song 3975
D568 Harvey Hindermeyer No One Knows 3973
D569 Cal Stewart Uncle Josh Has His Photographs Taken (Laughing Story) 3970
D569 Frank C. Stanley – Henry Burr Big Red Shawl 3969
D570 Vess L. Ossman Drowsy Dempsey 3941
D570 Stehl, Lufsky & Surth Sounds From Home 3940
D571 Les Spencer Making The Fiddle Talk 1065
D571 Collins and Harlan Way Down In Alabam’ 3955
D572 Frank C. Stanley – Henry Burr I Love You As The Roses Love The Dew 3953
D572 Alan Turner The Heart Bowed Down 3949
D573 Columbia Band Killarney 437
D573 J.W. Myers Where The Silv’ry Colorado Wends It’s Way 3698
D574 Cal Stewart Uncle Josh and the Sailor 3932
D574 Collins and Harlan Honey Lou 3956
D575 Henry Burr I Wonder Who’s Kissing Her Now 4109
D575 Arthur Collins I Love, I Love, I Love My Wife, But Oh You Kid 4115
D576 Orchestra Amina (Serenade Egyptienne) 4067
D576 Band En Altar Mar (Vals)
D577 Samuel Siegel, mandolin Sugar Plum two-step 4018
D577 Stehl, Lufsky & Surth Heim Weh, op. 107 (Longing For Home) 4104
D578 Orchestra The Glow Worm 4093
D578 Orchestra Black and White Rag 4117
D579 Vocal Quartette My Pony Boy 4107
D579 Vocal Quartette Good Night Moonlight 4106
D580 Collins and Harlan My Wife’s Gone To The Country, Hurrah! Hurrah! 4137
D580 Arthur Collins That’s A Plenty 4136
D581 Byron G. Harlan Under The Irish Moon 4138
D581 Vocal Quartette Liza 4128
D582 Daniel Wyper, accordeon High Level Hornpipe 26468
D582 Peter Wyper, accordeon Strathspey 26219
D583 Emil Muench Zwei Auglein Braun 1125
D583 Emil Muench Funiculi, Funicula
D585 Emil Muench Ich Weis Nicht Was Soll Es Bedeuten 131
D585 Emil Muench Am Rhein Und Beim Wein 1384
D587 Emil Muench Das Heidenroslein 1159
D588 Vocal solo in German Die Wacht Am Rhein
D588 Vocal solo in French Echos Du Tyrol
D590 Columbia Band Il Barbiere di Siviglia : Overture 80 {Rossini}
D591 Adolf Ostby (vocal solo in Norwegian) Kofferstrokne (The Fish Story) 41356
D591 Adolf Ostby (vocal solo in Norwegian) Bonden Romerbad (The Peasant at the Roman Bath) 41329
D592 G.A. Lund Om Dagen Vid Mitt Arbete
D592 G.A. Lund So Old, So Healthy (English translation from Swede)
D593 Orchestra Kaernthner Liedermarsch 40929
D593 Orchestra Over The Waves Waltz 637
D594 Halfdan Rode Godnat (Good Night) (Norwegian)
D594 Halfdan Rode (Norwegian) Hytten er Lukket
D595 Vocal record in Bohemian by Skrdlik Posluhovacka pt1
D595 Vocal record in Bohemian by Skrdlik Posluhovacka pt2
D596 Vocal record in Bohemian by Skrdlik Za Starych Casu pt1
D596 Vocal record in Bohemian by Skrdlik Za Starych Casu pt2
D598 Baritone Solo in Bohemian by Frantiska Sira Kde Domov Muj
D598 Tenor Solo in Bohemian by Otokara Marak O Jak Jsa Krasna
D601 Columbia Quartette Dublin’ Daisies 4158
D601 Columbia Quartette Sweetheart’s a Pretty Name When It Is Y-O-U 4159
D602 Henry Burr If You’ve Won The Only One In All The World You Want To Win 4157
D602 Byron Harlan Longing For You 3187
D603 ? My Little Eva 26581
D603 Harry Tally When I Dream In The Gloaming Of You 4150
D604 Frank C. Stanley – E. Stevenson It Is Hard To Kiss Your Sweetheart When The Last Kiss Means Goodbye 4155
D604 H. Hindermeyer If I Had A Thousand Lives To Live 4160
D605 Arthur Collins Abraham Lincoln Jones, or The Christening 4156
D605 Bob Roberts You’ll Never Know Till You Get Married
D606 Eddie Morton Wild Cherry Rag 4151
D606 Stella Tobin I’m Going To Do What I Please 4152
D607 Henry Burr Where Is My Wandering Boy Tonight? 199
D607 George Alexander Abide With Me 3516
D608 Arthur Collins The Preacher And The Bear 3146
D608 Murray, Harlan & Porter At The Village Post Office 3704
D609 Vocal Chorus band Navajo – Two-Step 1483
D609 Marshall P. Lufsky, piccolo Dance California 3607
D610 Frank C. Stanley – Henry Burr Beyond The Smiling And The Weeping 3754
D610 Metropolitan Trio Nothing But Leaves 3753
D611 Columbia Band William Tell – Overture 89
D611 Columbia Band Soldier’s Chorus – from Faust 85 {Gounod}
D613 Collins and Harlan Down Where The Sweet Potatoes Grow 1900
D613 Vocal Quartette Way Down Yonder In The Corn Field 714
D614 Miss Ada Jones Poor John 3604
D614 Ada Jones – Len Spencer Peaches And Cream 3468
D615 Henry Burr Silver Threads Among The Gold 1810
D615 Frank C. Stanley – Henry Burr When Summer Tells Autumn Goodbye 3696
D616 Columbia Quartette Moonlight On The Lake 1801
D616 Albert Campbell The Song Birds Are Singing Of You 3310
D617 Columbia Band Die Wacht Am Rhein 354
D617 George P. Watson Emmett’s Lullaby 590
D618 Columbia Band Poet And Peasant 83 {von Suppe}
D618 Columbia Band Morning, Noon And Night In Vienna – Overture 679
D619 H. Hindermeyer Come To The Land Of Bohemia 3900
D619 Prince’s Orchestra Amoureuse Waltz 635
D620 Rambler Minstrels Co. – Minstrel Record D (Collins and Harlan) Waltz Me Around Again, Willie 3479
D620 Arthur Collins – Byron G. Harlan Evr’y Little Bit. Added To What You’ve Got, Makes It Just A Little Bit More 3678
D621 Orchestra Moonlight Serenade 3219
D621 Bohumir Kryl, cornet The Last Rose Of Summer 1199
D622 Arthur Collins Parson Jones’ Three Reasons 3774
D622 Columbia Orchestra Darkey Tickle 600
D623 Band Prodana Vevesta – March (Bartered Bride) 4004
D623 Marshall P. Lufsky with band Polka Caprice – Piccolo Solo 3668
D627 W. Biederman – Hans Von Wegern On The High Alps 4180
D627 F. Horning, Lufsky & Surth Alpine Violets 4181
D628 Cal Stewart Uncle Josh At The Bug House 3667
D628 Cal Stewart Groundhog Day At Pumpkin Center 3334
D629 Metropolitan Trio Long, Long Ago 4183
D629 F.H. Ornsby A Rose Fable 4024
D630 Frank C. Stanley and Byron G. Harlan I’m Trying So Hard To Forget You 3091
D630 George Alexander In The Gloaming 3594
D631 Band Cadiz Cheuca y Vlaverde
D631 Band Butterflies Selection
D632 Orchestra Onward Christian Soldiers 394
D632 Henry Burr Jesus, Lover Of My Soul 3023
D633 George Alexander Home Sweet Home 3353 M-546 c. Apr ’06 {Payne – Bishop}
D633 Band Dixie 361
D634 George Alexander The Song That Reached My Heart 3313
D634 A. Moser, baritone Ave Maria (Sung in Latin)
D635 Orchestra Spring Song 391
D635 Band Tannhauser – Grand March from 238
D636 Band Our Director March 909
D636 Bells by Edward F. Rubsam with orch Dancing Sun Rays 3110
D637 Orchestra Medley of Vesta Victoria’s Songs 3643
D637 Orchestra Bye Bye Dearie Medley 3740
D638 Band The Mascot Of The Troup 3584
D638 Whistling Solo The Mocking Bird 215
D639 Male Vocal Quartette Waltz Me Around Again, Willie 3450
D639 Albert Campbell ?
D640 Henry Burr Honey On Our Honeymoon 4174
D640 Ada Jones I’ve Got The Rings On My Fingers 4179
D641 Columbia Quartette Lady Love 4169
D641 Frank C. Stanley – Henry Burr Moon Bird 4171
D642 Collins and Harlan Run, Brudder, Possum, Run 4172
D642 Alexander Jones 4176
D643 Frank C. Stanley – Henry Burr Rainbow 3945
D643 Collins and Harlan Arrah Wanna 4222
D644 Prince’s Orchestra Medley Of Christmas Carols 4195
D644 Schatz – Walter Aus Der Ziegunerbaron
D645 Band Lindas Mexicanas
D645 Band The Motor Car Galop
D646 Frank C. Stanley – E. Stevenson What Makes The World Go ‘Round 4198
D646 Columbia Quartette Dreaming Of Mother And Of Home, Sweet Home 4191
D647 Frank C. Stanley – E. Stevenson I’ve Lost My Gal 4165
D647 Jack Charman That’s The Time A Fellow Wants His Ma 26588
D648 Fred Duprez & Bob Roberts Blitz and Blatz in An Aeroplane 4190
D648 Ed Morton Then We Will All Go Home 4175
D649 Columbia Quartette Roses Bring Dreams Of You 3981
D649 Frank C. Stanley – Henry Burr In The Garden Of My Heart 3989
D650 Frank C. Stanley and Byron G. Harlan Dixie 1777
D650 Carroll C. Clark De Little Old Log Cabin In De Lane 4103
D651 Ada Jones Oh, You Candy Kid 4110
D651 Byron G. Harlan My Cousin Caruso 4113
D652 Bob Roberts That Was Me 4003
D652 Rambler Minstrel Co. L-O-V-E Spells Trouble To Me (v. Arthur Collins) 4016
D653 Frank C. Stanley and Byron G. Harlan Meet Me in the Rosetime Rosie 3979
D653 Henry Burr That’s What the Rose Said To Me 3990
D654 Frank C. Stanley When I Marry You 4010
D654 Vocal Trio (Mixed Voices) Won’t You Be My Playmate? 4007
D655 Harry Tally I Wish I Had A Girl 3994
D655 Henry Burr – Columbia Quartette Golden Land Of My Dreams 4000
D656 Orchestra Bells Simplicity (Intermezzo) 3361
D656 Vocal Quartette Kentucky Babe 3055
D657 Band La Marseillaise 475
D657 Band Honor And Glory March 3583
D659 Frank C. Stanley – Henry Burr Singing Bird 4274
D659 Orchestra ?
D660 Arthur Collins Come After Breakfast 4289
D660 Bob Roberts Sadie Salome (Go Home) 4294
D661 Paul Southe Take Me Out For A Joy Ride 4277
D661 Ada Jones Fraidy Cat 4303
D662 Arthur Clough Daisies Won’t Tell 4295
D662 Byron Harlan Like To Be A Soldier
D663 WM. Rochester Casey’s Birthday Party 4321
D663 Collins and Harlan Zoo Lou 4288
D664 Vocal Quartette Wedding Bells 4233
D664 Frank C. Stanley – Henry Burr A Bushel O’ Kisses 4228
D665 C. Morgan – Frank C. Stanley The Moon Has His Eyes On You 3412
D665 Arthur Clough Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet 4273
D666 Columbia Quartette By The Light Of The Silvery Moon 4323
D666 Prince’s Orchestra The Belle Of Brittany – Selections 4331
D667 Paul Southe Cubanola Glide 4324
D667 Ada Jones Oh! What I Know About You 4329
D668 Henry Burr My Southern Rose 4334
D668 Carroll Clark Two Dirty Little Hands 4340
D669 Irving Berlin Oh! How That German Could Love – Comic Song 4333
D669 Billy Murray My Little Dutch Colleen 3500
D670 Mrs A. Stewart-Holt Rock Me To Sleep, Mother 4320
D670 Mrs A. Stewart-Holt Winter Lullaby 4193
D671 Ada Jones Has Anybody Here Seen Kelly 4469
D671 Paul Southe Whoop-La Willie, Don’t Let Me Go 4352
D672 Frank C. Stanley – Henry Burr Red Clover 4354
D672 Henry Burr Where The River Shannon Flows 4358
D673 Bert Williams Mississippi Stoker 3557
D673 Collins and Harlan That Mesmerizing Mendelssohn Tune 4328
D674 Gina Ciaparelli – Taurino Parvis Il Trovatore : Mira d’Acerbe Lagrime 3524
D674 ?
D675 Band Garibaldi March 1866
D675 Band Milano Patriottica March 10636
D676 Prince’s Band Old Number One – March 4374
D676 Prince’s Band Colt’s Armory March 4375
D677 Columbia Quartette The Old Time Religion 4382
D677 Carroll Clark I Want To See The Old Home 4379
D678 Arthur Collins Temptation Rag 4396
D678 Elida Morris w Orchestra You’ll Come Back 4394
D679 Henry Burr Meet Me Tonight In Dreamland 4658
D679 Ada Jones Tickle Toes 4610
D680 Frank C. Stanley – Henry Burr Ogalalla 4759
D680 Collins and Harlan Casey Jones 4827
D681 Arthur Clough Daisies Won’t 4295
D681 Byron Harlan I’d Like to be a Soldier
D682 Miss M. Mayew – Henry Burr Every Little Movement 4608 Harbach – Hooschna
D682 Frederick Bowers Heigh Ho 4602 Croyer “The Echo”
D683 Henry Burr I’ve Got The Time, I’ve Got The Place But It’s Hard To Find The Girl 4562
D683 Walter Van Brunt Any Little Girl That’s A Nice Little Girl is The Right Little Girl For Me 4664
D684 Columbia Quartette When The Bloom Is On The Heather 4591
D684 Brunswick Quartette My Wild Irish Rose 4524
D685 Prince’s Orch I’m Alabama Bound 4552
D685 Prince’s Orch Porcupine Rag 4586
D686 Columbia Band The Mosquito Parade 79
D686 Columbia Orchestra Virginia Skedaddle 634
D687 Walter Damrosch’s Carmen – Toreador Song
D687 Jessie Strauss, violin Hungarian National Dance 3223
D688 Jules Levy, Cornet Palm Branches 917
D688 Columbia Band Paderewski’s Minuet 1009
D689 Columbia Band feat. Vincent Buono, cornet Sea Shell Waltz 1067
D689 Prince’s Military Band Diplomat Waltz 3053
D690 Thomas Mills Donnybrook Fair 3510
D690 Prince’s Orchestra Harrigan’s Reel 3976
D691 Arthur Collins Lovie Joe 4997
D691 ?
D692 Ada Jones Whoop ‘Er Up 4946
D692 Collins and Harlan Oh, That Moonlight Glide 4986
D693 Will H. Thompson You Are The Ideal Of My Dreams 4988
D693 Will H. Thompson All that I Ask Of You Is Love 4987
D694 Edward Morton That’s The Fellow I Want To Get 4863
D694 Edward Morton Don’t Make Me Laugh, Bill 4944
D695 Orchestra Medley of Synder Hits pt1 4995
D695 Orchestra Medley of Synder Hits pt2 4996
D696 Carroll Clark Trabbling Back To Georgia 4507
D696 Carroll Clark Lilly Dale 4502
D697 Cal Stewart Uncle Josh’s Trip To Boston – Laughing Story 1502
D697 Vocal Quartette Church Scene From “The Old Homestead” 449
D698 Columbia Mixed Quartette The Home Over There 4550
D698 Harrison – Anthony Only A Beam Of Sunshine 4551
D699 Prince’s Orchestra Honeysuckle – Intermezzo 4826
D699 Prince’s Orchestra Narcissus 4829
D700 Ada Jones – W. Van Brunt Come Along My Mandy 4561
D700 Elida Morris Kiss Me, My Honey, Kiss Me 4593
D701 Collins and Harlan Kerry Mills’ Barn Dance 4780
D701 Frank C. Stanley – Henry Burr Silver Bell 4852
D702 Collins and Harlan Alexander’s Ragtime Band 19398
D702 Ada Jones – W. Van Brunt It’s Nice To Be Nice To A Nice Little Girl Like You 19401
D703 E. Stevenson – Quartette Some Of These Days 19393
D703 Male Quartette Dixie Gray 19391
D704 Walter Van Brunt Who Are You With Tonight? 19359
D704 E. Stevenson – Henry Burr When You’re In Town 19331
D705 Ada Jones – Walter Van Brunt All Alone 19284
D705 Arthur Collins In The Land of Harmony 19273
D706 Collins and Harlan The Mississippi Dippy Dip 19257
D706 Arthur Collins Steamboat Bill 19280
D707 A. Campbell – Henry Burr On Mobile Bay 19181
D707 Ada Jones We’ve Kept The Golden Rule 19174
D708 Vocal Quartette Look Out For Jimmy Valentine 19451
D708 Bowers I Love the Girls from A to Z 19386
D709 Arthur Collins Railroad Rag 19501
D709 A. Campbell – Henry Burr Waiting Down By The Mississippi Shore 19502
D710 Byron G. Harlan Can’t You Take It Back And Change It For A Boy? 19310
D710 Ada Jones They Always Pick On Me 19514
D711 Brunswick Quartette Sally 19132
D711 Brunswick Quartette Down By The Old Mill Stream 19410
D712 Vocal Quartette My Old Town 19596
D712 Henry Burr When the Nightingale is Singing in the Moonlight 19558
D713 Ed Morton Bill From Louisville 19614
D713 Maurice Burkhart The Ragtime Violin 19590
D719 ? I’m Going Back To Dixie
D719 ?
D721 Byron Harlan They Gotta Quit Kickin’ My Dawg Aroun’
D721 Band King Chanticleer 18788
D722 Fred Van Epps Ahoy, My Lads 19664
D722 Orchestra Just Pushin ‘Round 19613
D725 Brass Band Ephraham Jones
D725 ?
D726 Vocal Quartette Dublin Bay 19697
D726 ?
D731 male quartette Shout All Over God’s Heaven
D731 male quartette Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
D732 W. Whitlock, bells Baby’s Lullaby
D732 Charles Leggett, cornet Solveig’s Song {Grieg}
D733 Guido Deiro, acc Ciribiribin Waltz
D733 Guido Deiro, acc Sharpshooter’s March
D734 Guido Deiro, acc Il Trovatore, El Miserere 55594
D734 Guido Deiro, acc Ave Maria
D736 Walter Van Brunt Come Back To Me, My Melody 38300
D736 Ada Jones – Walter Van Brunt When I Get You Alone Tonight 38318
D737 Prince’s Orchestra A Jolly Sleigh-Ride Party 38308
D737 Columbia Mixed Quartette Auld Lang Syn 38316
D740 Albert Henry, bells Lucky Moon 38171
D740 Albert Henry, bells Beaumarie 38164
D741 Male Quartette Oh, you Silv’ry Bells 38317
D741 A. Campbell – Henry Burr I’ll Be Back In The Sweet By and By 38376
D743 Collins and Harlan Down In Dear New Orleans 38449
D743 Collins and Harlan Mammy’s Shufflin’ Dance 38437
D744 A. Campbell – Henry Burr The Trail Of The Lonesome Pine 38672
D744 E. Stoddard – Henry Burr A Little Bunch of Shamrocks
D750 Byron G. Harlan – S. Porter Down on Uncle Jasper’s Farm 38589
D750 Vocal Quartette Low Bridge – Everybody Down 38484
D751 A. Campbell – Henry Burr Snow Deer 38861
D751 A. Campbell – Henry Burr Rainbow Smiles
D754 Stehl, Lufsky & Schetze A Bright Morning On The Alps 38923
D754 Prince’s Orch L’Arlesienne Suite
D755 Ed Morton They’ve Got Me Doing It Now 38916
D755 Collins and Harlan That Ragtime Regiment Band 38949
D756 Arthur Campbell – Henry Burr Sailing Down The Chesapeake Bay 38936
D756 Peerless Quartette Love Me While The Lovin’ Is Good 38938
D758 B. Golden – Hughes Whistling Pete 38241
D758 Billy Golden Turkey In The Straw 38215
D759 Ed Morton What Do You Mean, You Lost Your Dog? 39013
D759 Collins and Harlan On The Old Fall River Line 38999
D763 Byron G. Harlan Steve Porter Two Jolly Sailors 38588
D763 Arthur Collins Noah’s Ark 39016
D765 Ada Jones – Henry Burr On The Old Front Porch 39034
D765 Peerless Quartette Oh You Million Dollar Doll 39018
D767 A. Campbell – Henry Burr Flow Along, River Tennessee 39095
D767 Peerless Quartette On A Good Old Time Sleigh-Ride 39094
D768 William Haley, baritone He’d Have to Get Under, Get Out and Get Under 39106 Clarke & Leslie – Abrahams
D768 Ada Jones and Peerless Quartette The Pussy Cat Rag Allen – Daly & Allen
D771 Pietro Deiro, accordeon The Return (Titorno di Pietro-Marcha) 21664
D771 ?
D777 Henry Burr In The Heart Of The City That Has No Heart 39287
D777 A. Campbell – Henry Burr Why Don’t You Tell Me You Love Me When You Know You Do? 39282
D778 Stehl, Lufsky & Schuetze Warbler’s Farewell 39327
D778 Orchestra Southern Zephyrs
D781 Henry Burr If I Had You 39440
D781 Henry Burr When Did You Write To Mother Last? 39447
D782 Elida Morris The Little Things That Count 39421
D782 Male Quartette Keep Your Eye On Uncle Sammy 39488
D785 Stanley Kirby It’s a Long Long Way To Tipperary
D785 ? Old Comrades March
D786 Columbia Band Path Of Roses 55912
D786 Columbia Band Rose River


A1000 and A1300 single-sided series (Leeds & Catlin and Zonophone)

Cat # Artist: Tune: Matrix: cross-ref. Location: Date: Composer:
A1001 Band Paderewski’s Minuet 8565D 11-44887 Paderewski
A1002 comic song No Wedding Bells For Me Imperial 45445
A1003 vocal with banjo The Little Old Log Cabin in the Lane Imperial 44823
A1005 tenor Home Sweet Home Imperial 44510
A1007 duet Almost Persuaded Imperial 44925
A1008 baritone All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name Imperial 44422
A1009 baritone (?) Whistling Bowery Boy Imperial 45358
A1011 male quartette Kentucky Babe Imperial 44958
A1012 {Collins and Harlan} Arrah Wanna 45355
A1014 band Cloche de Corneville 45339
A1015 tenor {Byron G. Harlan} Mama’s Boy 44445
A1016 orchestra Love’s Garden Waltz 44467
A1018 band New Colonial March 45312
A1019 bell solo Pretty As A Buterfly 44399
A1020 The Gondolier
A1022 band Over the Waves Waltz 45348
A1023 chimes Lead Kindly Light 44838
A1024 comic song Yankee Boodle 8321D
A1025 German Solo Die Wacht Am Rhein 6137D Imperial 44352
A1028 Cal Stewart Uncle Josh’s Courtship 44853
A1029 male quartette Old Folks at Home 44961
A1031 banjo Creole Bells 44826
A1032 band Poet and Peasant – Overture 45297
A1033 vocal The Preacher and the Bear 44431
A1034 violin Air on the G String 45249
A1035 Spencer and Ossman Banjo Evangelist 44816
A1036 Frank C. Stanley and chorus Gentlemen 45320
A1037 {Collins and Harlan} I’m a Dreaming of You 6931D 11-44996
A1038 Frank C. Stanley My Cozy Corner Girl 44915
A1039 band The Radium March 8572D 11-14895
A1040 bugle calls Calls Rough Riders in Charge up San Juan Hill 44841
A1041 cornet with orch The Whirlwind Polka 45310
A1042 song Take a Little Ride with Me
A1043 duet Bake Dat Chicken Pie 45435
A1046 {Arthur Collins} San Antonio 8861-D Imperial 45443
A1047 band Yankee Girl march and two-step 44986
A1048 orchestra Boston Commandery March
A1050 band Yankee Patrol 44901
A1051 Jones and Spencer Travel On 45196
A1052 Collins and Harlan Arrah Wanna 8256D 45351
A1053 male quartette Wait Till the Sun Shines Nellie 44713
A1055 band La Sorella 45292
A1056 male quartette Down on the Farm 8998D 11-44958
A1059 Arthur Collins Moving Day 44727
A1060 The Longer Longer Girl
A1061 {Henry Burr} O Come, All Ye Faithful 45332
A1063 Jones and Spencer Meet Me Down on the Corner 45454
A1064 baritone Old Hundred 44392
A1066 {Arthur Collins?} Cheyenne 6842-D Imperial 44773
A1067 John Myers Reed Bird – The Indian’s Bride
A1068 band El Capitan 45293
A1069 Henry Burr Teasing 44950
A1070 band Cavalleria Rusticana 44868
A1071 Collins and Harlan Every Little Bit Added to What You’ve Got Makes Just a Little Bit More 45438
A1072 duet It’s Always Nice Weather Indoors
A1073 violin Raff’s Cavatina 45462
A1075 male vocal In Washington
A1076 Collins and Harlan And a Little Bit More 45437
A1079 tenor Waltz Me Around Again Willie
A1081 voice and piano Sweet Adeline
A1081alt male quartette Sweet Adeline
A1082 band Marching Through Georgia 8532D 11-44881
A1083 Byron G. Harlan In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree 44440
A1084 Arthur Collins Yankee Doodle Boy 44474
A1086 Arthur Collins Everybody Works but Father 44600
A1088 whistling with band Birds and the Brook Imperial 44611
A1089 male quartette Steamboat Medley 44688
A1090 male vocal I’ll Be Back in a Minute, But I Got to Go Now 44774
A1092 male quartette A Trip to the County Fair 44716
A1095 male vocal I Don’t Know Where I’m Going, But I’m On My Way 45191
A1096 Arthur Collins Parson and the Turkey Imperial 44769
A1097 German dialogue Heine
A1099 male quartette Camp Meeting Jublee 44715
A1100 male quartette Nellie Dean 44714
A1101 Billy Murray Take Me Back to New York Town 9023D 45520
A1102 orchestra A True Soldier
A1103 B. McCue Top O’ The Morning
A1104 band Lights Out March McCoy
A1105 Cal Stewart Uncle Josh At The Bug House 45502
A1107 flute and clarinet Minne-Haha 45516 Barnes
A1108 band The Telescope
A1109 Arthur Collins Oh, Oh Miss Lucy Ella
A1113 banjo Dixie Medley 45485
A1114 Collins and Harlan Who Do You Love? 45473
A1115 mandoline Old Black Joe and Swanee River
A1116 male vocal Brother Noah Gave Out Checks for Rain
A1119 band Shillalah O 9003-D Imperial 45494
A1120 Collins and Harlan Just Help Your Self 45474
A1121 Dream Of The Rarebit Fiend
A1123 Berceuse (From Jocelyn)
A1124 band Nibelungen March 45491
A1125 Cal Stewart and quartette Ground Hog Day At Pun’kin Center 45504
A1126 Collins and Harlan Who? Me? 8681-D 45470
A1127 Sun Rays
A1128 male quartette Honey Boy 45518
A1129 Arthur Collins Mariutch Down at the Coney Isle 45468
A1131 male vocal Always Leave Them Laughing When You Say Good-Bye 45517
A1132 Ada Jones and Billy Murray Smile, Smile, Smile 9108D 45540
A1133 Billy Murray Make Believe 9109D 45544
A1134 Billy Murray Make a Lot of Noise 9024D 45536 “The Honeymooners”
A1136 He Walked Right In, Turned Around And Walked Right Out Again
A1137 Emil Muench Du, Du, Liegst Mir Im Herzen 6140D 44357
A1138 Emil Muench In Eines Kuhlen Grunde 6141D 44359
A1139 Emil Muench Lorelei 6112D Imperial 44358
A1140 Emil Muench Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht 6217D 44356
A1141 Emil Muench Deutchland, Deutschland Uber Alles 6218D Imperial 44355
A1142 band Boston Commander March
A1146 duet Wouldn’t You Like to Have Me For a Sweetheart 45564
A1147 orchestra La Cinquantaine 9068-D Imperial 45559
A1148 orchestra Dreams of the Mountains
A1150 Billy Murray Gee Whiz! 9022D 45525
A1151 Billy Murray Dixie Dan 9089D 45526
A1152 band Merry Widow Waltz L&C
A1153 band Liberty Bell March 45519
A1155 soprano The Land of Golden Dreams 45580
A1160 band Peer Gynt – In The Hall Of The Mountain King 45595 {Greig}
A1163 tenor I’m Looking For The Man Who Wrote “The Merry Widow Waltz” 9213D 45597
A1164 Billy Murray I Want You 9217D 45598
A1167 Arthur Collins I’m Afraid to Come Home in the Dark 45584
A1169 Mixed Quartette Women 45608 “Merry Widow”
A1170 tenor Daddy’s Little Tom Boy Girl 45690
A1171 band A Waltz Dream 45620
A1175 Billy Murray Under Any Old Flag At All
A1176 violin Irish Jigs and Reels – Medley 9274D 45630
A1178 soprano Ave Maria 45633
A1179 soprano Happy Li’l Sal 9303D 45636
A1180 bell solo Simplicity 45612
A1181 Billy Murray I’d Rather Be a Lobster Than a Wise Guy 45609
A1182 orchestra La Paloma
A1184 duet Love Me Like I Like To Be Loved
A1185 Arthur Collins Parson Jones’ Three Reasons
A1186 banjo Bill Simmons Medley 8976D 45227
A1189 band Ernani 9149 D Imperial 45550
A1190 Elizabeth Wheeler with Quartette Merry Widow: Vilia Song 45643 Lehar
A1192 band Genee
A1199 tenor Smarty
A1301 band Second Regiment Connecticut National Guard
A1306 Arthur Collins By The Watermelon Vine 6291D Imperial 44477
A1308 Collins and Harlan Where the Sweet Potatoes Grow Imperial 44929
A1309 Steve Porter Flanagan’s Night Off
A1312 bandaria Jota dance 45008
A1314 orchestra Moonlight 8613 D 11-44976 Moret
A1316 Henry Burr One Sweetly Solemn Though 44580 Ambrose
A1319 duet Redwing 45697 Chattaway – Mills
A1323 Arthur Collins Father is a judge (He hasn’t done a day’s work since) 8927 Zono Moran – Helf
A1324 Collins and Harlan Play Dat Rag Zono
A1325 orchestra John Chinaman March and Two Step
A1327 orchestra Harry Lauder Medley 8817 Zono 5154 Lauder
A1329 Ada Jones – Billy Murray Oh You Coon
A1330 band Egyptian March 8703 Zono Strauss II
A1331 Ada Jones – Len Spencer The Widow Dooley 8882 Zono 5164A Len Spencer
A1332 Arthur Collins Mister Dinkelspiel Zono
A1334 Ada Jones – Billy Murray Rainbow 8877 Zono 5163 Bryan – Wenrich
A1338 Collins and Harlan Yimminy Yee I Yumped My Yob For You Zono
A1341 euphonium solo Auld Lang Syne With Variations Zono
A1342 {Mendelssohn} Mixed Quartette Holy, Holy, Holy 7915 Zono 828 Heber – Dykes
A1344 male quartette Moonlight on the Lake 7870 Zono 823 C. A. White
A1346 {Zonophone Concert Band} Narcissus 4774 Zon 155; 5265B
A1348 {Peerless Quartette} Old Oaken Bucket 7309 Zon 696 Woodworth // Kiallmark
A1349 Billy Murray Harrigan 827 Zon 5376
A1353 {Metropolitan Trio} Yield Not To Temptation 8017 Zono 875 Palmer
A1354 Frank C. Stanley The last Rose of Summer Is The Sweetest Song of All 45433
A1357 orchestra O’Neil Of Derry, waltz 8311 Zono 954
A1358 mixed quartette Mary McGee 8406 Zon 997; 5130B Rourke – Kern “The Dairy Maid”
A1367 quartette Cheer Up, Cherries Will Soon Be Ripe 8652 D Imperial 45744 Bryan – Meyer
A1369 Cal Stewart Uncle Josh And The Billiken
A1370 band Red Wing L&C
A1371 duet Mandy Lane
A1378 male vocal For She’s My Daisy
A1379 band Fairest of the Fair L&C